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Claims that Pius XII Was Framed Gaining Support (13705)

Former Romanian spy chief discusses how the myth of 'Hitler's Pope' started with Stalin.

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– Wikipedia

Last month, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem revised a controversial text on Pope Pius XII used in its exhibition, changing it from an unfairly negative assessment of the wartime Pope and his record in saving the Jews, to one that includes a few arguments in his defense.

But the new text omitted sensational claims, originating from a former Romanian intelligence chief, that efforts to muddy Pius’s reputation began in Moscow very soon after World War II, and that the Soviets later led a campaign of disinformation — called “Operation Seat 12” — against the wartime Pope.

The claims were made in 2007 by General Ion Mihai Pacepa who once headed the Romanian intelligence service...READ MORE

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American Catholic Silver Medalist Thanks God for His Olympic Win (2789)

Leonel 'Leo' Manzano won in the 1,500-meter race, after 44 years since the last victory by an American.

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– Wikipedia

Leonel “Leo” Manzano won an Olympic silver medal for the U.S. in the 1,500-meter race, after 44 years since the last victory by an American, to the delight of his fellow parishioners at St. Ignatius the Martyr in Austin, Texas.

Born in Mexico and raised in the U.S., at 5-feet tall, Manzano caught the attention of the media first for his height and also for his habit of blessing himself and praying before competing.

During the race on Aug. 7 at London's Olympic Stadium, he stayed in second-to-last place for the majority of the event. But in the last 200 meters, Manzano sprinted past the entire group to claim the silver in the race's fastest time ever for an American athlete.

Manzano...READ MORE

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Pope's Butler Has Been Charged With Theft and Will Stand Trial (2472)

In a 35-page report released Monday, the judge said Paolo Gabriele acknowledged providing confidential papers to an Italian journalist. Gabriele purportedly saw a 'media shock' as a way to put the Church 'back onto the right track.'

08/13/2012 Comment

Paolo Gabriele (bottom left), arrives with Pope Benedict XVI at St. Peter's Square. The butler, who serves in the apartments of the Holy Father, was arrested May 25 in connection with an investigation into leaks of confidential documents. Now he will stand trial.

– Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi

Pope Benedict XVI's personal assistant, Paolo Gabriele, has been charged with theft amid suspicion that he leaked confidential papal documents to the press with the help of an accomplice.

Examining Judge Piero Bonnet announced Aug. 13 that the papal aid would be tried in a Vatican city state court on charges of “aggravated theft,” Vatican Radio reported. If found guilty, he could face six years in jail.

Claudio Sciarpelleti, a computer technician at the Vatican Secretariat of State, faces a lesser charge of “aiding and abetting” Gabriele.

In a 35-page report released Monday, Judge Bonnet said Gabriele initially denied involvement in the “Vatileaks” scandal, in which secret documents...READ MORE

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Diocese of Peoria Files Suit Against HHS Mandate (2522)

Bishop Daniel Jenky said: 'As bishop of the Diocese of Peoria, I cannot remain silent while the right of Catholics to practice our faith is being so gravely threatened.'

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The Diocese of Peoria, Ill., on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services mandate, charging that it requires an “intrusive government investigation” to determine whether the diocese is exempt from the controversial federal rule.

Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria believes the new federal lawsuit is necessary because of a lack of effort on the part of the federal government to correct the mandate’s flaws, the diocese said.

“I have an obligation to protect the Church’s ability to freely practice our religion,” he said Aug. 9. “As bishop of the Diocese of Peoria, I cannot remain silent while the right of Catholics to practice our faith is being so gravely...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict: Jesus Reveals Himself as the Bread of Heaven (2470)

The Holy Father said to doubt the divinity of Christ means 'opposing God’s work' during his Aug. 12 angelus.

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Pope Benedict XVI says that all Christians should reflect on how “hungry” they are to know and love Jesus Christ.

“We too must ask ourselves if we really feel this hunger, hunger for the word of God, hunger to know the real meaning of life,” he said in his Sunday Angelus remarks Aug. 12.

“Only those who are attracted by God the Father, who listen and allow themselves to be instructed by him, can believe in Jesus, encounter him and nourish themselves of him and find true life, the path of life, justice, truth and love.”

The Pope addressed pilgrims gathered within the courtyard of his summer residence at Castel Gandolfo, 20 miles south of Rome. He based his reflections upon the...READ MORE

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Catholic University Looks East (4926)

Ukrainian Father Mark Morozowich is the first Eastern Catholic to lead CUA’s School of Theology.

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Courtesy of Catholic University of America

Father Mark Morozowich

– Courtesy of Catholic University of America

There was a time in the history of the Church in America that Eastern-rite Catholics were regarded with some suspicion by the dominant Latin-rite Catholic Church. They were forbidden to continue their tradition of allowing married men to be ordained to the priesthood, and Eastern-rite churches were expected to follow certain liturgical norms, including the installation of kneelers. (Traditionally, Eastern-rite Catholics stand during a good part of the liturgy, even during the consecration).

The demands led many Eastern Catholics in the United States to leave for the Orthodox Church.

But one of the documents of the Second Vatican Council, Orientalium Ecclesiarum, called upon Eastern...READ MORE

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Bishop Malone Becomes 14th Bishop of Buffalo, N.Y. (1427)

'We need the martyrs’ conviction and courage, tenacity and selflessness, and, yes, hope, to stand up in our increasingly relativistic society in defense of these truths and values so threatened in our time,' the bishop exhorted.

08/13/2012 Comment

As Bishop Richard Malone became the 14th bishop of Buffalo, N.Y., on Aug. 10, he outlined the need for martyrs who will witness to Jesus Christ through "a daily dying to self."

Bishop Malone, the former bishop of Portland, Maine, noted that his installation on the feast of St. Lawrence, who was martyred by fire, and the day after the feast of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, the Jewish convert and philosopher Edith Stein who was murdered by the Nazis.

The bishop said in his homily that a martyr is a witness whose discipleship is "so authentic, so deep, so uncompromising, so credible, that he or she is willing, with God’s grace, to give all, to surrender all to Christ, and the...READ MORE

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Virgin Mary Wins Olympic Gold in Race, Study: Fathers Involvement with Children Vital, and More! (2406)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Blessed Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary Crosses Finish Line with Olympic Gold Runner. Click on the link provided by the Catholic News Agency to read more.

– Blessed Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary Crosses Finish Line with Olympic Gold Runner – Catholic News Agency

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Scripture Study During the Middle Ages &...READ MORE

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