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Do U.S. Economic Policies Fuel Latin-American Immigration? (5478)

As Congress debates immigration reform, lawmakers are devoting little attention to reducing immigration by assisting source nations more effectively.

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Undocumented immigrants rest at the U.S. Border Patrol detainee processing center in McAllen, Texas, on April 11.

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WASHINGTON — While Congress hotly debates the fate of millions of immigrants living and working illegally in the United States, few have paid attention to the factors that push migrants to take the dangerous journey from their home countries to find work in the U.S. — or how U.S. economic policies toward Latin America may shoulder part of the blame.

Nearly 11.1 million immigrants live and work without legal papers in the U.S. Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, who leads the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ advocacy of comprehensive immigration reform, has urged Congress to enact legislation this year.

The Democrat-controlled Senate has already passed a comprehensive...READ MORE

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Father Lombardi: Pope Francis Pleased With Enthusiastic Rio Reception (2547)

The response of the crowd of World Youth Day pilgrims that swarmed the popemobile had an energizing effect on the Holy Father, the papal spokesman says.

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CNA/Michelle Bauman

Father Federico Lombardi talks to reporters July 22 at the WYD media center in Rio de Janeiro.

– CNA/Michelle Bauman

RIO DE JANEIRO —  Brazilians’ outpouring of affection for Pope Francis upon his arrival to World Youth Day Monday greatly pleased the Holy Father, the papal spokesman said.

“The Pope is very happy with the way Rio has expressed enthusiasm and love for him,” said Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, the Holy See Press Office director.

“Many people have asked if there were big problems in the trip from the airport to the palace of Guanabara, but it was an extraordinary experience of the people’s enthusiasm,” he added.

Father Lombardi spoke July 22 at the World Youth Day media center at Copacabana beach during a 7:45pm press conference.

“The Pope’s secretary told me that, when the car...READ MORE

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North Dakota Bishops Condemn Judge’s Expansive Abortion Ruling (3005)

The Fargo judge’s decision makes abortion a fundamental right ‘subject to practically no limitations,’ the state's bishops warn.

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– Facebook/PersonhoodND

BISMARCK, N.D. — A North Dakota court’s ruling against a law barring the use of a drug for chemical abortions should cause “great concern” because it threatens most pro-life laws there, the state's bishops warned.

“A lone judge sitting in Fargo has declared that the North Dakota Constitution makes abortion a ‘fundamental’ right subject to practically no limitations,” Bishop David Kagan of Bismarck and Bishop John Folda of Fargo said July 16.

“In fact, the right ‘found’ by Judge Wickham Corwin is more expansive than that used by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

The North Dakota Catholic Conference warned that the decision could have major consequences, saying it is “shocking to read an...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Ask St. Michael to Drive Out Evils in Vatican, How Wealthy Is the Church and Much More! (4739)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Pope Francis Asks Saint Michael to Drive Out Evils in Vatican. Follow the link by William Oddie to read more.

Pope Francis Asks Saint Michael to Drive Out Evils in Vatican by William Oddie - BigPulpit.com

Archbishop Alexander Sample: We Are On Brink of Profound Renewal of Worship – Jeffrey A. Tucker, New Liturgical Movement

How Wealthy is the Catholic Church? – Bernard Toutounji, Ignitum Today

Pope Francis: Reformer or Revolutionary? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Not Above the Law: Speeding Tickets and Humility – Autumn Jones, Catholic Stand

Pope Francis Changes Rules for Joining Anglican Ordinariate – Fr. Z’s Blog

Augustine’s “Confessions” and the Harmony of Faith and Reason – Carl E. Olson, Strange Notions

A Well-Tempered Universe – Br. Humbert Kilanowski OP,...READ MORE

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Military Finds Bomb at Aparecida Shrine Prior to Pope’s Visit (3019)

The homemade device had little chance of causing fatalities, according to Brazilian authorities.

07/22/2013 Comments (6)
Wikipedia/Agência Brasil

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida.

– Wikipedia/Agência Brasil

APARECIDA, Brazil — The Brazilian military discovered an improvised bomb today in a parking garage bathroom at the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, which Pope Francis is due to visit on Wednesday.

“It was a homemade device, with little potential to cause fatalities,” according to a statement of the Brazilian Air Force. “It is worth pointing out that such episodes formed part of our security forces’ training in Aparecida and at no point were civilians’ lives in danger.”

The bomb has already been destroyed. It was discovered around 11:30am Rio de Janeiro time, during the completion of simulated exercises by security forces, according to Brazil’s Grupo Estado.

Pope Francis landed in...READ MORE

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Pope’s World Youth Day Gift — Jesus (2920)

Declares the arriving Holy Father, ‘I have neither silver nor gold, but I bring with me the most precious thing given to me: Jesus Christ!’

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Catholic News Agency

Pope Francis walks with President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil immediately after disembarking in Rio de Janeiro July 22 to commence his World Youth Day visit.

– Catholic News Agency

RIO DE JANEIRO  — Affirming the “great heart” of the Brazilian people, Pope Francis said at a welcome ceremony that he comes to World Youth Day in the name of Jesus to encourage fraternal love among humanity.

“I ask permission to come in and spend this week with you,” Pope Francis told the assembled representatives of the Brazilian nation. “I have neither silver nor gold, but I bring with me the most precious thing given to me: Jesus Christ!”

“I have come in his name, to feed the flame of fraternal love that burns in every heart; and I wish my greeting to reach one and all: The peace of Christ be with you!”

Shortly after landing at Rio de Janeiro's international airport on July 22,...READ MORE

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Lourdes Records 69th Official Miracle (4316)

In a medically inexplicable cure, Danila Castelli recovered in 1989 from grave problems associated with a tumor near her bladder.

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Danila Castelli

– YouTube

LOURDES, France — The famous Marian shrine in Lourdes, France, has received an official declaration from the bishop of Pavia, Italy, stating that the 69th confirmed miracle has taken place there.

“I have the joy of reporting to everyone my healing, which just a few days ago was approved as a miracle by my bishop, which is a beautiful thing,” said Mrs. Danila Castelli, an Italian woman who experienced the miracle on May 4, 1989, after visiting the baths in Lourdes.

Castelli said in an interview posted July 18, 2013, on the Lourdes Sanctuary’s YouTube channel that she wants to “thank Our Lady for all of the joy I’ve received, not just the joy of a healed body — which is also important...READ MORE

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Rio de Janeiro and a Hurricane Named Francis (11850)


07/22/2013 Comments (11)
Jeanette De Melo

Sandcastle at Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach.

– Jeanette De Melo

After the initial jubilation of having been granted World Youth Day 2013, organizers in the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro quickly found themselves in an uphill battle: a less-than-friendly Brazilian government focused more on the upcoming soccer World Cup of soccer and the 2016 Olympic Games; the city’s reputation for shady tourist attractions, like the Rio Carnival; and the well-known issues of urban violence.

Aside from these challenges, in the face of which Archbishop Orani João Tempesta of Rio de Janeiro was always optimistic, there was another not so small detail: an ailing Pope Benedict.

In the midst of a rocky start, one that involved convincing government officials that World...READ MORE

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