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U.S. Bishops: Concerns Remain Over Final Contraception Mandate (6061)

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York explains in a July 3 statement that, based on a preliminary analysis of the mandate, there’s no reason for the Church to stop fighting for religious freedom.

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Archdiocese of New York

Cardinal Timothy Dolan

– Archdiocese of New York

WASHINGTON — After an initial analysis of the finalized HHS mandate, the U.S. bishops are warning that, despite changes, the regulation still threatens the Church’s ability “to carry out the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ.”

“Although the conference has not completed its analysis of the final rule, some basic elements of the final rule have already come into focus,” said Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In a July 3 statement, he explained that, so far, the conference “has not discovered any new change that eliminates the need to continue defending our rights in Congress and the courts.”

The statement came in response to...READ MORE

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A Christian’s Ground-Zero View of Revolution in Egypt (6917)

The spokesman for Egypt’s Catholic Conference discusses the Morsi regime, the June 30 revolution and what it all means for minorities living in the heavily Muslim country.

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Catholic Information Service of Africa

Father Rafic Greiche

– Catholic Information Service of Africa

CAIRO — A popular uprising, backed by Egypt’s Army, has deposed the ruling Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi. As interim President Adly Mansour guides the formation of a new constitution, Egypt’s Christians hope that they will have full inclusion in Egyptian society after enduring some of the worst religious persecution in decades.

Christians make up 10% of Egypt’s 85 million population, and most belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church, led by Pope Tawadros II. They have endured decades of religious discrimination from Egypt’s military rulers until the fall of Hosni Mubarak in 2011, but they have suffered even more under the Islamist government of Morsi and the...READ MORE

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Dead Baby Talking; Zombies, Sin and Salvation; 5 Things Parishes Can Do To Retain Families and More! (4001)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Dead Baby Talking. Follow the link by Marcus Allen Steele to read more.

Dead Baby Talking by Marcus Allen Steele - BigPulpit.com

Zombies, Sin, and Salvation - Father Robert Barron, Strange Notions

5 Things Parishes Can Do To Stop Losing Young Families - The Schmidt’s, Catholic Stand

Democracy, the Death of Truth, and the Growth of Tyranny - Brian Jones, The CWR Blog

Got Evidence? – Stacy Trasancos PhD

A Prayer to Saint Gerard - Fr. O, An Irish Ordinariate

The Syro-Malabar Church Is a Gold-Mine of Potential Saints – Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel

Who’s Afraid of the Latin Mass? - Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

Don’t Forget Me Guardian Angel - Alexandra Reis, Ignitum Today

Vatican Bank Scandal Just What Church Needs Right Now -...READ MORE

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'Lumen Fidei': Guidance for an Increasingly Irreligious World (7692)

In a clear, profound and beautiful way, the new encyclical explains why faith in God remains the only authentic way to make sense of life.

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CNA/Stphen Driscoll

– CNA/Stphen Driscoll

VATICAN CITY— Pope Francis’ first encyclical, Lumen Fidei (The Light of Faith), is being widely acclaimed for the beauty, clarity and profundity of its teaching. 

“I believe it will be incredibly helpful to those trying to make sense of a world which appears to have lost faith in God but puts its faith instead in technology, celebrities and material possessions,” said Father Paul Haffner, professor of theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. 

The 80-page encyclical, released by the Vatican July 5, begins with Pope Francis explaining that Benedict XVI had “almost completed” it before he stood down and that it supplements Benedict’s previous ones on the two other...READ MORE

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All Catholic Faithful Are Called to Be Missionaries, Pope Francis Says (4563)

The Holy Father’s July 7 Angelus address included a call to communion and fraternity.

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CNA/Lauren Cater

– CNA/Lauren Cater

VATICAN CITY — In his July 7 Angelus reflection, Pope Francis reminded those gathered in St. Peter’s Square that all of the faithful are called to be missionaries, spreading the Gospel message.

Reflecting on the day’s Gospel, he observed that “Jesus is not an isolated missionary, does not want to fulfill his mission alone, but involves his disciples.”

Not only does he call the 12 apostles, the Holy Father noted, but “he calls 72 others and sends them into the villages, two by two, to announce that the Kingdom of God is near.”

“This is very beautiful! Jesus does not want to act alone. He has come to bring to the world the love of God and wants to spread that love with a style of...READ MORE

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DOMA Decision Cited to Block Michigan Law (2810)

Federal judge says there can ‘never be a legitimate purpose’ in denying health benefits to same-sex partners of public employees.

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DETROIT — A federal judge has blocked a Michigan law barring domestic-partner benefits for public school and local government employees, citing the Supreme Court ruling that struck down portions of the Defense of Marriage Act.

U.S. district Judge David Lawson’s June 28 ruling said it can “never be a legitimate purpose” to deny health benefits to the same-sex partners of public employees. He said the plaintiffs who lost benefits or had to pay for more expensive private health insurance have a “plausible claim” that the law violates the U.S. Constitution.

The 2011 law ended same-sex partner benefits for a few school districts, the counties of Ingham and Washtenaw and the cities of Ann...READ MORE

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Ready for Rio! (4214)

U.S. pilgrims are anticipating World Youth Day in Brazil.

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BOSTON — Holding car washes, dances and yard sales, cooking tamales and tacos de asada, raffling off photos of parish icons and writing good, old-fashioned letters have all contributed to helping prepare U.S. pilgrims for this month’s World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. 

Youth leaders around the U.S. are now finalizing their preparations, as anticipation grows for the big event in Brazil with Pope Francis.

World Youth Day officially runs from July 23-28, but many pilgrims will arrive earlier for a mission week held in Brazilian dioceses beginning July 14.

The theme of WYD Rio 2013 is “Go, and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19), and the event will mark the return of Pope...READ MORE

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Gift of Knowledge Helps to Sanctify the World Around Us (6269)

Part of a Register series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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Holy Spirit imparts knowledge to St. Thomas Aquinas.

As we discussed previously, the gift of knowledge is there to make us “complete thinkers,” to connect one thing with another and to connect what is of earth to what is of heaven. This is often surprising both to secularists and to Christians of a certain stripe who imagine that the only thing a spiritual gift should concern is “spiritual” (by which they mean “disembodied”) things.

So it can be disorienting to hear that, say, Nicolaus Copernicus, who was a priest, was being a good Catholic in working through his calculations to show that the Earth went around the sun or that Father George Lemaitre was being a good Catholic in formulating the Big Bang Theory or that St. Albert the Great...READ MORE

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