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Most Catholics Happy With New Missal (3962)

Debut of long-awaited translation ruffles few feathers, as Vatican cardinal predicts profound impact on the Church.

11/28/2011 Comments (19)

WASHINGTON — As Msgr. W. Ronald Jameson, rector of historic St. Matthew’s Cathedral listened to the responses at yesterday’s 11:30 Mass, the priest noticed that even the parts of the Mass that remained unchanged in the third edition of the Roman Missal were said with unusual vigor.

Like other Catholics around the U.S., parishioners at St. Matthew’s read from laminated pew cards that supplied the correct responses for the new version of the Roman Missal introduced in churches Nov. 27.

Msgr. Jameson felt that the Mass went smoothly, in part, because “we’ve had a lot of preparation over the year and not just crammed into a few weeks, and that has given the people a sense of comfort.”


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Philadelphia Archdiocese Appoints New Abuse Review Board Members (1671)

Archbishop Chaput praises appointees’ expertise.

11/28/2011 Comment

PHILADELPHIA (CNA) — Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput spoke highly of seven new members of the archdiocesan review board that makes recommendations in suspected abuse cases.

“These individuals, Catholic and non-Catholic, possess a broad range of professional competencies that are essential to conducting a review process that is equally thorough and just to all who may be involved,” Archbishop Chaput said in a Nov. 22 statement announcing the appointments.

“Non-clerical external advisers such as these are crucial to the process,” he noted, “as they provide a high level of expertise coupled with objective advice.”

“I am grateful to all of them for their willingness to serve on the...READ MORE

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National Catholic Youth Conference Draws 23,000 to Indianapolis (2876)

'Young Church' makes some noise for God.

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INDIANAPOLIS — One thing was clear right from the start of the National Catholic Youth Conference, held Nov. 17-19 in Indianapolis: Teens like — and like to make — noise.

In Lucas Oil Stadium, in the Indiana Convention Center and in the streets of downtown Indianapolis, the 23,000 youth who made the pilgrimage sang, danced, chanted, jumped, shouted and even blew vuvuzelas in praise of God.

Perhaps, though, the youth attending the “Called to Glory” conference made their strongest statement in silence. For more than two full minutes, teens went stone silent as they contemplated holy Scripture through lectio divina. Not a voice was heard — no snickers, catcalls or jokes. No funky cell-phone...READ MORE

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Pope: Be Alert to Eternity (2614)

Benedict welcomes Advent on Nov. 27: 'Let us heed the message in today's Gospel by entering prayerfully into this holy season, so that we may be ready to greet Jesus Christ, who is God with us.'

11/27/2011 Comment

VATICAN CITY (EWTN News/CNA)—Advent offers a chance to remember that all things belong to God, Pope Benedict XVI told pilgrims in his Angelus address on Nov. 27.

“In reality, the true ‘owner’ of the world is not man but God,” said the Pope to the thousands gathered in St. Peter’s Square on the First Sunday of Advent.

The Pope reflected on the day’s Scripture reading in which the prophet Isaiah tells God there is “none who calls upon your name, who rouses himself to cling to you; for you have hidden your face from us and have delivered us up to our guilt.”

“How can we not be impressed by this description?” asked Pope Benedict, who spoke of its relevance to today’s world.

The prophet’s...READ MORE

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Our Advent Lights (1923)

Dec. 4 issue editorial.

11/27/2011 Comment

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, nature provides a perfect backdrop for Advent.

We’ve gone from having 15 or so hours of daylight on June 21 to nine hours on Dec. 21.

Some people struggle with the shortening day. The increasing darkness leaves some people sad and even depressed.

The liturgical season preceding Christmas reminds us of the eons in history when the world did not know Christ, when sin and death held sway over the human condition because of Adam’s sin of pride.

Humanity was, as the prophet Isaiah said, “a people who walked in darkness.”

With the birth of Christ, however, that people “have seen a great light,” the prophet proclaimed. Christ is the Light of the world...READ MORE

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Introducing the New Missal: Why We Worship With Liturgy (4360)

How one priest prepared his parish for the new Missal, which begins use in the U.S. this First Sunday of Advent.

11/27/2011 Comments (19)

– DwightLongenecker.com

When I first told the parishioners at Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Greenville, S. C., that a new translation of the Mass was coming, I had to convince them that it really was the Pope’s idea and not mine.

We began preparations for the introduction of the new translation of the Mass in July with four pastor’s letters in the parish bulletin. These letters outlined why the new Mass translation was necessary and explained the theory behind it.

This gave me an opportunity to explain why we, as Catholics, worship with liturgy in the first place. Next, I explained the difference between “dynamic equivalency” and a more literal rendering of the text. This led to a couple more weeks of...READ MORE

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Advent Is Here! (1877)

Prepare your heart for Christmas with our Advent Guides.

11/27/2011 Comments (1)

– Shutterstock

Prepare your heart for Christmas with our Advent Guides:

How to Be a Catholic
Print and pass on “How and Why to Go to Mass,” “How and Why to Go to Confession,” and “How and Why to Pray.” Plus, our “Guide to Catholic Living.” As featured in our Advent print issues of the Register.

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Time for Renewal (1509)

Publisher's note for the start of Advent. From our Nov. 20 issue.

11/27/2011 Comment

The First Sunday of Advent, Nov. 27, signals a great time for renewal for the Church. For some, Advent represents a time of frivolity and merry making. We often forget, however, that, like Lent, Advent is also a time for introspection, prayer and fasting — a time to prepare ourselves for the perfect gift of Christ to humanity.

Senior writer Tim Drake’s page-one story on Catholics Come Home illustrates the need for all baptized Catholics — whether fallen-away or not — to renew themselves in Christ. And, as has been our custom in the past, we offer on page B1 our handy clip-out, pass-on and copy guides for Advent: “How (and Why) to Return to Sunday Mass” and How (and Why) to Return to...READ MORE

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