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Knights of Malta Leader Praises Benedict XVI (1481)

'He is very well informed; he has a great sense of humor; he is funny; he is extremely warm; he is immensely gentle and intelligent,' shared the grandmaster of the Order of Malta, Matthew Festing. The Pope is also a member of the humanitarian order.

02/19/2013 Comment

As Pope Benedict XVI serves his last days in office, the head of the Knights of Malta paid tribute to him by describing the Holy Father as “a marvelous person with a great sense of humor.”

“I will remember him with great affection, and I think he is the most marvelous person,” said the prince and grandmaster of the Order of Malta, Matthew Festing, of which Pope Benedict is also a member.

“He is very well informed; he has a great sense of humor; he is funny; he is extremely warm; he is immensely gentle and intelligent,” Festing said in a Feb. 18 interview with Catholic News Agency at the order’s headquarters in Rome.

The Order of Malta, which issues its own international passports,...READ MORE

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Archbishop Lori Implores Congress to Protect Conscience Rights (3118)

In a Feb. 15 letter to the legislative body, the archbishop noted that failure would result in negative consequences for the United States.

02/19/2013 Comments (8)
CNA/Courtesy of Patrick Novecosky-Legatus

Archbishop William Lori

– CNA/Courtesy of Patrick Novecosky-Legatus

WASHINGTON — In anticipation of upcoming legislation, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore urged the nation’s lawmakers to work this year “to restore a tradition on rights of conscience in health care.”

“I fear that the federal government’s respect for believers and people of conscience no longer measures up to the treatment Americans have a right to expect from their elected representatives,” Archbishop Lori said in a Feb. 15 letter to Congress.

The archbishop, who heads the Ad Hoc Committee on Religious Liberty for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, voiced his support for several new legislative measures to protect religious freedom and warned of the negative consequences that...READ MORE

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Ill. Catholic Conference Laments Senate Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Approval (3186)

‘This legislation callously redefines a bedrock institution of our society and deteriorates the free exercise of religion in our state.’

02/19/2013 Comments (27)

Illinois State Senate Chamber

– Wikipedia

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The Catholic Conference of Illinois disapproved of the state Senate’s passage of a bill that would redefine marriage to include the union of same-sex persons, citing religious-liberty concerns.

“This legislation callously redefines a bedrock institution of our society and deteriorates the free exercise of religion in our state,” Catholic Conference of Illinois executive director Robert Gilligan said Feb. 14.

“We remain wary of government interference in the Church’s ministry and structure.”

On Feb. 14, the Illinois Senate approved a bill that would change the state’s definition of marriage from being “between a man and a woman” to “between two persons.” It was...READ MORE

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150,000+ Rally in Support of Pope Benedict XVI; The Pope, Twitter and the World; and Much More! (2403)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

02/19/2013 Comment

150,000+ Show Up in Support of Pope Benedict XVI. Follow the link via the Mulier Fortis blog to read more.

150,000+ Rally in Support of Pope Benedict XVI by Mac McLernon of the Mulier Fortis blog - Big Pulpit

The Pope, Twitter, and the World – Br. John Sica OP, Dominicana

St. Francis de Sales and the Velveteen Rabbit – Jen. Hartline, Catholic Stand

Fasting and Abstinence: Six Basic Questions and Answers on Lent – Saint Peter’s List

Dorothy Day: Anarcho-Capitalist, Perhaps – Bonchamps, The American Catholic

Did the Virgin Mary and the Apostles Keep Lent? – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Contraception: A Cruel Master – Miriam Fightlin Brower, Ignitum Today

Dealing with Demonic Rage – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Patheos/Standing on my Head

Compelling Legal Briefs that Challenge...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict’s Decision: Truth vs. Conjecture (8127)

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s best to take the Holy Father at his word when wondering why he is stepping down.

02/19/2013 Comments (9)
L'Osservatore Romano-Vatican Pool/Getty Images

– L'Osservatore Romano-Vatican Pool/Getty Images

VATICAN CITY — Conspiracies abound surrounding the Pope’s abdication Feb. 28, but it is becoming clear that the very reasons the Holy Father gave in his Feb. 11 announcement are the best guide to understanding his motives.

Pope Benedict XVI is not suffering from any specific medical problem — neither Alzheimer’s nor Parkinson’s disease — and Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi was categorical in his denials of such an illness when asked by the Register last week.

But what also can be verified by those who know the Holy Father best is that his physical condition has weakened considerably in recent months, to such an extent that he felt obliged to take action.

One source close...READ MORE

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Will Benedict Still Be ‘Pope’? (12738)

Bishop Paprocki mines canon law for guidance on what to call the Holy Father after Feb. 28 and how to define his landmark decision to step down.

02/18/2013 Comments (9)

– Wikipedia

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — After Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would resign, a debate quickly ensued about the proper terminology for describing the Pope’s stunning decision: Had he “abdicated,” resigned or “renounced” his office?  And what would he be called after he took up his new life of prayer and study?

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill., a canon lawyer, has entered the discussion, offering the fruit of his analysis regarding the proper canonical term for the Pope’s decision and the likely title and name he will use after his resignation.

Such matters are not entirely settled because of the singular nature of this landmark decision: “A Pope has not left office alive for...READ MORE

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Rome Priests Respond With Sadness to Pope Stepping Down (1309)

'His spiritual life has influenced me as a priest because he was a real father,' said one priest.

02/18/2013 Comment
Sébastien Bertrand/ Wikipedia

– Sébastien Bertrand/ Wikipedia

VATICAN — “We’re sad because a pope is not only a theoretical leader; he’s the man to whom you give your allegiance and your vows, so there’s a direct link and a sadness in that,” said Father Robert, after the Pope met Feb. 14 with the clergy of his diocese at Paul VI Hall.

“It’s very sad because we’re losing a wonderful shepherd and a wonderful theologian, but he is also being realistic about the other acts of governance that he has to do,” Father Robert told Catholic News Agency.

The priest, who is originally from South Africa, also praised the Pope’s intellectual contributions, calling him “a giant in the Church.”

In keeping with his academic gifts, Pope Benedict spent his final...READ MORE

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Bill Notifying Parents on Interstate Abortion Re-Introduced to Congress (2347)

The pro-life legislation would help states enforce their parental-involvement laws.

02/18/2013 Comment

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., sponsor of the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act.

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — Federal lawmakers praised the reintroduction of a bill requiring parental notification to transport minors across state borders for an abortion.

“Congress must take action to prevent underage abortions by giving states the federal backing necessary to enforce their parental-involvement laws,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., sponsor of the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act.

“These laws allow teenagers to receive the advice and guidance of a loved one before undergoing a procedure for which they may not be medically or emotionally prepared.”

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., who is sponsoring the corresponding bill in the House of Representatives, said...READ MORE

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