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Enrollment Surges After a Colorado Catholic School Adopts a Classical Curriculum

10/29/2012 Comments (9)
Our Lady of Lourdes School Web Site

Bishop-designate James Conley of Lincoln and Principal Rosemary Anderson of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School in Denver, Colo.

– Our Lady of Lourdes School Web Site

DENVER — Like too many other Catholic schools, Our Lady of Lourdes experienced declining enrollment throughout the past decade. By 2008, enrollment at the pre-K to 8 school had fallen to just 100 — too low to remain open if the trend continued.

Suddenly, the picture has changed, and mere survival no longer reigns supreme, thanks to a recent switch to a classical-education curriculum.

Principal Rosemary Anderson credits classical education — known to some as “liberal-arts prep” — with upward enrollment and the school’s new enthusiasm.

“We needed to somehow differentiate ourselves from other schools in the area,” Anderson said. “We want to produce Catholic leaders, and the more we can...READ MORE

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Express Your Faith Boldly (2895)

User's Guide to Sunday, Oct. 28.

10/28/2012 Comments (3)

– Shutterstock

Sunday, Oct. 28, is the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B, Cycle II). Nov. 1 is All Saints’ Day, a holy day of obligation.


Halloween, Saints and Souls

The alluring aspects of Halloween can be creepy and consumerist — or they can be a call to faith. In Washington, the Dominican friars host a nighttime prayer service for young people. Here in Atchison, Kan., we are blessed to have an abbey with monks whose prayers we can join.

This is a great week to remind your children that our Church spans the whole history of Christianity. All Saints’ Day was the day they converted the pagan Pantheon to a Catholic church by installing the relics of the martyrs. All Souls’ Day is a day to...READ MORE

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Leave the Busy, Noisy World Behind on Retreat (2552)

Spend Quiet Time With God — and Grow in Faith: From our Oct. 21 issue

10/28/2012 Comments (1)

A retreat — taking time away from one’s regular activities to spend extra time with the Lord — is a practical way to grow in faith, especially during this new Year of Faith.

Why are retreats important in the Catholic journey?

Jesus himself set an example for us, pointed out Edmundite Father Thomas Hoar, president and former director of St. Edmund’s Retreat in Mystic, Conn. (EndersIsland.com).

"Jesus would go away to a quiet place and pray before the major events of his life," Father Hoar explained, noting that even the night before Jesus went to the cross he prayed at Gethsemane.

"From the very early experiences of the Christian people, we have taken opportunities to go to a quiet...READ MORE

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Finding Holiness in the Holy Land (2355)

Special travel essay from our Oct. 21 issue.

10/27/2012 Comments (2)

When I was planning my trip, I got caught up in majestic images of Israel — Jerusalem’s impressively steep hills; Nazareth’s enormous Basilica of the Annunciation; the gnarled, 2,000-year-old olive trees still miraculously growing in the Garden of Gethsemane; and the blessed Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

I didn’t envision a man atop the Mount of the Beatitudes shilling bottles of "Cana wedding wine." Or helicopters constantly buzzing overhead.

And so, two days into my trip to the Holy Land, instead of being on a prayerful path, I found myself increasingly irritated and dismayed by the commercialization of the holy sites and the often irreverent behavior of other tourists. I was in the...READ MORE

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Be Authentic When Evangelizing (3008)

Part 3 of a Series on Authenticity: From our Oct. 21 issue

10/27/2012 Comments (3)

– Shutterstock

Welcome to the world.

Its primary cultural product, perhaps always, perhaps especially in the age of consumer capitalism, is the lie. Not any lie in particular, but a multiplicity of lies: the subtle lies found in the subtext of slick advertisements; the tacky lies plastered across the front pages of supermarket tabloids; the astonishingly bold lies that are peddled as "news" on network broadcasts. The ubiquitous prattle of untruth, most of it inane, forms the constant background noise of postmodern life.

Come, I’ll take you on a tour.

Here is a billboard. It promises you that if you eat this brand of yogurt, you will have better sex.

Here’s a television screen. It will tell you...READ MORE

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Meaning of the Word Halloween, Men Don't Mother, Value of the Rosary for the Family, and More! (3383)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/27/2012 Comment

Do You Know the Meaning of the Words Halloween and Hallowmas? Click on the link by Dr. Taylor Marshall to learn more.

Do You Know the Meaning of the Words Halloween and Hallowmas? – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Men Don’t Mother by Jenet Erickson – Big Pulpit

The Value of the Most Holy Rosary for the Family – Msgr. Charles M. Mangan, Truth and Charity Forum

Catholics and the Arts: An Unfortunate Estrangement – Thomas M. Doran, The CWR Blog

Texas vs. the United Nations – Donald McClarey, The American Catholic

Preaching to the Whole Person: Wisdom for the New Evangelization – Fr. Michael Dominic O’Connor OP, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

The Cure for Election Fever – Jason Hall, Ignitum Today

Methods of Hearing the Mass – Matthew Alderman, New Liturgical Movement

The Lumen Christi...READ MORE

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As Gender Gap Narrows in Election, Planned Parenthood to the Rescue? (4572)

The abortion provider’s Action Fund is spending an estimated $12 million to re-elect President Obama, whose administration continues to block state efforts to defund the abortion group.

10/26/2012 Comments (7)

WASHINGTON — Jobs, the national debt and securing social entitlements still dominate the 2012 campaign season, but when the two presidential candidates squared off in their second high-stakes debate, the president mentioned Planned Parenthood four times, lambasting his opponent for pledging to defund the abortion provider in the United States.

As a tight presidential race nears the finish line, the president has campaigned with Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s Cecile Richards, and his administration backed two legal challenges that recently blocked state laws defunding the organization in Arizona and Indiana.

During an Oct. 24  appearance on The Tonight Show, the president told host...READ MORE

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Catholic Couple Rescues 1,400 Chinese Orphans (4065)

China Little Flower helps children in need.

10/26/2012 Comments (1)

– Little Flower Projects

BEIJING — An American couple living in China for 15 years says their success in rescuing more than 1,000 medically fragile orphans is due to totally relying on God, especially during trying times.

“You really have to have an absolute dependence on God that the money’s gonna show up when you need it and that you’re going to stay out of trouble,” Brent Johnson of the organization China Little Flower said Oct. 17.

Founded in 1998, China Little Flower is the parent organization of Brent and Serena Johnson’s “apostolic hobby,” Little Flower Projects, a charity that seeks to reach out to the most vulnerable of China’s population by providing medical care to abandoned orphans and children.


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