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In Bid to Save Catholic Education, a Shift to Regional Schools (5611)

Parishes to yield to boards mostly made up of lay trustees.

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Faced with ballooning deficits and shrinking enrollment, dioceses across the country are regionalizing Catholic schools in an attempt to ensure the long-term viability of Catholic education, officials said.

“It will be a way of life for us,” said Timothy McNiff, superintendent of schools for the Archdiocese of New York, which is in the beginning phase of a three-year plan to shift control of elementary schools from parishes to regional boards mostly comprised of lay trustees.

In Philadelphia, archdiocesan officials plan to regionalize 22 schools in the next academic year, said Mary Rochford, schools superintendent.

“For now, unless something unexpected happens or divine intervention...READ MORE

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Pope Celebrates Easter: ‘Let the Light of Christ Shine Upon the World’ (5071)

How the Holy Father is celebrating the holiest of days.

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From our March 25 issue, with links to the Holy Father's homilies this week. See Easter vigil homily in link below and Easter message.

Holy Week at the Vatican this year will be as intense as usual for the Holy Father, who is scheduled to celebrate six Masses and deliver five homilies and addresses that will usher in the Solemnity of Easter for the Catholic Church.

As in almost every Catholic diocese throughout the world, the Vatican’s Holy Week will begin with the blessing of the palms, procession and holy Mass on Palm Sunday, April 1.

Usually held outdoors in St. Peter’s Square under sunny spring skies, the Mass tends to draw large crowds of pilgrims holding palm fronds and olive...READ MORE

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Christ’s Triumph (5251)

The Transformative Power of Our Savior's Resurrection: April 8 issue Easter column

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Many modern scholars have questioned the fact of the physical resurrection of Christ.

There are Catholic theologians who maintain that if the body of Jesus were found in a tomb in Israel today that this would not shake their faith in the Resurrection.

For some, the only objective experience of the risen Lord is St. Paul’s on the road to Damascus.

This is not only alarming — but completely contrary to both the Scriptures and Tradition, though it comes from a modern European philosophy, that of Immanuel Kant.

Kant did not think one could come to truth through sense experiences, especially truths about things like God. So he “reformed thinking” by redefining truth as the...READ MORE

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What Easter Started (2050)

User's Guide to Sunday, April 8.

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– Wikipedia

Sunday, April 8, is Easter Sunday.


Acts 10:34, 37-43; Psalm 118:1-2, 16-17, 22-23; Colossians 3:1-4, or 1 Corinthians 5:6-8; John 20:1-9

Our Take

We love to tell and retell the lessons of Christmas: God loves the poor, a baby changed all the world’s plans, and the angels told the shepherds to expect peace on earth.

But Easter is a greater feast than Christmas, even though its lessons aren’t as picturesque. We hear the consequences of Easter all year long, but it might be helpful to zero in on three of them, just as a quick refresher:

1. Easter started peace on earth.

The first enemy of peace on earth is death. Before Christ rose from the dead, death was a shadow...READ MORE

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The Empty Tomb (10533)

Publisher's Note from our April 8 issue.

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The wait is over.

The journey that began in the solemnity of Ash Wednesday culminates today in the jubilation of Easter.

This issue of the Register reflects that tone in our page-one stories and editorials on Pope Benedict’s momentous apostolic voyage to Mexico and Cuba. The people who came into contact with the Holy Father were changed forever, and — as our reports and photos attest — the Pope was genuinely touched by the faith of the people there as well. The governments of those countries have had contentious relationships with the Church over the years, from forces of secular modernism in Mexico to atheistic communism in Cuba.

Yet the Holy Father — by simply radiating the love...READ MORE

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East Meets West in D.C. (2687)

April 8 issue arts feature

04/07/2012 Comment
Cameron Smith

Our Lady of Lebanon

– Cameron Smith

As a student at North Carolina State University in the 1990s, Cameron Smith was pondering the definition of art. Concluding that art was an interaction with the Holy Spirit, he has built his life around this definition. Even deviations into side careers out of financial need couldn’t silence the calling. Although there are times now, as a husband and father of five, that he is tempted to walk away from the difficult task of creating a living based on art, he continues.

He has considered himself a Catholic artist ever since he read Pope John Paul II’s 1999 “Letter to Artists.”

Smith’s sketches of Pope John Paul II and his paintings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart...READ MORE

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There Is No Way to Justify Evil (5260)

April 8 issue column on the increasing divide between those seeking to remain faithful to the Gospel and to Christ and those Christians, both Catholic and non-Catholic, for whom citizenship in the world is evidently more important than citizenship in the Kingdom.

04/07/2012 Comment

Recently, I had the experience of a wonderful theological discussion with a Protestant repairman who came to our house.

In the course of it, we realized how much we agreed on the truths dividing our culture and their foundation in divine Revelation.

This occasion followed shortly after a visit to Birmingham, Ala., by the papal preacher, Franciscan Father Raniero Cantalamessa, who was enthusiastically received by students at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School, which is Baptist.

Both incidents have highlighted for me the increasing divide between those seeking to remain faithful to the Gospel and to Christ and those Christians, both Catholic and non-Catholic, for whom...READ MORE

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A Challenging Book, but Worth the Time (8552)

Saturday Book Pick: Stratford Caldecott’s All Things Made New: The Mysteries of the World in Christ.

04/07/2012 Comments (2)

Stratford Caldecott’s latest book, All Things Made New: The Mysteries of the World in Christ, is a serious book about the most serious of things, the mysteries of faith, which all of us should encounter frequently and grasp ever more deeply throughout our journey to Paradise. There we will enjoy an eternity of contemplation according to our state of grace.

This book is not for beginners. It helps immensely if the reader is already well formed in the basics of the faith. You do not have to be a theologian, but it won’t hurt to have the Catechism of the Catholic Church at your side while slowly reading the text. 

As the author puts it, “This book continues and complements the...READ MORE

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