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Retired Priests and Religious Struggle to Cope Financially (13373)

When they leave the Catholic ‘workforce,’ there aren’t enough funds to support them, the head of the National Religious Retirement Office says.

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– retiredreligious.org

PHILADELPHIA — They gave their lives to teach in Catholic schools, nurse in Catholic hospitals and care for members of parishes, but now they face an uncertain future, one in which they must look to those they served for help.

Without 401Ks, and sometimes even pensions and Social Security, to support them, the nation’s priests and religious brothers and sisters are living their retirement years with limited resources to pay for the basic needs many laypeople take for granted upon leaving the workforce.

Although several efforts begun in the 1980s to care for members of religious communities are bearing fruit, it is unlikely any will raise all the money required. The actual need reaches...READ MORE

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Italian Opera Company Preparing Show on Life of John Paul II (4592)

The Italian opera will debut in Rome on Dec. 8, with a special pre-debut at the Vatican during the month of October.

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Pope John Paul II

MADRID — Amid the announcement of Pope John Paul II’s canonization, an Italian production company is preparing a new opera about the life of the late pope.

Cicuta Produzioni is working on an opera entitled Karol Wojtyla: The Real Story, which will recount the life of the beloved Polish Pope from childhood until death.

The opera’s co-author, Patrizia Barsotti, told EWTN News on July 2 that the life of Pope John Paul II was chosen as the subject of the opera because “he was a man who experienced moments of great difficulty, great suffering.”

“He always told people to ‘be not afraid,’ to have the strength to begin and to continue forward,” said Barsotti. “This is something very...READ MORE

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Pope Offers ‘Deep Sympathy’ to Quebec Train Victims, Families (2661)

A Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway train carrying 72 cars of crude oil derailed and exploded in downtown Lac-Mégantic on July 6.

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Stephen Driscoll/CNA

– Stephen Driscoll/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis said he is uniting himself in prayer with the victims of the unusual train explosion that killed at least 15 people and destroyed a section of a Quebec town’s center July 6.

“His Holiness Pope Francis unites himself through prayer in the anguish of the grieving families, and he entrusts the victims to the mercy of God, asking him to welcome them into his light,” he said in a message released July 9 by the Vatican.

“He expresses his deep sympathy to the injured persons and their families, to the emergency workers and to all the people around them, asking the Lord to support and comfort them in their hardship,” it said.

Pope Francis’ message was sent to the...READ MORE

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Pope Grants Indulgences for World Youth Day (3981)

Pope Francis will grant a plenary indulgence to World Youth Day attendants and to people who cannot attend but can participate remotely.

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VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis will grant a plenary indulgence — a remission of all temporal punishment due to sin — to World Youth Day Catholic participants, the Vatican announced July 9.

The head of the Church’s Apostolic Penitentiary, Cardinal Manuel Monteiro de Castro, and its secretary, Bishop Krzysztof Nykiel, released a decree on July 9 that says the Pope will grant it during the July 22-28 event in Rio de Janeiro.

“The young people and the faithful who are adequately prepared will obtain the plenary indulgence, once a day and under the usual conditions (sacramental confession, Eucharistic Communion and prayer, in accordance with the intentions of the Holy Father), applicable also...READ MORE

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Pursue and Proclaim True Wisdom, Says Archbishop Chaput (3713)

Philadelphia’s archbishop delivered a Year of Faith-themed talk July 8 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

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CNA/Alan Holdren

– CNA/Alan Holdren

WASHINGTON — While the search for knowledge is universal, spanning all times and places, true wisdom is found in the Church and points us towards salvation in Christ, said Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia.

“Wisdom is the pursuit of the true, the right and the lasting,” which find their source “in God, and nowhere else but God,” the archbishop said in a July 8 talk.

“Power, sex, knowledge, money, possessions — none of these things, finally, lasts,” he explained. “Wisdom consists in turning our hearts to the search for what does satisfy that hunger, and then pursuing it with all our strength.”

Archbishop Chaput gave his talk, entitled “Wisdom, Christian Life and the Year of...READ MORE

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Opus Dei Bishop to Be Beatified After Newborn's Miracle Cure (8666)

Bishop Alvaro del Portillo was founder St. Josemaría Escrivá ‘best support,’ says the current head of the personal prelature.

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Opus Dei Communications Office

Bishop Álvaro del Portillo with Pope John Paul II

– Opus Dei Communications Office

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has approved the beatification of Venerable Bishop Álvaro del Portillo, the second leader of Opus Dei, after recognizing the miraculous healing of a newborn who had suffered major cardiac arrest.

Opus Dei Father C. John McCloskey, told Catholic News Agency July 8 that the bishop was notable for “his humility and his serenity and good humor.”

Father McCloskey said he felt “joy” at the announcement, realizing “the great good for the Church this will be.”

On July 5, Pope Francis signed a decree recognizing a miracle obtained through the intercession of Bishop del Portillo.

The miracle involves the August 2003 healing of Chilean newborn Jose Ignacio Ureta...READ MORE

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A Faithful Light: Benedict’s Brilliance Illuminates New Encyclical (8253)

NEWS ANALYSIS: With his first encyclical, Pope Francis facilitates the completion of his predecessor’s trilogy about the theological virtues.

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Pope Benedict XVI in 2006

– Wikicommons

On the eve of his election to the papacy in 2005, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger spoke of the “dictatorship of relativism.” He spent the following eight years returning to the theme, explaining how, if nothing is acknowledged as objectively real, then competing views cannot be evaluated against the standard of truth, to judge which is valid. Instead, the only way to resolve disputes becomes an assertion of power — whether tyrannical or clothed in democratic processes — and, hence, the door to dictatorship is opened.

What, then, can liberate us from this dictatorship? The truth can set us free, and to know the fullness of truth about man and his place in the world requires faith or knowledge...READ MORE

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Cartoon: A Brief Catholic History of the Internet; Would You Die for the Sun? and Much More! (3472)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/10/2013 Comment

Cartoon: A Brief Catholic History of the Internet. Follow the link via Fr. Z’s Blog to read more of the fine Catholic cartoonist Jason Bach.

Cartoon: A Brief Catholic History of the Internet via Fr. Z’s Blog - BigPulpit.com

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