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Dallas Bishop to Washington Throng: ‘Paul’s Conversion Fills Us With Great Hope’ (2360)

Bishop Kevin Farrell tells today’s gathering for the Vigil for Life Mass that the word of God can transform the hearts of those who do not respect life.

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Courtesy of Diocese of Dallas.

– Courtesy of Diocese of Dallas.

Following is the homily of Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas, given Jan. 25 at the Vigil for Life at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I welcome all of you who have come today to celebrate God’s greatest gift to us — the gift of human life — and to commemorate with sadness that tragic decision, 40 years ago, that has led to the deaths of over 55 million innocent children, fellow citizens whose rights were not respected or defended.

We come together at this celebration of the Mass to thank God for this gift of life and to pray for a change of heart for those who do not respect life from the moment of conception to...READ MORE

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Latest Excommunication, Media Report of ‘Roe’ at 40, WYD Bioethics Survival Kit a More! (2994)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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The Latest Excommunication Call. Follow the link by Dr. Ed Peters of the In the Light of the Law blog to read more.

The Latest Excommunication Call by Dr. Ed Peters of the In the Light of the Law blog - Big Pulpit

Media Coverage of Roe at 40 – Mollie Ziegler, Patheos/Get Religion

A “Bioethics Survival Kit” for World Youth Day pilgrims – Michael J. Miller, The CWR Blog

John Paul II’s 1995 Message to Women Who Have Had Abortions – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Evagrius Ponticus and His Accounts of Demons – Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel

An Archbishop Celebrates from the Book of Divine Worship – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Clerical Fashions – David Mills, First Things/First Thoughts

Is Bill Gates Really That Generous if He Keeps a Few Billion to Himself? – Francis...READ MORE

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Hollywood Celebrity Addresses Abortion’s Long-Term Effects (6341)

Jennifer O’Neill, the 1970s’ model and longtime actress, will participate in the West Coast Walk for Life Jan. 25.

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Photo is courtesy of the actress

Jennifer O'Neill

– Photo is courtesy of the actress

Actress, model and cover girl Jennifer O’Neill readily admits that the images of her that graced magazine covers throughout the 1970s and CoverGirl cosmetics’ television and magazine ads for 30 years showed a life that looked good on the outside. Inside was another story.

“I had a life full of trauma,” admits O’Neill. “I don’t know how I survived it. God had a plan for my life; he was waiting for me to turn to him. It’s been a journey of repair, renewal and revival.” 

O’Neill, an evangelical Christian, recently spoke with Register writer Tim Drake from her home in Nashville, Tenn., about her pro-life work and her involvement with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and the West...READ MORE

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Peter Kreeft on What to Do About Abortion, Abortion and the Contraceptive Mentality and Much More! (2213)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Peter Kreeft on What to Do About Abortion. Follow the link by Carl E. Olson of the Ignatius Insight Scoop blog to read more.

Peter Kreeft on What to Do About Abortion by Carl E. Olson of the Ignatius Insight Scoop blogBig Pulpit

Abortion and the Contraceptive Mentality – Arland K. Nichols, Crisis Magazine

What the N. Y. Times Really Said About Roe v. Wade – Matthew Schmitz, First Things/First Thoughts

Decoherence – Michael Bradburn-Ruster, Dappled Things

Will 2013 Bring Some Relief for Chinese Catholics? – Fr. Z’s Blog

Forget about Sex, Let’s Idolize Money! – Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot to Leave

The Persecuted Church: 2012 – George Marlin, The Catholic Thing

Why the West is Bankrupt – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Netflix For the Well-Dressed Gentleman – Thomas L. McDonald,...READ MORE

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St. Francis de Sales, Patron of Catholic Writers, Celebrated Jan. 24 (2256)

As is customary, the Pope marked the feast day by releasing his annual message for World Communications Day.

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St. Francis de Sale

 Jan. 24 marks the feast of St. Francis de Sales, the patron saint of writers and Christian unity whose role as a priest and bishop helped bring thousands of Protestants back to the Catholic Church.

In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, St. Francis de Sales conducted spiritual direction both in person and in written correspondence. This inspired his famous work Introduction to the Devout Life.

During his ministry in Switzerland, he wrote and distributed religious tracts that made inroads among Protestants and helped between 40,000 and 70,000 return to the Catholic faith.

Because he is a patron saint of writers, his feast day traditionally marks the release of the Pope’s annual...READ MORE

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Imprisoned Christian Pastor Banned From Trial (1865)

American citizen Saeed Abedini has been barred from attending his own trial and faces serious danger, according to a legal team monitoring his case.

01/24/2013 Comment
American Center for Law and Justice

Imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedin with his family.

– American Center for Law and Justice

WASHINGTON — An American citizen imprisoned in Iran for his Christian faith has been barred from attending his own trial and faces serious danger, warned a legal team monitoring his case.

“Iran has continued its lies and disinformation campaign to deflect attention from its abuse of this U.S. citizen for his faith,” said Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice.

In a series of Jan. 21-23 blog posts, Sekulow cautioned that Iran is trying to punish 32-year-old pastor Saeed Abedini for his Christian beliefs.

The Iranian-born pastor has been charged with attempting to undermine national security by helping to create Christian house churches in the...READ MORE

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Young Pro-Lifers Are ‘Modern-Day Heroes’ Like Mother Teresa (3299)

In a speech celebrating the pro-life movement, a former Boston mayor recalls how the saint cajoled him into providing a city property for unwed mothers and their children.

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Bill Illott, Wikipedia

Ambassador Ray Flynn

– Bill Illott, Wikipedia

Following is the text of an address given Jan. 22 by Ray Flynn, former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican (1993-1997) and former Boston mayor (1984-1993), at the Rhode Island State Capitol.


Today marks the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion decision. The decision was thought to once and for all settle the controversy, which had divided our nation. Instead, it has continued to divide Americans like no other issue in our lifetime.

People gathered here and all across the country have become more determined in their resolve to reverse and amend the high court’s mandate, but Washington politicians have been successful in blocking...READ MORE

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Archbishop Aquila: ‘Let Us Build a Culture of Life’ (3387)

Give witness to the truth, no matter the cost, Denver’s archbishop tells a respect-life Mass congregation.

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Peter Zelasko/CNA

– Peter Zelasko/CNA

Following is the homily given by Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila Jan. 20 at the archdiocese’s respect-life Mass. An audio recording of the homily is also available.  Archbishop Aquila released a pastoral letter Jan. 22 recounting two life-changing personal encounters he has had with abortion.


My dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, this coming Tuesday (Jan. 22) our nation will mark the 40th anniversary of a culture of death.

The Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision (and Doe v. Bolton decision) wiped away the protection of life for the unborn child. And they did so not just for the first three months of the child’s life, but for all nine months. We have now seen a consistent...READ MORE

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