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Vatican Publishes Judgment Against Sexual Ethics Book (5555)

Sister Margaret Farley’s text ‘cannot be used as a valid expression of Catholic teaching,’ states a notification likely to fuel debate over the obligations of Catholic women religious.

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CNA US Catholic News

Sister Margaret Farley

– CNA US Catholic News

WASHINGTON — The Vatican today issued a strongly worded critique of a sexual ethics text written by Mercy Sister Margaret Farley, a retired Yale Divinity professor.

The five-page notification from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) regarding Just Love: A Framework for Christian Social Ethics, published in 2006, determined that the book departed from key principles of Catholic sexual ethics and thus “cannot be used as a valid expression of Catholic teaching, either in counseling and formation, or in ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.”

On March 16, Pope Benedict XVI approved the notification and ordered its publication.

Released June 4, the official statement...READ MORE

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What’s Going on With the LCWR? (12913)


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WASHINGTON — In the 1950s, the Vatican established the Conference of Major Superiors of Women in the United States to provide a forum for women religious to develop educational, spiritual and apostolic resources and discuss their common interests. Its name was changed in 1971 to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR). The LCWR would serve as a communications channel between the Vatican and women religious in the United States. Its purpose, responsibilities and statutes were approved by the Vatican.

Since the early years of Christianity, religious women in the Catholic Church have been consecrated to the love of Christ, brides of Christ, whose primary calling was to remind...READ MORE

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Pope to Families: Love 'Is the Only Force That Can Truly Transform the World' (1512)

The Holy Father said 'family life is the first and irreplaceable school of social virtues, such as respect for persons, gratuitousness, trust, responsibility, solidarity, cooperation.' The next World Meeting of Families will take place in 2015 in Philadelphia.

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– Shutterstock

Pope Benedict XVI told the 7th World Meeting of Families in Milan that the family based upon marriage can revolutionize modern society for the better.

“Your vocation is not easy to live, especially today, but the vocation to love is a wonderful thing, it is the only force that can truly transform the world,” he said during his homily to almost 1 million pilgrims gathered in Milan’s Bresso Park on June 3. Pope Benedict was concluding a three-day visit to the event in northern Italy. Over the past week it has brought together families from more than 150 countries to pray, celebrate and study marriage and family life. The theme for this year was “The Family: Work and Celebration.”


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Courtship, Etiquette, & the Adolescent Male; Ten Catholic Women Who Changed the World, and more! (2345)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Courtship, Etiquette, & the Adolescent Male. Click on the link by Randall B. Smith PhD to read more.

Courtship, Etiquette, & the Adolescent Male - Randall B. Smith, Crisis Magazine

Ten Catholic Women who Changed the World - Mary O'Regan, Catholic Herald

The Last Insult to Our Human Nature by Anthony Esolen of Public Discourse - Big Pulpit

Prayer as the Channel of Celestial Joy - Carolyn Humphreys OCDS OTR, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

The Practical Power of Public Prayer - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Integrated Catholic Life™

For Greater Glory: A Lesson - Sr. Lisa Mari Doty FDCC, Ignitum Today

I’m Going to Count to Ten: Anger’s Dangerous Path - Paul Kokoski, Crisis Magazine

Roger Ebert Pans For Greater Glory For Being Too Catholic - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic


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The History Behind 'For Greater Glory' (11020)

During Cristero Rebellion, Mexico was ‘a kind of collective Christ,’ says the war’s principal historian.

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Courtesy of Jean Meyer

– Courtesy of Jean Meyer

When a young French graduate student named Jean Meyer arrived in Mexico in 1965 to write his doctoral thesis on the religious war known as the Cristiada, the topic was virtually unknown to historians. A conflict between Catholics and the government that had claimed the lives of approximately 250,000 people between 1926 and 1929 remained cloaked in official silence, and the archives of Church and state related to the struggle were closed to investigators.

The work done by Meyer would ultimately help to provide the general framework for the new movie For Greater Glory, although the movie deviates substantially from the documented facts of the war’s history.

After five years of research...READ MORE

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Knights Fight for Life 1 Ultrasound at a Time (1166)

June 3 issue profile on St. Louis-based Knights of Columbus effort.

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When the medical mobile clinic pulls up in front of Planned Parenthood each week in St. Louis, the nation’s largest abortion provider is not pleased, to say the least. The clinic provides free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds on sight.

According to Diane Vaughn, who serves as nurse manager, Planned Parenthood is consistently calling the police on them to make sure all their permits are up to date. Vaughn is on staff with Thrive St. Louis, a Christ-centered organization that empowers people to make life-affirming and healthy decisions about sex, pregnancy and relationships.

“Sidewalk counselors can now offer much more than words,” said Beverly VanMeans, president of Thrive. “They...READ MORE

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The Trinitarian Family (1766)

User's Guide to Sunday, June 3.

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– Wikipedia

Sunday, June 3, is the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity (Year B, Cycle II).


Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40; Psalm 33:4-6, 9, 18-20, 22; Romans 8:14-17; Matthew 28:16-20

Our Take

St. Augustine was trying to understand the Trinity one morning as he walked on the beach.

He came across a small child who had dug a hole in the sand. He was taking scoopfuls of water from the ocean with a shell and pouring them into the hole.

“My boy, what are doing?” asked Augustine.

“I am trying to bring all the sea into this hole,” replied the boy.

“But that is impossible, my dear child. The hole cannot contain all that water,” said Augustine.

“It is no more impossible than what you are...READ MORE

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Hope for College Students in Boston (3205)

June 3 issue feature on 10-campus evangelization effort.

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Brotherhood of Hope Facebook

– Brotherhood of Hope Facebook

BOSTON — Referring to college students as “walking question marks,” Brother Joseph Donovan said they grapple with the meaning and purpose of life as well as their place in it. “At the end of that four-year process is the rest of life, so, suddenly, the big questions get asked,” said Brother Joe, as he is called by the students.

Last fall, his religious order, the Brotherhood of Hope, was tasked with the significant challenge of ministering to students at a dozen schools in Boston’s Back Bay.

The brothers have served at the second-largest institution of higher learning in Boston, Northeastern University, since 2005. Last year, Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley asked them to take on the...READ MORE

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