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Cardinal George Prays That Americans Will 'Choose Leaders Who Respect ... Freedom' (2206)

Bishops of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin are in Rome for their ad limina visit.

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ROME (EWTN NEWS/CNA)—A bishop’s love for Jesus Christ and the Church can overcome all his fears, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago said at St. Peter’s tomb on Feb. 9.

Cardinal George is visiting the Vatican along with the bishops of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin for their ad limina visit.

“In the responsorial Psalm we asked the Lord to protect us, to take away our fears, which means that the Psalmist and the apostles were afraid at times, as are we. There is reason to be afraid. But, nonetheless, stronger than fear is faith, and stronger than both is love,” he said.

Cardinal George was the main celebrant and homilist at the early morning Mass in the crypt of St. Peter’s Basilica. He...READ MORE

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Pope Urges Continued 'Vigorous Culture of Effective Safeguarding and Victim Support' (2042)

Updated on Feb. 10: Center for Child Protection announced at 'Towards Healing and Renewal' symposium on abuse.

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ROME (EWTN NEWS/CNA)—An international symposium addressing clerical sex abuse concluded on Feb. 9 with the announcement of a new Internet-based Center for Child Protection.

“If the Church is now once again taking on its task of being a sign and sacrament of God’s love, and putting the protection and promotion of the life of children at the very center of its interests, then such actions and work are a decisive contribution towards evangelization,” said Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich at the press conference in Rome.

The global “e-learning center” provides online training for professionals involved in responding to the sexual abuse of minors.

It’s being coordinated by the Ulm University...READ MORE

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Sister Charges That Washington State Abortion Insurance Bill Violates Federal Law (3182)

Legislators told federal funding would be endangered by passing a law forcing abortion health insurance.

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Dominican Sister Sharon Park, director of the Washington State Catholic Conference, testified last week that a bill requiring health insurers to pay for abortions was in violation of the federal Hyde-Weldon Amendment, as well as religious freedom and the Constitution.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Washington lawmakers, poised to pass a bill requiring health insurers to pay for abortions, were told this week this would violate federal law and cause defunding of federal health and welfare funding.

Dominican Sister Sharon Park, director of the Washington State Catholic Conference, testified last week before the House Ways and Means Committee, telling state legislators the Reproductive Parity Act was in violation of the federal Hyde-Weldon Amendment.

“It’s a violation of religious freedom and of the Constitution,” Sister Sharon said. “But it also is a violation of the Weldon Amendment. If they do it the [federal] Health and Human Services Department can completely...READ MORE

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Christopher West's Comeback, Scott Hahn's New EWTN Show, Humanae Vitae Today, and much more! (4908)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/10/2012 Comment

Christopher West’s Comeback. Click on the link by Fr. Roger Landry to read more.

Christopher West’s Comeback - Fr. Roger Landry, Our Sunday Visitor

EWTN Announces New Show with Scott Hahn - The Cardinal Newman Society Blog

New Media & Scripture, Interview with Dr. Michael Barber - Brandon Vogt, The Thin Veil

JP2, Humanae Vitae, & Theology of the Body - Charles W. Norris, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Father Barron on the HHS Mandate - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Me and Humanae Vitae - Amanda Castro, Ignitum Today

The Saint Who Shows What It Means to be Known by God - Dawn Eden, The Dawn Patrol

Young Adult Moral Ignorance: Who to Blame, What to be Done? - Thomas Lickona, MercatorNet

The Black Nazarene - Fr. Joe, Southern Fried Catholicism

The New Rio...READ MORE

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Contraception: Why Not? (5548)

Some background on why the Church — and Catholic employers — are resisting the HHS contraceptive mandate.

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With EWTN filing a lawsuit against Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today, there are now three institutions suing the federal government over the so-called “contraceptive mandate” in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Though the lawsuits concern religious freedom, not contraception, some observers may wonder: Why the big deal over contraception? After all, some reports say that upwards of 98% of Catholics have used contraception — a claim shown to be exaggerated.

Nevertheless, we would like to present several links here to explain the reason why the Church teaches that contraception is sinful — and why it would be immoral for Catholic employers such as...READ MORE

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Going Back to the Land, More Confusion on the Anointing of the Sick, Nancy Pelosi, and much more! (3285)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Obstacles to Going Back to the Land. Click on the link by Devin Rose to read more.

Obstacles to Going Back to the Land - Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf is Right, Time for the Bishops to Deal with Nancy Pelosi - Mark Shea, Patheos/Catholic and Enjoying It!

Can Pregnant Woman be Anointed on Behalf of Dying Unborn Child? - Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, New Theological Movement

Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Am Going to Stick with Fellow Catholics ’ in President Obama’s War on Catholics - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

445 Babies Saved from Abortion Thanks to Free ‘Bella’ Movie - Peter Baklinski, LifeSiteNews.com

The Time to Take Prisoners Has Passed - Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture

On the Origins & Character of Pre-Lent (Septuagesima, etc. . .) -...READ MORE

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EWTN Files Suit to Block Contraception Mandate (25868)

The worldwide Catholic network asks the court to stop federal rule that requires it to pay for ‘immoral services.’

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Michael Warsaw, president and CEO of EWTN

– EWTN photo

IRONDALE, Ala. — Eternal Word Television Network filed a lawsuit today in U.S. District Court in Birmingham, Ala., seeking to halt the federal government’s imposition of its contraception mandate and to have the court declare the federal rule unconstitutional.

The lawsuit names Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and other federal agencies, as defendants.

The network released a statement today regarding the action.

The network is the first lay Catholic organization to challenge the constitutionality of the HHS final rule, approved by the Obama administration on Jan. 20. North Carolina’s Belmont Abbey College and Colorado Christian...READ MORE

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Boehner vs. HHS: 'Attack by the Federal Government on Religious Freedom ... Must Not Stand' (2434)

House Speaker John Boehner says Congress will reverse contraception rule if administration won't. Rep. Fred Upton has also announced plans to advance legislation 'to reverse the controversial decision and restore long-standing conscience protections.'

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House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON (EWTN NEWS/CNA)—Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, vowed Feb. 8 to use legislative means to fight the Obama administration’s controversial contraception mandate.

In a rare speech on the House floor, Boehner said that the recently announced mandate “constitutes an unambiguous attack on religious freedom in our country.”

He warned that if President Obama does not reverse the mandate, “then the Congress, acting on behalf of the American people and the Constitution we are sworn to uphold and defend, must.”

On Jan. 20, Department of Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced a new mandate that requires virtually all employers to purchase health...READ MORE

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