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Regular Massgoers Oppose Same-Sex 'Marriage,' Poll Shows (5783)

Results from Quinnipiac University show that the more Catholics are involved in their faith, the more informed they are on Church teaching.

03/11/2013 Comments (39)

HAMDEN, Conn. — A majority of Catholics who attend Mass weekly oppose same-sex “marriage,” according to a March 8 poll by Quinnipiac University, even though its release suggested that baptized Catholics largely support the practice.

Among Catholics who are registered to vote and who attend Mass weekly, 36% support “gay marriage,” while 55% oppose it, according to figures provided to Catholic News Agency by April Radocchio, Quinnipiac University Polling Institute's associate poll director.

The release announcing the poll, by contrast, said that, among all registered voters who identify as Catholic — 11% of whom never attend religious services — 54% support same-sex “marriage,” while...READ MORE

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Cardinal Dolan Eager for Conclave to Start (3155)

Like many other cardinal electors, he celebrated Mass Sunday at the Rome parish he received when elevated to the rank of cardinal.

03/11/2013 Comments (2)
Christina Senour/CNA

Cardinal Timothy Dolan enters Nostra Signora di Guadalupe Church in Rome March 10.

– Christina Senour/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Cardinal Timothy Dolan told the press outside Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Rome that he is anxious for the conclave to begin and that he feels peaceful now that the start date is known.

“I’m anxious to get started. There was a sense of peace once we decided to start the conclave on Tuesday. … God willing, I’ll be home before Palm Sunday,” he said as he went into his titular parish on March 10.

Palm Sunday takes place March 24. Before his return to his home, the Archdiocese of New York, Cardinal Dolan is scheduled to remain in Rome until the election and inauguration of a new pope to succeed the retired Benedict XVI.

The action in Rome shifted March 10 from the...READ MORE

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Benedict Praised for Holy Saturday Broadcast of Shroud (7700)

The March 30 broadcast will be only the second time the cloth, venerated as the burial garment of Jesus, has been aired on television.

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Photo by Giuseppe Enrie, 1931/Wikipedia

Image visible on a photographic negative of the Shroud of Turin.

– Photo by Giuseppe Enrie, 1931/Wikipedia

DENVER — Benedict XVI's decision to allow a TV broadcast of the Shroud of Turin on March 30, Holy Saturday, has been lauded by experts for highlighting the link between the shroud and the death of Christ.

“Pope Benedict XVI, when he visited the shroud on pilgrimage in 2010, spoke about the shroud in terms of Holy Saturday,” John Jackson, co-founder of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, told Catholic News Agency March 7.

“From that vantage point, that all his remarks were made relative to Holy Saturday, it is fitting that the broadcast happens on Holy Saturday.”

The shroud is venerated as the burial cloth of Christ and bears a mysterious image of a man who suffered in a manner...READ MORE

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Phoenix Human-Relations Ordinance Causes Catholic Concern (4138)

Diocese fears recent revisions will compromise religious freedom by forcing acceptance of homosexual behavior.

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– Wikipedia

PHOENIX — The constitutional right to religious freedom is increasingly colliding with federal, state and local laws and ordinances that accommodate sexual minorities who claim a vague but wide-reaching right to be treated with dignity or to be made “welcome.”

One of the most recent expressions of this clash of rights occurred Feb. 26, when the Phoenix City Council expanded its human-rights code to protect homosexuals and transgendered people from discrimination in the workplace and when renting accommodations.

Christian critics, including the Diocese of Phoenix, fear the code can be used to force churches and private businesses to hire homosexuals, to let transsexuals use either the...READ MORE

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What the Lord Means About the "Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail", Playing God and Much More! (3455)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/11/2013 Comment

What the Lord Means about the “Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail”. Follow the link by Msgr. Charles Pope to read more.

What the Lord Means about the “Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail” by Msgr. Charles Pope - Big Pulpit

Playing God Without the Wisdom of God – George Neumayr, Crisis Magazine

The Seven Pilgrim Churches Of Rome - Zephyrinus

Avoiding Stagnation in the Spiritual Life – Rob. Waruszewski, Ignitum Today

Evangelical Catholicism and Being an Ambassador for Christ – Francis J. Beckwith, The Catholic Thing

Does the Bible Condone Abortion? – JoAnna Wahlund, Catholic Stand

The Path By Which You Should Go – Kaiserswest

Our Lady of the Sackcloth – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Recognizing Population Control in Ethiopia – Fr. Peter West, Catholic Lane

Pro-Life Movement and...READ MORE

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Cardinals at the Conclave: Read This (15565)

Book review of George Weigel's Evangelical Catholicism.

03/09/2013 Comments (19)


Deep Reform in the 21st-Century Church

By George Weigel

Basic Books, 2013

291 pages, $27.99

To order: basicbooks.com


Right now, the whole world is focused on Pope Benedict’s resignation and the imminent election of a new pope. Thus, the timing of our greatest observer of the global Catholic Church, George Weigel, could not have been better for the release of his latest book, Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform in the 21st-Century Church.

Weigel is best known for his definitive biography of Pope John Paul II. What many people don’t know is that he has written some 18 other books, all of which address in one way or another the state of...READ MORE

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Modern Sexual "Martyr", Paradox of Help, Same-Sex Attraction in Downton Abbey and More! (7984)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

03/09/2013 Comment

The Modern Sexual “Martyr”. Follow the link by R. J. Snell of Crisis Magazine to read more.

The Modern Sexual “Martyr” by R. J. Snell of Crisis Magazine - Big Pulpit

The Paradox of Help – Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™

Homosexuality in Downton Abbey – Bonnie Engstrom, Ignitum Today

Rocco Palmo to Cover Conclave from Philly Rather Than Rome – Terry Mattingly, Patheos/Get Religion

Conclave to Start on March 12 – Big Pulpit

But But. . .Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Inevitable ‘Cuz We Said So – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Contraception Increases Divorce Rates, Suicide and More. . . – Dominic Pedulla MD, Catholic Stand

Fr. Robert Barron Dissects Garry Wills’ “Bizarre” New Book – The CWR Blog

Abortion is a Symptom of Deeper Issues – Beatrice Fedor, Catholic...READ MORE

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Is an American Pope Possible, or Prudent? (7701)

Cardinals and Vatican analysts are considering the matter, as speculation mounts that U.S. cardinals are serious candidates for the seat of St. Peter.

03/08/2013 Comments (17)

– Wikipedia

VATICAN CITY — There’s increasing chatter in Rome that an American cardinal could become the next pope, but would such a choice be prudent, given the nation’s superpower status?

Ever since the French Pope Clement V became a tool of the monarchy of France, then the world’s most powerful nation, and transferred the entire papacy to Avignon in 1309, the Church has been reluctant to elect a pope from a ruling superpower.

This conventional wisdom has become embedded in the Church’s thinking; even U.S. Cardinal Donald Wuerl recently argued against having an American pope on the grounds that it might present a “conflicting spiritual challenge.”

“A pope from a superpower would probably have...READ MORE

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