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Remembering Father John Harvey (5710)

The founder of Courage has died at 92. He sought a gentle approach, yet always faithful to Church teaching, to addressing same-sex attraction.

01/05/2011 Comments (8)
CNS photo/courtesy of Oblates of St. Francis de Sales

Father John Harvey, a member of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, died Dec. 27 at age 92 at Union Hospital in Elkton, Md. Father Harvey founded Courage, a support program for those with homosexual inclinations live chaste lives.

– CNS photo/courtesy of Oblates of St. Francis de Sales

ELKTON, Md. — A priest who exemplified the Church’s task of bringing both truth and love to those with same-sex attraction, Father John Harvey, has died at the age of 92.

Father Harvey died Dec. 27, the feast of St. John the Evangelist, at Union Hospital in Elkton, Md. A Philadelphia native, he was an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales for 73 years and a priest for 66.

Father Harvey in 1980 founded Courage, a ministry of the Archdiocese of New York that grew into an apostolate with support groups in 13 countries. He stepped down as executive director just two years ago.

Father Harvey, a moral theologian by training, became controversial in spite of himself by urging those with homosexual...READ MORE

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Gunned Down for Defending Christians (7461)

A Pakistani governor was assassinated today for seeking to pardon a Christian woman. The archbishop of Lahore talks to the Register about what the future holds for his 97% Muslim country.

01/04/2011 Comments (23)

Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri smiles after being detained at the site of the shooting death of governor of Punjab province Salman Taseer.

– Reuters/Saaf-ur-Rahman

LAHORE, Pakistan — Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan, has joined the mourners paying tributes to Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab province who was assassinated today for his opposition to the Islamic blasphemy law.

Taseer, 66, was shot by his security guard when he emerged from lunch at a restaurant in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province.

After pumping nine bullets into the governor, Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri lay down his gun, claiming that he carried it out to avenge his stand on the controversial blasphemy law.

“I killed the governor because he termed the blasphemy law as kala kanoon (black law),” Qadri told the police...READ MORE

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Pregnancy Centers Under Attack (3959)

The new year brings new fights for unborn life, especially on the front lines, where people try to help women in crisis pregnancies.

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WASHINGTON — While health-care reform legislation and other policies out of Washington in 2010 present new threats to unborn life, people who are working to give women alternatives to abortion are facing new obstacles.

The majority of obstacles are legislative, such as cuts to abstinence-education funding under the Obama administration, and governors’ vetoes of state-level pro-life legislation.

There are also new attempts to regulate crisis-pregnancy centers, such as a bill in New York City that has been held up in committee. New York Int. 0371-2010 would require each crisis-pregnancy center to disclose to clients that it does not provide “abortion or FDA-approved contraceptive drugs and...READ MORE

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Chicago's Cathedral (3459)

Holy Name is the spiritual heart of the Windy City.

01/03/2011 Comments (1)
Kimberly Jansen

– Kimberly Jansen


This single word aptly describes the Catholic clergy and faithful of Chicago, particularly at Holy Name Cathedral.

In just two years, this community has twice endured the closing of their church for months at a time.

In February of 2008, a large piece of the cathedral’s decorative ceiling fell to the floor and required every square foot of the roof to be restored and refitted (23,000 pieces in all). 

Not even a year later, an early-morning fire ravaged the church’s roof, destroying many recent repairs and leaving more than a foot of water in the sanctuary.

Amidst the utter destruction, however, hid a silver lining.

Engineers and firefighters later relayed that without...READ MORE

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'And With Your Spirit' (7214)

2011 will end with new sounds in church. Why many feel it will lead to a revival.

12/31/2010 Comments (21)
CNS photo/Paul Haring

The new English translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal is seen in Rome April 29. Announced by Pope John Paul II in 2000 and first published in Latin in 2002, the missal underwent a lengthy translation process and received final approval by the Vatican in 2010 for use beginning Nov. 27, 2011.

– CNS photo/Paul Haring

WASHINGTON — The year 2010 saw Vatican approval of the new English translation of the Roman Missal.

2011 will be the year people in the pews finally start hearing it — and praying it.

The missal is scheduled to enter use on Nov. 27, the First Sunday of Advent. Dioceses across the country are already putting programs and timelines in place to prepare for the change.

The new translation is the result of years of work in response to the Vatican’s call for a more faithful rendering of the original Latin. It is also expected to more fully convey the sacredness of the texts of the Mass.

Father Richard Hilgartner, associate director of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat...READ MORE

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Singing the Mass (15338)

The editor of Sacred Music talks about current trends in liturgical music, his conversion to the faith through Gregorian chant, and what to expect from the new Missal.

12/30/2010 Comments (52)

Jeffrey Tucker thought he had heard it all in the world of music. Then he attended a chanted Mass.

Unlike the secular music he was used to, the simple chant he heard raised his mind and heart to God. This life-changing experience facilitated his conversion to the Catholic faith in 1985.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed with much of the music he heard in church. Tucker decided to do something about it. In 2002 he became a member of the Church Music Association of America, and has been the managing editor of the group’s journal Sacred Music since 2005.

Tucker is also editorial vice president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, which bills itself as “the research and education center of...READ MORE

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Sudan on the Verge of a Vote (3499)

Bishop Gassis provides backgrounder for historic referendum on independence for the south.

12/29/2010 Comments (1)
CNS photo/Paul Jeffrey

A girl carries her sibling on her back in Pisak, a village in Southern Sudan's Central Equatoria state.

– CNS photo/Paul Jeffrey

Bishop Macram Max Gassis, 72, shepherds the Diocese of El Obeid, the largest of nine dioceses in Sudan.

The war-ravaged country, 10 times the size of Great Britain, is divided religiously and ethnically between the largely sub-Saharan African and Christian south and the Arab Muslim north, which wields power from the capital in Khartoum.

Until the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement halted a long civil war, more than 2 million Sudanese died as the north savaged the south. Bishop Gassis himself was forced into exile for testifying about Khartoum’s depredations before the United Nations, the U.S. Congress and the European Union. Since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement took effect, he...READ MORE

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Catholic Radio Making an Impact (7732)

The numbers prove it: Listeners return to church because of what they hear.

12/28/2010 Comments (25)
CNS photo/Bob Roller

Jeff Abbas, manager of KPVL-FM radio station in Postville, Iowa, is pictured during a live broadcast in 2009 in the studio. Catholic and other religious organizations hope low-power stations like KPVL will grow in number.

– CNS photo/Bob Roller

RENO, Nev. — New survey results on the effect of Catholic radio show what Catholic radio operators have long known: The medium is having a positive impact on listeners, their parishes and the Church.

The survey, conducted in November by MBA students at John Paul the Great Catholic University on behalf of the Immaculate Heart Radio network, showed that just over half the survey respondents are more active in their local parishes as a direct result of listening to Catholic radio.

“The results are overwhelming,” said Doug Sherman, founder and president of Immaculate Heart Radio, which broadcasts on 24 stations throughout the American Southwest. “We knew we were having an impact on people …...READ MORE

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