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The Countercultural Way of Christ’s Love (2511)

During homily given April 14 at St. Stephen the Martyr Parish to George Washington University students, Cardinal Wuerl offers "support" for chaplain Father Greg Shaffer.

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it is always a pleasure for me to come to this campus-ministry program Mass here at St. Stephen’s Church that serves all of you who are part of the George Washington University family. 

In a particular way, I want to offer a word of support and encouragement to your chaplain, Father Greg Shaffer. All of us have come here this evening for two purposes: to celebrate Mass and to stand in solidarity with a good priest.

I am inspired by the ministry here. I often use Father Shaffer and you students of the Newman Center as examples of the New Evangelization. In fact, my recent book, entitled New Evangelization: Passing on the Catholic Faith Today, begins...READ MORE

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Reversing the Course (5009)

Book Pick: Samuel Gregg’s Becoming Europe is a sobering look at the U.S.’ moral and economic decline.

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Economic Decline, Culture and How America Can Avoid a European Future [Hardcover]

By Samuel Gregg

Encounter Books, 2013

384 pages, $25.00

To order: encounterbooks.com


Samuel Gregg, director of research at the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, Mich., has written a very timely book, given the concerning state of our economy and, more importantly, our ever-declining moral life.

Becoming Europe: Economic Decline, Culture and How America Can Avoid a European Future is a sobering, many-faceted but not fatalistic look at our present and possible futures.

Becoming Europe opens with an account of the human slaughter and economic disaster of the First World War,...READ MORE

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Vietnam (Faith) Vitality (2690)

A French missionary discusses the Church in Vietnam today.

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Father Étienne Frécon

Americans often associate Vietnam with the long U.S. military involvement there, but because of its earlier connections with France, the country is also home to a sizeable Catholic community. The Church in Vietnam owes its existence in part to the work of the Paris Missionary Society (Missions Etrangères de Paris, MEP), a secular institute that has been sending missionaries to Asia since 1658.

Each year, MEP priests meet in one Asian country to reflect on their missionary work. Gathering in Vietnam this past January for the first time since their expulsion in 1975, MEP priests got a chance to see the state of the Church there.

Father Étienne Frécon is an MEP priest studying Chinese in...READ MORE

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A Priest Asks About Exorcisms, Debunking the 'Jesus Myth' Myth and Much More! (5104)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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A Priest Asks About Exorcisms. Follow the link via Fr. Z’s Blog to read more.

A Priest Asks About Exorcisms via Fr. Z’s Blog - Big Pulpit

Debunking the “Jesus Myth” Myth - Arman J. Partamian, Matins Musings

The Example of Hungary: Christian Roots Coming Alive – Jacob Tawney, The American Catholic

I’m Good! How are You? - Postabortion Journey Walk With Me. . .

The Internet, Vice and Envy – Julie Rodrigues, Catholic Stand

Unpacking the Rhineland Mystics – Traditius, Traditium

God and Teachers: A Mutual Understanding – Sean Connolly, Ignitum Today

No, “Faith Alone” is Not sufficient for Salvation – Matthew Olson, Answering Protestants

Holy Thursday and Good Friday in Singapore – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Protecting Life and Love – Roland...READ MORE

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Blind Activist Appeals to U.S. Over China’s Human-Rights Abuses (2141)

The human-rights lawyer attracted the anger of Chinese authorities when he spoke out against China’s one-child policy.

04/12/2013 Comment
Bryant Avondoglio via flickr.com (CC BY-NC 2.0)

House Speaker John Boehner greets Chen Guangcheng.

– Bryant Avondoglio via flickr.com (CC BY-NC 2.0)

WASHINGTON — Blind Chinese human-rights activist and lawyer Chen Guangcheng criticized China for its human-rights abuses and asked that the United States holds the foreign country responsible for its actions.

During April 9 testimony before a U.S. House subcommittee, Chen told legislators that “we cannot continue to tolerate the Chinese Communist authorities continuing to go back on their words and deceiving the international community at will.”

Through a translator, the activist described the persecution he suffered at the hands of the Chinese government for litigating against its widespread human-rights abuses.

Blinded by a serious illness when he was young, Chen is a...READ MORE

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Early Returns on Pope Francis’ Pontificate (6291)

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s still too early to gauge what the Holy Father plans in some key areas, but after an impressive start, a clearer picture is coming into focus.

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Jeffrey Bruno/CNA

– Jeffrey Bruno/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Now that the world has had a chance to examine Pope Francis in some detail, a clearer picture of the Holy Father is emerging, one that gives some important clues about where this pontificate is heading.

Drawing on his words and actions, testimonies of those who know him, as well as his previous interviews and writings from the time he was a cardinal, it’s clear that his overall concern, like that of every successor of Peter, is to draw others to Christ and the Gospel.

“He will bring out the freshness of the Gospel,” says Father Alfonso Riobó Serván, director of the Spanish Catholic publication Palabra. “That’s his way.”

But his style and emphases differ from his...READ MORE

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Delaware Abortion Business Blasted as ‘Ridiculously Unsafe’ (3466)

Two former employees of the Planned Parenthood of Delaware abortion facility have spoken out against their employer.

04/12/2013 Comment

WASHINGTON — Reports of another abortion business operating under drastically unsafe and unsanitary conditions have prompted pro-life leaders to call for more rigorous standards and inspections of Planned Parenthood.

“The abortion industry cannot be relied upon to police themselves,” said Susan B. Anthony List's president, Marjorie Dannenfelser, April 10.

She charged that abortion businesses’ opposition to efforts to strengthen health and safety standards in abortion facilities “does not reflect true concern for women and girls.”

“Planned Parenthood cannot claim to be truly concerned for women’s health while at the same time opposing laws aimed at securing women’s safety inside...READ MORE

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Fortitude: The Courage to Allow Christ to Increase in Us (5561)

COMMENTARY: A Register series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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'The Crucifixion of Peter,' by Caravaggio

As we saw last time, the gift of fortitude, while related to the natural virtue of fortitude, also goes beyond mere earthly courage — just as the gift of counsel goes beyond mere earthly prudence.

As we see in the Scriptures, St. Peter had plenty of natural fortitude, but not the supernatural and sanctifying gift of fortitude. He was a man who was brave enough to take a sword to Malchus’ ear in a fit of heroic bravado, but who, hours later, could be found claiming, “I do not know the man” to a scullery maid and two others.

Peter’s denial of Christ filled him with shame, but not enough to keep him from doing it again two other times. His earthly programming for self-preservation was...READ MORE

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