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Episcopal Parish Will Join Catholic Church (2440)

Maryland church prepares to be welcomed into full communion with Holy See through Anglican ordinariate structure created by Pope Benedict XVI.

06/08/2011 Comments (2)

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BLADENSBURG, Md. (CNA/EWTN News) — The small congregation of St. Luke’s Episcopal parish in Bladensburg, Md., will join the Catholic Church through the Anglican ordinariate structure created by Pope Benedict XVI.

“We welcome the St. Luke community warmly into our family of faith,” Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington said June 6. “The proposed ordinariate provides a path to unity, one that recognizes our shared beliefs on matters of faith, while also recognizing and respecting the liturgical heritage of the Anglican Church.”

He said the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington recognizes “the openness of the community to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in their faith journey.”

The community...READ MORE

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Coming to Canada: Christmas Without Christ (2662)

New regulations in Quebec prompt religious day-care centers to sue the government.

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QUEBEC CITY — The government of Quebec is allowing Catholic day-care centers to celebrate Christmas — but not to speak about the birth of Christ.

Christmas trees are fine, but no stars. Moses in the basket is okay, but no Mount Sinai encounter with God.

Those restrictions, complains a coalition of Jewish and Catholic parents, are the hair-splitting implications of new regulations imposed by the government of Quebec on the once very Catholic province’s subsidized day-care centers.

About 50 such centers with religious affiliations are suing the government, calling the new regulations unconstitutional.

“We feel day care is an extension of the family,” said Sandy Jesion, the co-chair of...READ MORE

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Reformed Presbyterian Convert, Top 5 Religious Mysteries, Roses Fall from Praying Friar, and more! (2902)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/08/2011 Comment

Our Lady of Roses.

From Reformed Presbyterian to Catholic! - Jeremy Tate, Called to Communion

. . .Robert Kumpel: why I am a Catholic. . .

Roses Fall From Mouth of Praying Franciscan Friar - Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Gifts of the Holy Spirit: What They Are, How to Use Them - Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Kids Who Attend Religious Services Least Likely to Have Sex - Lisa Graas

Top Five Religious Mysteries - Nick Squires, The Telegraph

. . .Nick Squires: what is the Turin Shroud?. . .

The Troubling Virtue of Ultra-Violence - Gabriel Torretta, First Things/On the Square

Secularism’s Victory Through Osmosis - Howard Kainz, Crisis Magazine

. . .Msgr. Ch. Pope: the slow, steady & subtle erosion...READ MORE

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Chinese Bishop's Ordination Postponed Due to Lack of Vatican Approval (2552)

Decision made two days before event.

06/07/2011 Comments (1)

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VATICAN CITY (CNA/EWTN News) — The proposed ordination of a Chinese bishop without Vatican approval has been postponed at the last minute. The decision comes only two days before the ordination was scheduled to take place.

“Reports from China have just come through saying that the ordination of Father Shen Guoan as bishop of Hankou has been postponed to an ‘unspecified date,’” John Pontifex of Aid to the Church in Need told CNA on June 7.

“If these reports are true — and we have no reason to doubt them — it will come as a major relief to the Vatican.”

The ordination of Father Guoan, 50, was set to take place at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hankou on Thursday, June 9. Chinese government...READ MORE

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Pagan Conversion Story, Israeli Jew is Now a Catholic Priest, About Miscarriages, and more! (4524)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/07/2011 Comment

Father David-Maria Jaeger was born and raised an Israeli Jew, he is now a Catholic priest and a close confident of Pope Benedict XVI.

Pagan Convert: Christie Martin - Why I’m Catholic

Israeli Jew Turned Catholic Priest Named Head of Papal Court - Tomer Zarchin, Haaretz

If You Do Not Like the New I.C.E.L. Translation. . . - Father Tim Finigan, The Hermeneutic of Continuity

Scripture Breathes the Holy Spirit - Father Kenneth Baker S.J., Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Lutheran Minister is Sacramento’s First Married Catholic Priest - California Catholic Daily

The Theology of Waiting Around - Mark P. Shea, Crisis Magazine

Time For a Papal Motu Proprio on Sacred Music? - Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Go (Matthew 28:11-20) - Father John Bartunek, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Please Use the Altars Provided - Father...READ MORE

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Faith and Freedom Focus of Conference and Santorum's Presidential Bid (2882)

Catholic teaching was a key topic at the gathering of 1,500 conservative activists as well as in the latest campaign announcement.

06/07/2011 Comments (6)

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WASHINGTON (CNA/EWTN News) — “Are you coming down to the altar?” the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s executive director Gary Marx asked after one especially evangelical speech at its annual conference June 4.

But despite the more than occasional revival-like feel, Catholic social teaching was on display at this important stop for potential Republican presidential nominees.

A Coalition-commissioned poll last November found that conservative Christians were a key constituency in the midterm elections that changed the majority in the House of Representatives from Democrat to Republican — creating what pro-life stalwart Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., has called “the most pro-life House of...READ MORE

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More Illinois Catholic Charities Stop Adoptions in Wake of New Law (2919)

Dioceses of Joliet and Peoria have stopped processing applications for new foster or adoptive parents.

06/07/2011 Comments (5)

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JOLIET, Ill. (CNA/EWTN News) — As civil unions begin in Illinois, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Joliet has announced that it has stopped processing applications for new foster or adoptive parents.

The diocese cited its “religious practice” of not placing children with unmarried, cohabiting couples of the same sex or opposite sex, a practice under increasing pressure from state law.

The June 1 letter from Glenn Van Cura, executive director of Catholic Charities in Joliet, notified the state government that the agency is “temporarily suspending the processing of new foster care and adoption applications.”

It did not say how or when the application process could resume, the...READ MORE

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Priesthood: 'a Response to God's Call to Serve Souls' (2273)

Archbishop Gomez encourages new priests in their vocation in the New Evangelization.

06/07/2011 Comment
Archdiocese of Los Angeles

– Archdiocese of Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CNA/EWTN News) — Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles told a diverse group of new priests during their ordination Mass that they have a responsibility to make God known in a culture that has forgotten him.

“We have a special responsibility for the New Evangelization — not only for the New Evangelization of Los Angeles and California,” he said, “but also for the New Evangelization of our country, our continent and our world.”

Of the six new priests that Archbishop Gomez ordained at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels on June 4, one was born in Mexico, three in Korea and two in the U.S. to immigrant families.

“We are celebrating this morning a special moment of grace and...READ MORE

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