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Gospel Singer Says ʻBully Tactics’ Barred Him From Concert (8082)

The Washington mayor booted the black minister from headlining the concert after homosexual-rights activists complained.

08/15/2013 Comments (15)
The Donnie McClurkin Show (Donnieradio.com)

Rev. Donnie McClurkin (right)

– The Donnie McClurkin Show (Donnieradio.com)

WASHINGTON — The mayor of Washington canceled a prominent gospel singer’s invitation to headline a civil-rights concert after homosexual-rights activists objected to the singer’s past comments that God “delivered” him from a same-sex-attracted lifestyle.

“These are bully tactics, simply because of stances that I took, never ever demeaning, never ever derogatorily addressing any lifestyle,” Rev. Donnie McClurkin, a black Christian minister, said in a seven-minute video statement Aug. 10.

The singer said Mayor Vincent Gray “uninvited me from a concert that I was supposed to headline.” McClurkin called it unfortunate that “a black man, a black artist is uninvited from a civil-rights...READ MORE

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Father Patrick Dowling and the 'Missouri Miracle' (13451)

The Jefferson City priest has identified himself as the one who ministered to injured Katie Lentz, but a hint of the miraculous remains.

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Diocese of Jefferson City

Father Patrick Dowling

– Diocese of Jefferson City

The story of 19-year-old Katie Lentz of Quincy, Ill., her near-fatal car accident on a rural highway in northeast Missouri Aug. 4 and the mystery priest who mysteriously appeared then disappeared captured the nation’s attention.

Even with the revelation of the priest’s identity on the website of the Register Aug. 9, the buzz has only abated slightly, and it has morphed into a modern-day Good Samaritan story.

At first, many thought Father Patrick Dowling of the Diocese of Jefferson City might be an angel or saint because of mysterious circumstances around his appearance and disappearance.

A native of Kilkenny, Ireland, Father Dowling was ordained for the Jefferson City Diocese, and...READ MORE

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Rievaulx Abbey In Yorkshire, England; How to Pray the Examen with Your Children and Much More! (3809)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/15/2013 Comment

Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire, England. Follow the link by Zephyrinus to read and view more pics of this beautiful and ancient abbey.

Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire, England by Zephyrinus – BigPulpit.com

How to Pray the Examen with Your Children – Marc Cardaronella

Catholic and Same-Sex Attraction – Paul Zummo, The American Catholic

Restoring the Image of God in Our Lives Nourishes Our Mental Health – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

Not Alone: Envy and Singlehood – Amanda Mortus, Ignitum Today

Holy Day of Obligation: 15 August, Feast of the Assumption – Fr. Z’s Blog

Books for Catholic Decision-Makers - John Darrouzet, Catholic Stand

What are Holy Days of Obligation? – The Daily Vine

Considering Atheism? Try Catholicism – Mary C. Tillotson, Ignitum Today

Reconsidering the Assumption – DC Calamity, DC...READ MORE

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Catholic Education Success Story (7653)

St. John the Evangelist School in Tucson, Ariz., refocuses its mission and flourishes.

08/14/2013 Comments (10)

– stjohnndaa.org

TUCSON, Ariz. — Four years ago, St. John the Evangelist Catholic School in Tucson was on the verge of closing.

Enrollment had dropped to fewer than 130 students. The school had its fifth principal in six years, and teachers had taken a pay cut. The lack of stability contributed to financial difficulties and a lack of supplies that forced students to share textbooks. The school’s third-graders’ math scores were at the 17th percentile, about 33 percentage points below the national average.

Fast-forward to 2013, and St. John the Evangelist has increased its enrollment to more than 250 students — a 91% growth — and more students are expected to enroll. Grants have enabled the school to...READ MORE

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Pope Francis to Consecrate the World to Mary’s Immaculate Heart (30351)

The Holy Father’s prayer will be part of a two-day Marian celebration in October, the month of the Rosary.

08/14/2013 Comments (83)


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Oct. 13 as part of the Marian Day celebration that will involve the iconic statue of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima.

“The Holy Father strongly desires that the Marian Day may have present, as a special sign, one of the most significant Marian icons for Christians throughout the world, and, for that reason, we thought of the beloved original statue of Our Lady of Fatima,” wrote Cardinal Rino Fisichella.

Cardinal Fisichella, who serves as president of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, made his remarks in a letter to Bishop Antonio Marto of Leiria-Fatima.

According...READ MORE

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If Only Charles Darwin Could See His Descendant Now (50839)

Catholic apologist Laura Keynes, the great-great-great-granddaughter of the Father of Evolution, says the faith of her baptism was reanimated through intellectual pursuit.

08/14/2013 Comments (74)

Laura Keynes

– twitter.com

LONDON — According to the commonly held view about her great-great-great-grandfather, Charles Darwin, Laura Keynes has apparently broken all the rules in developing a passionate Catholic faith.

Apart from her family lineage, which includes her great-great-uncle, economist John Maynard Keynes, Laura also holds a doctorate from Oxford University in philosophy.

But in mid-June, the Catholic Herald reported the startling news that this highly educated Darwinian descendant had evolved into a Catholic apologist, joining Britain’s Catholic Voices.

When asked how she found her way to the Catholic Church, Keynes reveals that she was actually baptized Catholic after her mother converted...READ MORE

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Remembering Nellie Gray on the One-Year Anniversary of Her Death (2801)

The foundation built by the orchestrator of the March for Life is still very solid, says the organization’s current president, Jeanne Monahan.

08/14/2013 Comments (2)
Priests for Life

From left, March for Life board member Dee Becker, March for Life founder Nellie Gray, Georgette Forney of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and Janet Morana of Priests for Life.

– Priests for Life

WASHINGTON — A year after the death of Nellie Gray, the “Joan of Arc of the pro-life movement” is still having a profound impact on the annual March for Life that she started nearly 40 years ago.

“Nellie will always have a strong presence,” said Jeannie Monahan, president of the March for Life.

She told Catholic News Agency on Aug. 12 that, while the organization is currently “in a time of transition,” it is not “doing away with the foundation built by Nellie,” but, instead, “standing on her shoulders” in order to look to the future.

Gray started the national March for Life in Washington after the Supreme Court decisions Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton made abortion legal throughout...READ MORE

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Did the Virgin Mary Die? The Answer May Surprise You; Óscar Romero, A WYD Story and Much More! (6924)

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08/14/2013 Comments (1)

Did the Virgin Mary Die? The Answer May Surprise You. Follow the link by Dr. Taylor Marshall of the Canterbury Tales blog to read more.

Did the Virgin Mary Die? The Answer May Surprise You by Dr. Taylor Marshall of the Canterbury Tales blog - BigPulpit.com

Bishop Óscar Romero, A World Youth Day Story - Carlos X, Super Martyerio

I. R. S. Scandal: Harassment of Pro-Lifers Continues - Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

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Parable of the Game – Marcus Grodi, The...READ MORE

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