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Pope Responds to Bishops’ Kidnapping With ‘Intense Prayer’ (7550)

Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim of the Syrian Orthodox Church and Archbishop Paul Yagizi of the Greek Orthodox Church were kidnapped April 22 near Aleppo, Syria.

04/23/2013 Comments (9)

Pope Francis celebrates Mass in the Sistine Chapel.


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis is responding to the kidnapping of two Orthodox bishops in Syria with “intense prayer” for their health and release.

The Pope “was informed of this serious new act, which adds to the growing violence in recent days and a humanitarian emergency of vast proportions,” Vatican Press Office director Father Federico Lombardi said in an April 23 statement.

The Holy Father is following the events “closely and with intense prayer for the health and the release of the two kidnapped bishops,” Father Lombardi reported.

Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim of the Syrian Orthodox Church and Archbishop Paul Yagizi of the Greek Orthodox Church were kidnapped April 22 near Aleppo,...READ MORE

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Cardinal O’Malley: Without Love, There’s No Civilization At All (3369)

In a Mass for the repose of the souls of the Boston Marathon bombing and all victims of violence, the archbishop of Boston calls believers to ‘draw people into Christ’s community.’

04/23/2013 Comments (8)
Justin Bell

Pictures of the victims of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers, (l to r) Sean Collier, Krystle Campbell, Martin Richard and Lu Lingzi, at Boston's Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

– Justin Bell

BOSTON — Cardinal Seán O’Malley delivered a strong message during a Mass April 21 for the victims of the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing and its aftermath.

Pointing to the resurrected Christ and addressing the pain of the past week, and calling on a civilization of love, the archbishop of Boston gave an impassioned plea on Good Shepherd Sunday to build and sustain a culture of life.

“As believers, one of our tasks is to build community, to value people more than money or things, to recognize in each person a child of God, made in the image and likeness of his Creator,” said Cardinal O’Malley.

The 11:30am Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross drew much less attention than...READ MORE

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Cardinal Ravasi's Speech to TED Conference, 5 Reasons Christ Kept His Scars, and Much More! (3966)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/23/2013 Comment

Cardinal Ravasi’s Speech to TED Conference. Follow the link via EWTN News to read more.

Cardinal Ravasi’s Speech to TED Conference via EWTN News - Big Pulpit

5 Reasons Christ Kept His Scars after the Resurrection – Taylor Marshall PhD, Canterbury Tales

How to Defend the Entire Catholic Faith - Edmund Mitchell, Ignitum Today

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Surrender - Karen Pullano, Godversations

Boston Bombings, Islam and Christianity - Big Pulpit

Running the Race - Cate Roberts, Catholic Exchange

What Is Your Epistemology? - Stacy Trasancos PhD

Publishing for Papists: Marketing the Literary Vocation – Eleanor B. Donlon, Dappled Things

The Latest...READ MORE

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Military Chaplains: ‘A Calling Within a Calling’ (5002)

The Archdiocese for the Military Services’ co-sponsorship vocations program is helping to form future chaplains to alleviate the current extreme shortage.

04/22/2013 Comments (2)
2010 John Moore/Getty Images

Catholic Chaplain Cpt. Carl Subler (l) blesses a U.S. Army commander before a military operation at Howz-e-Madad in Kandahar province, Afghanistan.

– 2010 John Moore/Getty Images

MENLO PARK, Calif. — Archbishop Timothy Broglio of the Archdiocese for the Military Services is brutally candid about the extreme shortage of military chaplains.

“We are a country at war, and the need for military chaplains is very grave,” Archbishop Broglio told the Register.

“Approximately one-fourth of men and women wearing uniforms are Catholic, and we have nowhere near enough chaplains for that number of people. Many don’t have a priest to meet their needs.”

In the wake of 9/11, the number of active-duty Catholic chaplains has dropped from 400 to fewer than 260. These men are responsible for an estimated 1.8 million Catholics serving in the five branches of the U.S. military...READ MORE

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Being Christian Means Risking Following Jesus, Pope Teaches (5517)

Pope asks for prayers for the Church, that it ‘will continue to grow, unite, to walk in the fear of God and with the security of the Holy Spirit.’

04/22/2013 Comments (5)
Stephen Driscoll/CNA

Pope Francis delivers his homily.

– Stephen Driscoll/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Lukewarm Christians try to build a Church that conforms to their own common sense and see too much risk in following Jesus, Pope Francis said.

“They are Christians of good sense only: They keep their distance. Christians, so to speak, who are ‘satellites,’ that have a Church small in size. To quote the words of Jesus in Revelation, (they are) ‘lukewarm Christians,’” the Pope said at the April 20 morning Mass in the chapel of St. Martha’s residence.

“They walk only in the presence of common sense. ... This is a temptation (to use) just worldly prudence,” he added.

He delivered his homily on the Gospel reading from John 6 in which Jesus declares that unless believers...READ MORE

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My Husband Isn't My Girlfriend, Women Marrying Young, The Illusion of Success and Much More! (3634)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/22/2013 Comment

My Husband Isn’t My Girlfriend. Follow the link by Erin Franco of The Catholic Wife blog to read more.

My Husband Isn’t My Girlfriend by Erin Franco of The Catholic Wife blog - Big Pulpit

Another Episcopal Attack on Catholic Blogs – William Oddie, Catholic Herald

On Women Marrying Young – Brianna Heldt, Ignitum Today

The Illusion of Success – Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™

What Type of Spiritual Poverty Do You Suffer From? - Anabelle Hazard Esq, Catholic Stand

Singing the Gospel – Fr. Edward McNamara LC, E.W.T.N. News

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Why the Church Would Be So Ridiculous as to Oppose IVF - Marc Barnes, Bad Catholic

Hysterical Hatred and the Halls of History – Michael Coren, The Catholic World Report

Gary B. Agee, Author of ‘A Cry For...READ MORE

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Egyptian Police Accused of Siding With Cathedral Attackers (3053)

The attack also drew condemnation from Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who said he regarded any attack on churches as 'a personal attack' against him.

04/22/2013 Comment

Bishop Kyrillos William Samaan of Assiut

CAIRO, Egypt — A media representative for Egypt’s Catholic bishops echoed concerns that police sided with Islamic extremists who attacked a funeral service en masse at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo.

“The police must have been aware of the situation, so why were the police not in front of the cathedral?” asked Father Rafik Greiche of the Egyptian Catholic bishops’ conference.

He told the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need that the police “only arrived two hours later, and then they protected the attackers.” Muslim extremists had previously threatened to disrupt the service, the priest said.

The April 7 funeral was for four Christians killed in a gunfight that...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Ordains 10 Priests, Tells Them: Minister With Constant Joy (4081)

The Holy Father reminded the men, ‘You are pastors, not functionaries.’

04/22/2013 Comments (2)
CNA/Stephen Driscoll

– CNA/Stephen Driscoll

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis ordained 10 men as priests on Sunday, reminding them that they should carry out their ministry with “constant joy and genuine love.”

“Therefore, carry out the ministry of Christ the Priest with constant joy and genuine love, attending not to your own concerns, but to those of Jesus Christ. You are pastors, not functionaries. Be mediators, not intermediaries,” the Holy Father told the newly ordained.

The Mass of ordination began at 9:30am in St. Peter’s Basilica, and the crowd was large enough that it spilled out into the square, where the crowd followed along on large screen TVs.

The ceremony fell on the 50th anniversary of the World Day of Prayer for...READ MORE

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