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John Paul II's Legacy Recalled as the New Blessed's Relic Comes to Mexico (1878)

Prayer offered for late Pope's intercession, that 'peace and justice become a reality in our nation.'

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Statue of John Paul II outside of the Mexico City cathedral

– Wikicommons

MEXICO CITY (EWTN News) — Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico City recently noted that Blessed John Paul II’s call to “fidelity to Christ in his Church” is being repeated as the late Pope’s relic is being venerated in the country.

“Today we rejoice at welcoming to our cathedral of Mexico City the relic and spiritual presence of Blessed John Paul II, a model of the Good Shepherd and a powerful intercessor of our Church. For 32 years, his presence has been in this place, and the memory remains alive in our minds and hearts,” the cardinal said.

The relic of John Paul II is on display at the cathedral of Mexico City through Sept. 9.

The cardinal also recalled the late Holy Father’s...READ MORE

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Confessing Forgotten Sins, Blogging and Apologetics, Return of Meatless Fridays, and much more! (2563)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Quaeritur: How to Confess Past, Forgotten Sins? Click on the link by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf to learn more.

It Takes Guts to Be Healed - Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Quaeritur: How to Confess Past, Forgotten Sins? - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Question about Blogging and Apologetics - Mark P. Shea, Catholic and Enjoying It!

Anabaptist Convert: Brad Schilling - Why I’m Catholic

The Problem With Christian Rock, Part 2 - Marc Barnes, VirtuousPla.net

A New Source for Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice? - Joseph Pearce, St. Austin Review

SSPX: Questions, Contradictions & Tradition’s Momentum - Keyser Soze, New Springtime!

A Return to Meatless Fridays? - Emily Stimpson, Our Sunday Visitor

Your Guardian Angel (What You Need to Know)- Taylor Marshall,...READ MORE

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9/11's Church (3908)

St. Peter Church in New York City has witnessed much in its 226 years as a parish, from the joyful birth of a new nation to the most devastating tragedy on Sept. 11, 2001. Feature from our Sept. 11, 2011, issue.

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St. Peter Church in New York City has witnessed much in its 226 years as a parish, from the joyful birth of a new nation to the most devastating tragedy on Sept. 11, 2001.

The rear of St. Peter’s is a half block from Ground Zero; the front is just a block away.

As the oldest parish in the entire state, St. Peter’s first church building, begun in 1785, was flourishing before George Washington was sworn in as president of the new United States in 1789 at Federal Hall, not a hundred yards away.

Saints Have Prayed Here

U.S. history’s famous and not-so-famous have graced this church with their presence. A gift of 1,000 silver pieces from Spain’s King Charles III topped off donations to start...READ MORE

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Pope: 'God Is Always Close, Even in Times of Difficulty, Problems and Darkness' (2262)

In Sept. 7 general audience, Benedict discussed Psalm 3 and called the Psalms as a whole 'the book of prayer par excellence.'

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VATICAN CITY (EWTN News/CNA)— Pope Benedict XVI told pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square that they should look to the Bible’s third Psalm to recall that God is near “even in times of difficulty, problems and darkness.”

“In the Psalmist’s lament,” Pope Benedict observed in his Sept. 7 general audience, “each of us may recognize those feelings of pain and bitterness, accompanied by faith in God, which, according the biblical narrative, David experienced as he fled from his city.”

Pope Benedict presided over the Wednesday general audience at the Vatican before returning to Castel Gandolfo, his summer vacation residence.

His discussion of Psalm 3 served as the beginning of his treatment of the...READ MORE

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The Gentlemanly Art of the Insult (5782)

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Sir Winston Churchill possessed a wit par excellence.

– Wikipedia photo

One of the (many) signs of our cultural decline is that verbal insults, these days, are almost invariably scatological or sexual, provoking a blizzard of asterisks whenever A wants to put the smackdown on B. Once upon a time, it was not so. Once, the ability to come up with a clever insult that could be repeated in polite society was thought an important, if not necessarily essential, component of being a gentleman.

Take, for example, two masters of English repartee and wit, George Bernard Shaw and Winston Churchill. Shaw, prior to the opening of one of his plays, sent Churchill a telegram: “I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play; bring a friend, if you have one.”...READ MORE

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ProtectMarriage.com Fights to Defend Prop. 8 (2078)

Before the group can defend the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, it must prove to the California Supreme Court that it has the right to do so in place of the governor and attorney general.

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ProtectMarriage.com Facebook

– ProtectMarriage.com Facebook

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CNA) — On Sept. 6, California’s Supreme Court heard arguments about a legal question that has less to do with marriage than with the state’s legislative process and citizens’ right to propose ballot initiatives.

“Today’s issue was not limited just to the marriage issue, but any initiative that comes along that a government official may fail to defend,” said Andy Pugno, a lawyer representing the organization ProtectMarriage.com.

“It presents, really, a new question for our courts that they’ve never had to decide before, and that is: What do you do when the attorney general won’t do his job?”

Pugno’s organization is involved in two legal battles, one of which will...READ MORE

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Faith Abbott McFadden’s Life of Faith (4039)

Pro-life matriarch, convert to Catholicism, is celebrated in New York.

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Human Life Foundation

Faith Abbot McFadden speaking at a recent fundraising dinner for The Human Life Review.

– Human Life Foundation

NEW YORK — Family, friends and pro-life activists gathered on the first Friday of September in gratitude for the life of Faith Abbott McFadden.

McFadden, 80, died Aug. 30 after a long and recurring battle with cancer. She was the widow of James P. McFadden, who founded The Human Life Review in 1975 and was its editor for many years. Mrs. McFadden carried on her husband’s work, serving as senior editor of the Review and editing a column in a bulletin he’d started, Catholic Eye.

The McFaddens married in 1959, and the couple had five children, one of whom, Robert, died after his own fight with cancer. A daughter, Maria Maffucci, is editor of The Human Life Review.

Faith McFadden is...READ MORE

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Catholic Students in Joplin Return to School (2022)

Bishop on tornado aftermath: 'There are ... many signs of God’s grace at work, pointing to a future full of hope.'

09/07/2011 Comment
Mark Schielfelbein via EWTN News website

St. Mary's School library in Joplin, Mo.

– Mark Schielfelbein via EWTN News website

JOPLIN, Mo.  (EWTN News) — Students at St. Mary’s School in Joplin, Mo., are back in session, despite the loss of their school and parish in a tornado last May. Their local bishop says he sees God bringing good out of suffering.

“There is still much to be done, still great suffering and uncertainty in the lives of many citizens,” Bishop James Johnston of Springfield-Cape Girardeau wrote in a recent column for the diocese’s weekly publication The Mirror. “Yet, there are also many signs of God’s grace at work, pointing to a future full of hope.”

St. Mary’s lost three weeks of its 2011-2012 school year, as the Joplin Catholic Schools system worked to turn a former warehouse into a makeshift...READ MORE

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