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Catholic Heroes for Today: Part 1 (4204)

U.S. sainthood causes flourish in 2011.

08/07/2011 Comments (7)

Blessed Marianne Cope

– Wikipedia

Sainthood causes introduced in the United States continue to be investigated by Rome. Since the Register looked at canonization causes in October 2010 (see also here), there have been exciting updates on a few in progress, plus some causes recently introduced.

Candidates range from those with mystical spiritual gifts to those who did ordinary things extraordinarily well. And there are some who helped strengthen families and had connections to other saints. Several were foreign-born, but all except one became American citizens.

This week at NCRegister.com, we’ll be looking at these causes and the miracles that Rome and diocesan tribunals have examined.

It’s “American Saints Week” at the...READ MORE

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Is Catholicism Healthy or in Decline, Americans Oppose Contraceptive Coverage, and much more! (3416)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/06/2011 Comment

Making an Idol Out of the Tenth Amendment. Click on Hadley Arkes link to learn how politicians avoid difficult questions on morality.

Poll: Americans Oppose Requiring Contraception Coverage 46%-39% - Thomas Peters, Catholic Vote/American Papist

Dr. Thomas Pink Weighs in on the Tradtitionalist Debate - David Werling, Ars Orandi

Is Catholicism in the America Healthy or in Decline? - John Norton, Our Sunday Visitor

If The Protestant Canon Were True - Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

Making an Idol Out of the Tenth Amendment - Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing

The Jesus Seminar and The Jesus People - Brent Stubbs, Almost Not Catholic

Polygamists Exploit Same-Sex Precedents - Joseph Backholm, Catholic Lane

. . . California Catholic Daily: ‘Marriage Equality’ for Polygamists? . . .

CDC: Large Increase in Syphilis Cases...READ MORE

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Surprising Images of Christ (4365)

Saturday Book Pick: Icons through the eyes of a British TV nun.

08/06/2011 Comments (8)

We Christians in the West shake our heads when we hear of fanaticism such as Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy law, whereby anyone uttering a simple slight against the prophet Muhammad may find himself on the way to the chopping block.

“How medieval can you get?”

But Christ’s own Church has seen its own share of fanaticism.

In 726, the Byzantine Emperor Leo III published an edict declaring images — even religious ones — to be idols. Leo decreed that icons be destroyed. He tried to force Pope Gregory II (713-31) to destroy images in Rome and summon a general council to forbid their use. Pope Gregory answered by a long defense of icons, explaining the difference between them and idols.

At its...READ MORE

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A Pilgrim at Auschwitz (3098)

Pope John Paul II offered an answer to the horror of the Holocaust. Part 3 of Joan Frawley Desmond’s journal of her pilgrimage to Poland.

08/05/2011 Comments (1)
Worldpics / Shutterstock.com

A Polish postage stamp commemorates St. Maximilian Kolbe, a priest martyred at Auschwitz.

– Worldpics / Shutterstock.com

“Can it still be a surprise to anyone that the Pope born and brought up in this land, the Pope who came to the See of St. Peter from the diocese in whose territory is situated the camp of Oswiecim (Auschwitz), should have begun his first encyclical with the words “Redemptor Hominis” and should have dedicated it as a whole to the cause of man, to the dignity of man, to the threats to him, and finally to his inalienable rights that can so easily be trampled on and annihilated by his fellowmen?”

Pope John Paul II offered this anguished reflection during his 1979 visit to Auschwitz, located about an hour’s drive from his birthplace in Wadowice.  His words exposed the devastating impact of the...READ MORE

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Fertility & Gender, A Tale of Two Irelands, What Does Evangelization Look Like, and much more! (3058)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/05/2011 Comment

Cardinal Burke: In Today’s Society "Morality Has Ceased to Exist". Read John-Henry Westen's article to learn how to return morality in the public space.

Eight Tips for Catholic Men - Randy Hain, The Integrated Catholic Life™

What Does Evangelization Look Like? - Monsignor Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Fertility & Gender: An In-Depth Survey - Austin Ruse, The Catholic Thing

Home Truths for a Liberal Society - Sergio Belardinelli, MercatorNet

Cardinal Burke: Today’s Society Morality Has Ceased to Exist - John-Henry Westen, LifeSiteNews.com

Sorry, Mr. Weigel, You’re Wrong About Ireland - William Oddie, Catholic Herald

A Tale of Two Irelands - Joseph Pearce, Ink Desk

Catholic Hospital in Colorado Should Fire Abortion Practitioner - Gerard Nadal PhD, Catholic Lane

The Liturgical Impact of Homosexuality in the Priesthood - Louie...READ MORE

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Bishop Trautman Gets His Own Bobblehead (2460)

A priest from the Diocese of Erie, Pa., came up with the idea. The bishop and the diocese's preists all have one, and parishioners are asking for one, too.

08/05/2011 Comments (1)
Father John Detisch via CNA

– Father John Detisch via CNA

ERIE, Pa. (CNA) — Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie, Pa., and every one of his priests, now has a bobblehead doll in his likeness, thanks to one priest who wanted to show appreciation for his service.

Father John Detisch of Sacred Heart Catholic Church told CNA on Aug. 4 that he ordered 180 bobbleheads for the 29th annual convocation of the diocese’s priests in June. The date of the gathering fell near the bishop’s 75th birthday.

The priest kept the gifts secret until the event, where he distributed the dolls in individually wrapped boxes. He made sure that the priests opened their boxes all at once.

The sight of the figures caused a “wave of hysteria” from the clergy.

“Bishop Trautman...READ MORE

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Michigan Bishops Address Immigration (2130)

They highlight problems of policy and voice 'deep concern' about effectiveness of current system.

08/05/2011 Comments (10)
Archdiocese of Detroit website

Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit

– Archdiocese of Detroit website

LANSING, Mich. EWTN News) —The Catholic bishops of Michigan have voiced “deep concern” about the effectiveness of the U.S. immigration system and the lack of a consistent federal policy. They said failed policy, not undocumented immigrants, should be blamed for immigration problems.

“We encourage members of the Michigan Legislature to reject measures that impugn immigrants — especially the undocumented; and we encourage the Michigan congressional delegation in Washington, D.C., to contribute to federal efforts that seek to fix the nation’s immigration system,” the seven bishops of the Michigan Catholic Conference said in a July 19 statement.

They acknowledged the state’s authority to...READ MORE

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House Passes Bill to Establish Middle East Religious-Freedom Envoy (2479)

On Aug. 2, four days after the bill's passage, an early-morning car bomb attack struck a Catholic church in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, injuring 23 people.

08/05/2011 Comments (5)

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON (EWTN News) — The House of Representatives has passed a bipartisan bill that would establish a special envoy for religious freedom in countries such as Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The U.S. government needs an individual who can respond and focus on the critical situation of religious minorities in these countries, whose basic human rights are increasingly under assault,” said Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., the bill’s sponsor, on July 29. “If the international community fails to speak out, the prospects for religious pluralism and tolerance in the region are bleak.”

If the position is established, the special envoy will monitor religious-rights violations and minority communities’...READ MORE

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