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Remembering the Real Jack Kevorkian (4102)

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We should not speak ill of the dead, we are told. Whenever any of us shuffle off this mortal coil, as Shakespeare so evocatively put it, we should strive to remember the deceased as they might wish and pray that they find the same forgiveness and peace that we ourselves desire.

So, too, with Jack Kevorkian, who died June 3 of natural causes at the ripe age of 83. But not speaking ill does not mean avoiding the truth. Nor does recounting facts constitute a casting of aspersion. Moreover, Kevorkian was a proud atheist who frequently stated — and acted on — his intention to force society to tack into the wind of his own dark desires.

Kevorkian’s real purposes in mounting his assisted-suicide...READ MORE

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Catholic in the Public Square (1824)

Panel recommends more authentic activism in the political process.

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WASHINGTON — A panel discussion at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference and Strategy Briefing discussed Catholic action in defense of life and marriage ahead of the 2012 presidential election.

Speakers urged Catholics to take leadership roles on these issues and to participate in the political process.

“Many Catholics are frustrated by what they perceive as a lack of intensity in Catholic leaders about the issue of abortion and same-sex ‘marriage,’” panelist Deal
Hudson, president of Catholic Advocate, told attendees. “Some faithful Catholics become confused about the priority they give to life and marriage when they see so much energy being spent on other issues like immigration...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict Reflects on Croatia Trip (1996)

Holy Father hopes his trip will positively impact Europe.

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VATICAN CITY — (CNA/EWTN News) — Pope Benedict said on June 8 that he hopes his visit to Croatia this past weekend “will bear abundant fruit for Croatian families, the entire nation and throughout Europe.”

The Pope said at his Wednesday general audience in St. Peter’s Square that the June 4-5 visit was characterized by what he called “an intense spirit of faith.” In his review of the trip, he said that he primarily wanted to highlight his message to families delivered at the first annual Croatian National Family Day.

In an era of divorce and separation, the Pope said that “the fidelity of spouses has become in itself a significant sign of the love of Christ.” He described this witness as...READ MORE

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Gifts of the Holy Spirit, a 40-something Cardinal, Revitalizing Teen Faith, and much more! (6444)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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40-year old Major-Archbishop Shevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: What They Are & How to Use Them - Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

A 40-Something Cardinal? - George Weigel, Crisis Magazine

Canonization Cause Opened for First U.S. Opus Dei Priest - Eric Sammons, The Divine Life

Revitalizing the Faith of Our Teens - Katie Peterson, The Integrated Catholic Life™

The Pope Has Turned the Book of Common Prayer Into a Catholic Liturgy - William Oddie, Catholic Herald

Moral Absolutes & the Humpty Dumpty Fallacy - Matthew O’Brien & Robert C. Koons, Public Discourse

Safer Chemical Abortions? Evidence Undercuts Claims of the safety of RU486 - Brendan Malone, MercatorNet

No Mainline Protestants in GOP field? - Sarah Pulliam...READ MORE

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Episcopal Parish Will Join Catholic Church (2565)

Maryland church prepares to be welcomed into full communion with Holy See through Anglican ordinariate structure created by Pope Benedict XVI.

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BLADENSBURG, Md. (CNA/EWTN News) — The small congregation of St. Luke’s Episcopal parish in Bladensburg, Md., will join the Catholic Church through the Anglican ordinariate structure created by Pope Benedict XVI.

“We welcome the St. Luke community warmly into our family of faith,” Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington said June 6. “The proposed ordinariate provides a path to unity, one that recognizes our shared beliefs on matters of faith, while also recognizing and respecting the liturgical heritage of the Anglican Church.”

He said the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington recognizes “the openness of the community to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their faith journey.”

The community...READ MORE

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Coming to Canada: Christmas Without Christ (2819)

New regulations in Quebec prompt religious day-care centers to sue the government.

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QUEBEC CITY — The government of Quebec is allowing Catholic day-care centers to celebrate Christmas — but not to speak about the birth of Christ.

Christmas trees are fine, but no stars. Moses in the basket is okay, but no Mount Sinai encounter with God.

Those restrictions, complains a coalition of Jewish and Catholic parents, are the hair-splitting implications of new regulations imposed by the government of Quebec on the once very Catholic province’s subsidized day-care centers.

About 50 such centers with religious affiliations are suing the government, calling the new regulations unconstitutional.

“We feel day care is an extension of the family,” said Sandy Jesion, the co-chair of...READ MORE

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Reformed Presbyterian Convert, Top 5 Religious Mysteries, Roses Fall from Praying Friar, and more! (3032)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Our Lady of Roses.

From Reformed Presbyterian to Catholic! - Jeremy Tate, Called to Communion

. . .Robert Kumpel: why I am a Catholic. . .

Roses Fall From Mouth of Praying Franciscan Friar - Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Gifts of the Holy Spirit: What They Are, How to Use Them - Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Kids Who Attend Religious Services Least Likely to Have Sex - Lisa Graas

Top Five Religious Mysteries - Nick Squires, The Telegraph

. . .Nick Squires: what is the Turin Shroud?. . .

The Troubling Virtue of Ultra-Violence - Gabriel Torretta, First Things/On the Square

Secularism’s Victory Through Osmosis - Howard Kainz, Crisis Magazine

. . .Msgr. Ch. Pope: the slow, steady & subtle erosion...READ MORE

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Chinese Bishop's Ordination Postponed Due to Lack of Vatican Approval (2665)

Decision made two days before event.

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VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) — The proposed ordination of a Chinese bishop without Vatican approval has been postponed at the last minute. The decision comes only two days before the ordination was scheduled to take place.

“Reports from China have just come through saying that the ordination of Father Shen Guoan as bishop of Hankou has been postponed to an ‘unspecified date,’” John Pontifex of Aid to the Church in Need told CNA on June 7.

“If these reports are true — and we have no reason to doubt them — it will come as a major relief to the Vatican.”

The ordination of Father Guoan, 50, was set to take place at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hankou on Thursday, June 9. Chinese government...READ MORE

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