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Common Core’s Conundrum Continues (3213)

Debate on state standards is ongoing, even as Catholic schools largely adopt guidelines.

02/02/2016 Comment

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WASHINGTON — After five tension-filled years, as Catholic schools and dioceses across the country faced the decision of whether to adopt Common Core State Standards, the controversial federal education guidelines, the news on Common Core in Catholic schools is mixed.

While some Common Core opponents believe they have made headway, Common Core supporters believe exactly the same thing. Meanwhile, other battle-weary parents who oppose Common Core see a stalemate.

Supporters argue that national standards will be better than relying on separate standards from 50 states, opponents question the academic rigor of the standards and, moreover, argue that Common Core is hard — if not impossible —...READ MORE

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Why Do So Many Millennials Become Catholic, Pope Francis vs. the Spirit of the Age, and Much More! (3108)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/02/2016 Comment

Click on Why Do So Many Millennials Become Catholic? by Tyler Blanski of The Catholic Gentleman link to follow and read.

Why Do So Many Millennials Become Catholic? by Tyler Blanski of The Catholic Gentleman - Big Pulpit

The Rise in Traditional Latin Mass Parishes – Fr. Z’s Blog

Pope Francis vs. the Spirit of the Age – Felix Whelan, Catholic Stand

The Theological Similarities and Connections between Christianity and Judaism – Matthew Bunson, The O.S.V. Newsweekly

Rediscovering the Vocation of Homemaking by Michele Chronister of Ignitum Today - Big Pulpit

What are Imprimi Potest, Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat? – Fr. John Bartunek L.C., Catholic Spiritual Direction

Your Wait is Not in Vain: Finding a Husband or a Wife – Lianna Mueller, Ignitum Today

Meet Rula Ghani, Afghanistan’s Christian First Lady...READ MORE

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Cardinal De Paolis: Italian Same-Sex Legislation Violates Italy’s Constitution (1873)

Speaking last weekend as hundreds of thousands of pro-family Italians rallied in Rome against the proposed bill, he said it also contradicts Church teaching, natural law and common sense.

02/01/2016 Comments (10)
Edward Pentin photo

Supporters of marriage through the Circus Maximus in Rome at the Family Day celebration and rally.

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ROME — An Italian cardinal has said that proposed legislation to allow same-sex unions and adoption by same-sex couples in Italy is “fundamentally against the Italian constitution” as well as Catholic doctrine, "the natural moral law" and "common sense.”

“We believe that marriage is a natural reality, and one cannot alter that through the law,” Cardinal Velasio De Paolis told the Register Jan. 30.

“It’s a point of civil legislation, and we must respect the civil order; but we are also citizens who have a responsibility to the country and to doctrine, and we have the right and obligation to support the faithful,” he said.

The cardinal was speaking on the same day that hundreds of...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Encourages Religious Men and Women to Live Well the Pillars of Consecrated Life (881)

The Holy Father had a Monday audience marking the end of the Year of Consecrated Life.

02/01/2016 Comments (2)
Daniel Ibanez/CNA

Feb. 1 papal audience with consecrated religious.

– Daniel Ibanez/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Christlike obedience, the “terrorism of gossip” and hope for future vocations were some of the themes Pope Francis addressed during a Monday audience marking the end of the Year of Consecrated Life.

Some 5,000 religious men and women attended the audience to mark the end of the year dedicated to the consecrated vocation, which ends Tuesday.

Setting aside his prepared text, Pope Francis delivered an off-the-cuff address Feb. 1 in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall, which centered on what he said were three of the core pillars of the religious life: prophecy, nearness to others and hope.

Pope Francis began by reflecting on obedience of the consecrated person, which is essentially...READ MORE

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Scientists, Governments Re-Engineer Language to Sell Public on Embryo Re-Engineering (3113)

COMMENTARY: Those pushing for legalizing new and more extreme forms of genetic modification in human embryos use propaganda to manipulate public perception.

02/01/2016 Comments (2)

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A recent headline in the United Kingdom’s Independent shouts that the first genetically modified human embryos could be created in Britain in just a few weeks. 

The article by Steve Connor reports that scientists have submitted a proposal to the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the government’s fertility regulatory body, asking to edit the genes of “leftover” IVF embryos to try to treat infertility. Just today it was announced that the researchers have been given permission to move forward.

The Independent headline is meant to shock and surprise, but if you are someone who is even remotely following recent advances in genetic engineering, this headline should leave you...READ MORE

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Pope: Joy of Faith Shows That Mercy and Mission Go Hand in Hand (512)

“As Christians, we have the responsibility to be missionaries of the Gospel,” the Pope said during his Jan. 30 audience.

02/01/2016 Comment

St. Brigid, one of the patrons of Ireland

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VATICAN CITY — Mercy and the Christian responsibility to be missionaries are closely connected, Pope Francis said Saturday, kicking off the first in a series of special audiences for the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

“As Christians, we have the responsibility to be missionaries of the Gospel,” the Pope said during the Jan. 30 audience, which centered on the “close link between mercy and mission.”

He explained how mercy received from the Father is not meant as a “private consolation” for us, but a tool whereby “others can receive the same gift.”

“There is a wonderful interplay between mercy and mission. Living mercy makes us missionaries of mercy, and being missionaries allows us to grow ever...READ MORE

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Did a Philadelphia Altar Boy Lie about Sex Abuse? Newsweek Reports; The Saint of Karachi and More! (3123)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/01/2016 Comment

Click on Did a Philadelphia Altar Boy Lie about Sex Abuse? Newsweek Investigates by Catherine Harmon of The Catholic World Report link to follow and read.

Did a Philadelphia Altar Boy Lie about Sex Abuse? Newsweek Investigates by Catherine Harmon of The Catholic World Report - Big Pulpit

Anti-Christian Gay Group Endorses Hillary Clinton for President – Austin Ruse of C-FAM

Keep Your Eyes on These Fantastic Four: Possible New Saints for 2016 – Theresa Williams, Ignitum Today

Bishops Urge More Peace Efforts to Help Displaced Iraqi Christians – The Catholic Herald

Are There Really Two Popes? by Damian Thompson of The Catholic Herald - Big Pulpit

Oldest Iraq Monastery Destroyed by I.S.I.S.; Christian History Eliminated – Catherine Harmon, The Catholic World Report

Grandparents: Link to the Past, Hope for the Future – Melanie Jean Juneau,...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: It’s God, Not Us, Who Takes the First Step (1143)

The Father invites us to welcome 'the consoling truth of the Gospel' into our hearts and to walk along the path of goodness, and this isn’t done through our own initiative, but God’s, because 'it’s always he who comes to look for us.'

02/01/2016 Comments (2)
L'Osservatore Romano

– L'Osservatore Romano

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis said in his Sunday Angelus address that it’s the weak and vulnerable who are most valuable in God’s eyes, and he stressed that God takes the initiative in meeting us where we are.

“God meets the men and women of every time and place in the concrete situation in which they find themselves. He also comes to encounter us,” the Pope said Jan. 31, adding, “It’s always he who makes the first step.”

Francis explained that it is God who “comes to visit us with his mercy, to lift us from the dust of our sins; he lends us a hand in rising from the abyss into which our pride has made us fall.”

He also invites us to welcome “the consoling truth of the Gospel” into our...READ MORE

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