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Building a Distributist and Catholic Economy, Wealth and Giving It All Away, and much more! (2813)

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10/12/2011 Comments (1)

St. George & the Power of Purpose, Praying Through Art. Click on the link by Fr. John Bartunek to learn more.

The Beginning: Distributist Start - Richard Aleman, The Distributist Review

Building a Distributist & Catholic Economy through Cooperatives - Jared Dale Combista

Wealth and Giving It All Away - Fr. James V. Schall SJ, Crisis Magazine

Non Negotiable a Political (& Catholic) TV Program to Debut In 2012 - Dave Hartline, TAC

God Loves A Cheerful Giver - Andrew Votipka, VP

The Egyptian Military’s Crimes Against Humanity - Raymond Ibrahim, Hudson New York

It’s Time to Nix ‘Sectarian’ in Egyptian Reports - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Egypt’s Copts See Power Vacuum Allowing Oppression - Tom Heneghan, Reuters

St. George & the Power of Purpose, Praying Through Art - Fr. John Bartunek,...READ MORE

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Possible Development in Youcef Nadarkhani Case (5864)

Vatican and international diplomatic efforts may have delayed execution for minister who refused to recant Christianity.

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– Wikipedia

Behind-the-scene efforts by the Holy See, among others, may be helping Youcef Nadarkhani, the Iranian Christian pastor who was tried for abandoning his Islamic faith.

“As is usual in these situations,” the Holy See has been communicating with “the Iranian authorities through diplomatic channels,” Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican Press Office, told the Register early this week.

Father Lombardi did not offer any details of the Holy See’s efforts.

Iran’s state media reported Oct. 11 that the case of Nadarkhani, a pastor of the Protestant evangelical Church of Iran who was arrested in 2009 and sentenced to death in 2010, would go back to the lower court for...READ MORE

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Catholics Oppose New Law Allowing Kids' Vaccines Without Parental Permission (3007)

California governor authorized the measure on Oct. 9; children as young as 12 can receive vaccinations and other medications to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including HPV, without their parents' notification.

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California Capitol

– Shutterstock

LOS ANGELES (CNA)—Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez joined the California Catholic Conference in criticizing a new law that allows 12-year-olds to receive vaccinations against sexual diseases without their parents’ permission.

“Parents bear the first responsibility for their children’s physical and spiritual well-being. This new law, however, bypasses parental involvement, wisdom and guidance,” said Archbishop Gomez in his Oct. 10 response to Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to sign the vaccination proposal into law.

The new law, which Brown authorized on Oct. 9, allows children as young as 12 to receive vaccinations and other medications to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, including the...READ MORE

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US Ordinariate Imminent, Somalia, Catholic Politics, St. Francis Borgia, and much more! (2678)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/11/2011 Comment

Out of Darkness, Light: St. Francis Borgia. Click on the link by Omar F. Gutierrez to learn more.

Cardinal Wuerl: Ordinariate in the U.S. is Imminent - Liz Leydon, Catholic Herald

Distraction By Cuteness - Marc Barnes, Patheos/Bad Catholic

Understanding Somalia - Ioan M. Lewis, MercatorNet

In Pursuit of Catholic Politics - Anna Williams

Out of Darkness, Light: St. Francis Borgia - Omar F. Gutierrez, Regnum Novum

Paralyzed by Beauty - Allie Terrell

Capital Punishment Revisited - Christopher Blosser, Against the Grain

On the Inopportune Nature of Capital Punishment - Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Steve Jobs said Having Children Beats All Accomplishments - Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Yes, Steve Jobs, RIP, was an Innovating Genius, But. . . - Carl Olson,...READ MORE

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British Royal Supports Pro-Life Document (3403)

Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, Lord Nicholas Windsor, sees international pressure on countries to legalize abortion.

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Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

FAMILY MAN. Lord Nicholas Windsor and Lady Nicholas Windsor with kids attend the wedding of Georg Friedrich Ferdinand Prince of Prussia to Princess Sophie of Prussia in Potsdam Aug. 27. Lord Nicholas came out in support of the new San Jose Articles, which are designed to counter an international campaign to establish legal abortion as a universal human right.

– Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

LONDON — A member of the British royal family has helped to launch an international pro-life initiative.

Lord Nicholas Windsor, the first cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II and great-grandson of King George V, said that the project was “an attempt to draw a line and fight back against a concerted movement which seeks to read a ‘right to abortion’ into standing international law.”

Lord Nicholas was launching the “San Jose Articles” with Catholic peer Lord Alton of Liverpool at an event at the House of Lords in London Oct. 10. The launch was sponsored by the political lobby group Right to Life and the All Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, whose chairman, Catholic Member of...READ MORE

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Servants of Charity Founder to Be Canonized Following Pennsylvania Miracle (2326)

Healing of injured 21-year-old in 2002 is credited to the intercession of Blessed Louis Guanella, who will be canonized Oct. 23.

10/11/2011 Comment
Servants of Charity website

– Servants of Charity website

PHILADELPHIA (EWTN News/CNA) — A Pennsylvania man says his miraculous healing shows God’s outreach to those who seem far from their faith. The healing is credited to Blessed Louis Guanella, the Servants of Charity founder who will be canonized Oct. 23.

“It’s pretty amazing, obviously. I never thought this was anything I’d ever be involved with,” Springfeld, Pa., resident William Glisson Jr. told EWTN News on Oct. 6.

In March 2002, while rollerblading backwards on a busy commercial street, Glisson tripped and flew in the air, landing on the back of his head.

Glisson, who was 21 at the time, went into a coma and was expected to suffer permanent brain damage if he survived. He underwent...READ MORE

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Archbishop Gomez Encourages Catholics to Boldly Defend Life (2325)

'Our religion, in a beautiful and mysterious way, is deeply identified with human life. What other world religion remembers the time when its founder was in his mother's womb?'

10/11/2011 Comments (2)

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LOS ANGELES (EWTN News) — Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles marked Respect Life Month by saying that Catholics must defend the unborn and marginalized in society out of fidelity to Christ.

For Catholics, “the defense of unborn life is not a political issue,” he said in an Oct. 7 article for the archdiocesan paper, The Tidings. “This issue is deeply related to who we are as Catholics, to our identity as disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Archbishop Gomez urged the faithful to spend the month of October praying together as a Church for an end to “every offense against the sanctity and dignity of the human person” and for all of society to recognize the dignity of every person.

“Our religion,...READ MORE

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Anonymous No More: Child of Sperm Donor Speaks Out (8105)

Such children struggle with a unique anxiety: What if I fall in love with my half-sibling?

10/11/2011 Comments (6)
Kevin Moloney/Getty Images

Thirty-two invitro fertilized children gather at the Swedish Medical Center in 2003 in Denver. The Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Center gathered the children from each of its 16 years of work in the field. Guests included Payton Kline, 4 1/2 months, the 5,000th invitro fertilized baby born at the center.

– Kevin Moloney/Getty Images

Alana S. was just 8 years old when her parents told her they would be getting a divorce. Her father made an effort to gain custody of Alana’s older sister, but not Alana. This would become Alana’s first of many painful lessons in what it is like to be a child of a sperm donor.

Alana’s “social father” — the term used to describe a man who functions as a child’s father but is not the biological parent — was an infertile man, and shortly after marrying Alana’s mother, they adopted a young girl from South Korea. Five years later, they attempted to adopt again, but their application was denied. Rather than starting the process over, they settled on the sperm-donor route, as it was “quick,...READ MORE

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