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Mary: The Dwelling Place of Wisdom in Body and Soul (5581)

COMMENTARY: Part 3 in a Register series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, sixth-century icon from St. Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai.

– Wikipedia

The Old Testament “patron saint” of wisdom was, as we noted last time, King Solomon. Given his choice of all the goodies the world offers, Solomon chose wisdom and was both commended by God for it and rewarded with an answer to his prayer.

As we also saw, the thing that marks out wisdom in the Jewish tradition is an emphasis on incarnating the heavenly in the things of earth. So Proverbs shows us wisdom as a sort of co-worker with God, working at his side to build the universe:

“The Lord created me at the beginning of his work, the first of his acts of old. Ages ago, I was set up, at the first, before the beginning of the earth. When there were no depths, I was brought forth, when...READ MORE

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Down Syndrome Orphans Find the Reece’s Rainbow Connection (5613)

American families are being enriched through the adoption of children who are neglected in their native countries.

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Pictures courtesy of Meg and Ryan Stout.

– Pictures courtesy of Meg and Ryan Stout.

GAITHERSBURG, Md. — Meg and Ryan Stout were not looking to adopt a baby with Down syndrome. But, after years of infertility and prayer, they found their son Paul with the help and financial support of Reece’s Rainbow.

“We’re faithful Catholics, and we felt like God was calling us to adopt one of these children from Ukraine,” Meg Stout said. “International adoption was not something previously on our radar, nor was adopting a child with special needs, but we were confident this was God's will, and so we moved forward.”

The Ryans discovered Paul, now 18 months, in February 2012 through Reece’s Rainbow. The nonprofit U.S.-based adoption apostolate raises funds to connect families like...READ MORE

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Youth: Benedict XVI Has Shared the Joy of Faith With Us (964)

Young Catholic convert recalls papal Easter Mass: 'The joy of Easter was present in his demeanor. His connection to Our Lord was evident in his bright eyes and smile.'

02/20/2013 Comment

As Pope Benedict XVI prepares to conclude his duties as Holy Father, young Catholics are recalling his marked efforts to renew the faith of the youth throughout the world.

Catholic youth speaker and author Chris Stefanick told Catholic News Agency that the Pope has been “extremely effective with young people” because of the “amazing clarity” and “humility with which he has carried out his pontificate.”

Echoing his predecessor’s call for a New Evangelization, Pope Benedict often spoke of the importance of taking the Gospel message to all parts of the world, including to what he called “the digital continent.”

Stefanick noted that, although the Church “has been talking about New...READ MORE

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Msgr. Ratzinger: My Brother’s Decision Was for the Good of the Church (5918)

Even though he will be ‘retired,’ Benedict XVI will not ‘sit around waiting for the day to end,’ his brother says.

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Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

Pope Benedict XVI and his brother meet in Munich during the Holy Father's 2006 trip to Bavaria.

– Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

MADRID — Pope Benedict XVI’s older brother explained that the Holy Father’s decision to step down from the chair of Peter is for the good of the body of Christ because he had become too weak to carry out his ministry.

“It is a beneficial decision for the Church,” said 89-year-old Msgr. Georg Ratzinger in a published interview with the Spanish daily newspaper ABC, published on Feb. 17.

“He no longer has strength,” Msgr. Ratzinger observed. “He is going through the natural process of aging, like I am as well.”

He said that the Holy Father had cited his advanced age in informing him that he planned to resign.

“My brother wants more peace for his old age,” he explained. “As you get...READ MORE

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St. Louis Archdiocese, Breakaway Parish End Legal Fight (5277)

Result: a community’s official split from the Catholic Church.

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Paul Hohmann / Flickrcom (CC BY NC 20)

– Paul Hohmann / Flickrcom (CC BY NC 20)

ST. LOUIS — The Archdiocese of St. Louis and a breakaway Polish-American church have ended a decade-long legal dispute that has led to the community’s official split from the Catholic Church.

“St. Stanislaus has agreed that it will not hold itself out as affiliated in any way with the Archdiocese of St. Louis or the Roman Catholic Church,” the archdiocese and St. Stanislaus Corp. said in a joint Jan. 13 statement.

“By bringing this legal dispute to an end, we pray that this will help to initiate a process of healing,” the statement said.

No financial transactions were part of the resolution, which was announced Feb. 13.

The north St. Louis church of St. Stanislaus Kostka was first...READ MORE

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An American’s Chances of Becoming Pope, St. John Chrysostom on Fasting and Much More! (3757)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/20/2013 Comment

Why an American has No Chance of Becoming Pope. Follow the link by Chris Owens of the Benedictus Dominus blog to read more.

Why an American has No Chance of Becoming Pope by Chris Owens of the Benedictus Dominus blog – Big Pulpit

True Knowledge is Being Struck by an Arrow of Beauty that Wounds Man – David Clayton MA, New Liturgical Movement

Ten Books By Papa Bene You Should Know – Ryan Eggenberger, Ignitum Today

St. John Chrysostom on Fasting – Rob Hall, Road to Rome

What Does It Mean to “Offer It Up”? – Daniel Burke, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Thomas More College Choir Sings Extraordinary Form, First Sunday of Lent – David Clayton MA, The Way of Beauty

When Not to Say “How Are You?” – Tammy Ruiz, Catholic Stand

Love vs. Desire – Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot to Leave

The Papacy and...READ MORE

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U.S. Bishops Encourage Prayers, Masses in Thanksgiving for Pope Benedict (2041)

Guidelines offered for Mass and other devotions.

02/19/2013 Comment

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has released guidelines for Masses and prayer services surrounding Pope Benedict XVI's resignation at the end of February.

“It is appropriate to offer special prayers for Pope Benedict XVI, for his health and well-being, and in thanksgiving for his service to the Church,” said the bishops’ Feb. 13 document, “Liturgical Notes and Resource Materials for Use Upon the Resignation of the Pope.”   

Encouraging the “attendance of as many of the faithful as possible,” the document suggests that both “the diocesan bishop and priests in every parish might consider offering a special Mass for the Pope.”

On Feb. 11, Pope Benedict XVI...READ MORE

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The Dynamic Continuity of Benedict XVI and John Paul II (5278)

Papal biographer George Weigel discusses how this pair of Popes has shepherded the Church into a new era of ‘Evangelical Catholicism.’

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Shealah Craighead / White House Photo

– Shealah Craighead / White House Photo

George Weigel’s latest book, Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform in the 21st-Century Church, was released just as Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation from the Petrine office.

The new work from the prolific Washington-based public intellectual offers a timely analysis of the German-born Pope’s efforts to advance the Church’s mission in the 21st century and provides a guide to the issues that will dominate the conclave. 

The distinguished senior fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center is a Catholic theologian and the author of God's Choice: Pope Benedict XVI and the Future of the Catholic Church and The End and the Beginning: Pope John Paul II — The Victory of Freedom,...READ MORE

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