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New Translation: The Embolism, Catholic From the Outset, Vatican Warns Red China, and much more! (3589)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/16/2011 Comments (1)

New Translation: The Embolism - Jake Tawney, Roma locuta est

“Catholic From the Outset” - Father James V. Schall S.J., Ignatius Insight

Vatican Issues Warning to Communist China about Respecting Doctrine - La Stampa/Vatican Insider

. . .But There’s Nothing Wrong with Abortion - Gabriel Torretta, First Things/First Thoughts

Are Supporters of Legalized Euthanasia Willing to Listen to Reason? - Michael Cook, MercatorNet

Who Cares About Health Care? - Brent Stubbs, Almost Not Catholic

Confronting the Mindset of Secular Feminism - Russell Shaw, Catholic Lane

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SDG Reviews 'Winnie the Pooh' (5308)

The Disney throwback is the summer’s best family film.

07/15/2011 Comments (14)

– Disney

Disney’s new Winnie the Pooh is an unexpected gift, an unlikely return to a magical and gentle world that belongs so firmly to the past that I would have thought the journey all but impossible.

A.A. Milne’s beloved character, Winnie the Pooh, and his Hundred Acre Wood friends, for decades a cornerstone of the Disney empire, have languished since my childhood in second-rate, small-screen adaptations, as well as a few theatrically released films (The Tigger Movie, Piglet’s Big Movie, Pooh’s Heffalump Movie) indistinguishable from direct-to-video fare.

Until now, few if any of these latter-day efforts have displayed much grasp of the sense of whimsy and nonsense that is the soul of Pooh....READ MORE

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The Godliness of Motherhood, Papa Bene on Mercy and Spiritual Direction, and much more! (1764)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/15/2011 Comment

The Pope’s Latest Encouragement to Mercy and Spiritual Direction - Catholic Spiritual Direction

The Godliness of Motherhood - Doctor Donald DeMarco, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Great Uncle Aloysius, My Sincere Practicing Pagan Relative - David Bentley Hart, First Things/On the Square

Sex Change Operations on Newborn Girls in India Exposed - Mauro Pianti, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

The Significance of an Archduke - The Mad Monarchist

Does Economic Competition Destroy Ethical Behavior? - Robert T. Miller, First Things/First Thoughts

Mid East Misogyny and the Plight of Muslim Women - Ken Connor, Catholic Lane

For the latest round-up on the best punditry in the Catholic blogosphere go...READ MORE

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Dion's Spiritual Journey for Truth (3397)

Quest for faith brings rocker home to the Church.

07/15/2011 Comments (2)

– Maximus Group

Dion DiMucci considers himself a “ferocious” Catholic and proclaims that “the truth will set you free.” That is why he chose Dion the Wanderer Talks Truth: Stories, Humor and Music for the title of his recently published autobiography, which discusses many details about his life, including his music — think of his early hits in the late ’50s and early ’60s, including Runaround Sue, Teenager in Love, Donna the Prima Donna, and, of course, The Wanderer. An inductee into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Dion still continues to produce and record music today — his relationship with God and his return to his Catholic roots.

The book, which is an easy read, will be of interest to fans of his...READ MORE

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NBC Pledge of Allegiance Gaff Part of Anti-Faith Trend? (3919)

Rep. Randy Forbes: 'It’s a pattern of things that we’re seeing growing by leaps and bounds to take any reference to faith away from a nation that had faith built in its DNA from its conception.'

07/15/2011 Comments (2)

– Facebook

WASHINGTON (EWTN News) — The exclusion of the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance in a recent NBC sports broadcast is part of a pattern to eliminate references to faith, Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., has said.

“Across our country today, we’re seeing this movement that is an anti-faith movement, to try to rewrite our history and to try to censor any references to God anywhere. I think that’s what this was,” he told EWTN News in a July 14 interview.

“It wasn’t just the Pledge of Allegiance, but it’s a pattern of things that we’re seeing growing by leaps and bounds to take any reference to faith away from a nation that had faith built in its DNA from its conception.”

Such incidents...READ MORE

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SDG Reviews 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2' (7467)

The blockbuster franchise comes to an epic conclusion.

07/15/2011 Comments (63)
Warner Bros.

– Warner Bros.

Here at last, in the final chapter, the Harry Potter franchise rouses itself toward something approaching greatness. The decision to split J.K. Rowling’s final volume into two parts, which may have looked in advance like a crass bid to drag out the cash cow one last time, has been triumphantly vindicated.

The first half of Rowling’s seventh book was dominated by a camping trip from hell and Twilighty angst that made for a dreary, unmagical and — for less than fully initiated fans — downright confusing middle movie, the only film in the series I didn’t enjoy on some level. Now, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 restores balance to the Force: Though (surprisingly) the briefest...READ MORE

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Pro-Life Victory in NYC (3304)

Judge blocks law threatening crisis-pregnancy centers.

07/15/2011 Comments (3)

– Shutterstock

NEW YORK (CNA/EWTN News) — A federal judge on July 13 temporarily barred New York City from enforcing a new law that would cripple crisis-pregnancy centers with heavy fines and possible closures for failing to cite medical limitations.

“Pro-life pregnancy centers, which freely offer real help and hope to women and their preborn children, shouldn’t be punished by political allies of those who make their money aborting babies,” said attorney Matt Bowman of the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal group.

Judge William Pauley III called the new law “offensive to free-speech principles” and halted its enactment while a lawsuit filed on behalf of two pregnancy-care centers and a maternity...READ MORE

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As Priests' Workloads Increase, So Does Need for Renewal (3207)

The importance of ongoing formation and retreats for clergy.

07/15/2011 Comments (3)

Making sure all his work is covered at the three Minnesota parishes he pastors can be complicated, but Father Kevin Finnegan knows the importance of breaking away for a retreat or retreat day when he can.

“It’s more than just recouping, of course,” said Father Finnegan, who is pastor at Divine Mercy in Faribault, St. Michael in Kenyon and St. Patrick in Shieldsville. “It’s really having a time just to be quiet with God. To focus, to open my inner self, my soul, to know that God still loves me, to listen to God in quiet, to rest in his presence. … Sometimes we need to just rest.”

The availability of fewer priests means priests are doing more work, so it’s sometimes challenging for them to...READ MORE

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