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Pope Benedict: 'The Final Results Depend on God' (1527)

June 17 address focused on God's love and his plan for his Kingdom via parables.

06/18/2012 Comment

God is the prime mover in the story of salvation, Pope Benedict XVI taught on June 17, as he discussed Christ's parables about the similarity between the Kingdom of God and the growth of seeds.

“The message is clear,” the Pope told pilgrims in his midday Angelus address. “The Kingdom of God, even if it requires our cooperation, is, firstly, a gift of the Lord, a grace that precedes man and his works.”

“Our small force, apparently impotent before the problems of the world, if placed in that of God, is not afraid of obstacles, because it is certain of the victory of the Lord.”

This is “the miracle of God’s love” that should make us “optimistic, despite the difficulties, sufferings and...READ MORE

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Course Correction: Sister Carol Keehan Now Opposes Obama 'Accommodation' for HHS Mandate (38214)

The Catholic Health Association's president calls for a broader religious exemption.

06/18/2012 Comments (71)
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Sister Carol Keehan, president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association of the United States, talks about health care as Vice President Joseph Biden listens at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building of the White House July 8, 2009, in Washington.

– Alex Wong/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — In a striking reversal with unpredictable political consequences, President Barack Obama’s most powerful ally in his fight with the U.S. bishops over the contraception mandate has reversed herself.

In a five-page letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, dated June 15, Sister Carol Keehan, the president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association (CHA), registered her opposition to the federal law requiring co-pay-free contraception, abortion drugs and sterilization for all private employer health plans.

“The more we learn, the more it appears that the ... approaches for both insured and self-insured plans would be unduly cumbersome and would be unlikely...READ MORE

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The D Word: Discernment De-Mystified, When Mom's A Convert, Lifting the Veil On, and much more! (1628)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/18/2012 Comment

The D Word: Discernment De-Mystified. Click on the link by Michelle Burns to read more.

The D Word: Discernment De-Mystified - Michelle Burns, Ignitum Today

When Mom’s A Convert - Stacy Trasancos PhD, Integrated Catholic Life™

Lifting the Veil Onto My Head - Birgit J., Catholic Sistas

Queues for Confession on a Saturday Night by Francis Phillips of the Catholic Herald - Big Pulpit

Sexting and Teens: The Myth of Safe-Sexting - Thomas L. McDonald, God & the Machine

Aquinas Upswing in Catholic Colleges? - Charlotte Hays, CNS Blog

On Celibacy: Jesus Is Not A Consolation Prize - Anastasia Kenney, Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Adam and Eve, Jesus and Mary - Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Broken? - Becky Ward, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Choral Communio in...READ MORE

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Good Reads for Father’s Day (2668)

Edgar Guest’s Pro-Dad, Pro-Life, Pro-Family Poetry

06/17/2012 Comments (1)

“It takes a heap o’ livin’ in a house t’ make it home.”

The above words made Edgar Guest famous, but today’s Catholic families should remember Guest for another reason: His poetry is strikingly pro-life and pro-family. His poems, which are most often penned from the point of view of a husband and father, are particularly appropriate reading for Father’s Day.

Over and over again, Guest extols family life, children and especially babies. Perhaps his most openly pro-life poem is Tied Down, in which he argues with a woman who feels that babies would tie her down. He says, “They fasten you with cords of love / To God divine, who reigns above. / They tie you, whereso’er you roam, / Unto the...READ MORE

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Change Comes in God’s Time (1735)

User's Guide to Sunday, June 17.

06/17/2012 Comment

– Shutterstock

Sunday, June 17, is the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Ezekiel 17:22-24; Psalm 92:2-3, 13-16; 2 Corinthians 5:6-10; Mark 4:26-34

Our Take
How often do we hear that “people never change”?

There is a sense in which the maxim “people never change” is true: If you are fundamentally incompatible with someone, you shouldn’t marry them hoping that they will become a different person. No, he won’t be nicer to your family once you’re married; no, she won’t be less prone to anger after the wedding.

But there is also a healthy sense in which it isn’t true: If you are already married, you should never give up hope that your spouse will grow as a person. What we should say...READ MORE

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Unforgettable Images of the Priesthood (30614)


06/17/2012 Comments (70)

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Another year, another celebrity priest ends his career in scandal. No doubt there are many cautionary lessons to learn from these sad stories about the spiritual dangers of fame and the need to always watch and pray. But I learned something else.

It occurred to me that the images of the Catholic priesthood I will always remember aren’t of priests on a stage — or even priests in the pulpit — but by priests in action, doing what only priests can do.

For instance, I will never forget the priest we knew in Washington, D.C., who came to visit my family in Connecticut.

We were chatting in the front room with Father in late summer after dinner one day when we heard the screeching of tires...READ MORE

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What Des it Mean to Call God "Father", The Fate of Syria's Christians, and much more! (1374)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/16/2012 Comment

What Does it Mean to Call God “Father”. Click on the link by Marcellino D'Ambrosio to read more.

What Does it Mean to Call God “Father” - Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Integrated Catholic Life™

The Future Fate of Syria's Christians? - Augustinus, Rorate Cæli

Gay Numbers Wildly Overestimated by Garance Franke-Ruta - Big Pulpit

10 Things I’d Like To Have In Heaven - The Larry D, Acts of the Apostasy

Number of Women Joining Religious Orders Triples in UK - Francesca Gillett, Catholic Herald

Needed: Motherhood - Leah Jacobson, Ignitum Today

From Southern Baptist to Catholic: Brett Farley - Why I'm Catholic

Readings for the Feast of Gilbert Keith Chesterton - Mark Shea, Catholic and Enjoying It!

A Dog’s Life: From Beast to Companion - A. D. Paul, Crisis Magazine

Bulgarian...READ MORE

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2 Births of Fatherhood (1547)

June 17 issue column

06/16/2012 Comment

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When a child is born, a father is born along with him. The child is the offspring of the parents. He is the incarnation of their love. The proud father expresses his exuberance by handing out cigars or by some other symbolic gesture.

Fatherhood, especially when it happens for the first time, engenders an excited yet indescribable feeling. “I felt something impossible for me to explain in words,” Nat “King” Cole admitted. “Then it came to me. ... I was a father.”

The first level of fatherhood begins with begetting. It has a biological underpinning to it. It is a most natural accomplishment. Nonetheless, it is cause for great rejoicing and celebration. “I have begotten my likeness with...READ MORE

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