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Excommunication as a Restorative Measure (9048)


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Pope Gregory VII summons Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV to Canossa.

– Wikipedia

Why excommunicate people? Is this not a strange holdover from the medieval Church? Excommunication is a punitive device on the part of the Church and is more than merely denying holy Communion. It also publicly rebukes and shames the person.

The cause for excommunication is explicitly “obstinate persistence in manifest grave sin” (Canon 915). However, a case could certainly be made that the punishment of excommunication could also be attached to “rebuke a person from whose behavior there arises scandal or serious disturbance of order in a manner accommodated to the special conditions of the person and the deed” (Canon 1339, Paragraph 2).

The Church takes this extreme measure only...READ MORE

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The LCWR, CDF and the Doctrinal Assessment (8024)


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Bishop Leonard Blair

– Diocese of Toledo

When you are in a position of leadership or authority, it is a great cross sometimes to know firsthand the actual facts of a situation and then have to listen to all the distortions and misrepresentation of the facts that are made in the public domain.

Having conducted the doctrinal assessment of the entity known as the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), I can only marvel at what is now being said, both within and outside the Church, regarding the process
and the recent steps taken by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) to remedy significant and longstanding doctrinal problems connected with the activities and programs of the LCWR.

The biggest...READ MORE

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Pope Praises Corpus Christi Processions (1135)

The Pope told pilgrims June 10 that the annual feast 'renews in Christians the joy and the gratitude for the Eucharistic presence of Jesus.'

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– Wikipedia

Pope Benedict XVI has praised the “lively tradition” of holding solemn processions with the Blessed Sacrament “through the streets and squares” on the feast of Corpus Christi.

“The Catholic Church professes worship of the Eucharist ‘not only during Mass, but also outside of its celebration, preserving with the utmost diligence the consecrated Hosts, presenting them for the solemn veneration of the Christian faithful, carrying them in procession with the joy of the Christian crowd,’” he said, quoting his predecessor Pope Paul VI’s 1965 encyclical Mysterium Fidei.

Pope Benedict addressed tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square June 10 to say the midday Marian...READ MORE

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Catholics Sue Obama: Does the Media Care? (7060)


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Brent Bozell

– Wikipedia

“Check out this headline!” implored an excited email from a friend of mine, a Protestant well aware of my Catholic loyalties. The headline declared: “CATHOLICS SUE OBAMA.

The headline came from a popular website. In mere minutes, more emails flooded into my box. It turned out that on a single day 43 Catholic dioceses, archdioceses, organizations, universities, schools and groups had filed 12 federal lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the Obama administration’s Health and Human Services mandate on contraception, sterilization and abortion drugs. That mandate, a stunning display of executive fiat, has been pushed unrelentingly by President Barack Obama and his HHS secretary,...READ MORE

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Children Make People Happier (3970)

U.S.-Canadian study finds a benefit to childbearing.

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wavebreakmedia Ltd./Shutterstock.com

– wavebreakmedia Ltd./Shutterstock.com

Having children makes you happier.

That’s the conclusion of a team of university researchers from the U.S. and Canada, who looked at data from thousands of couples and concluded that parents are happier than non-parents.

The study flies “directly in the face of conventional opinion,” said Catholic parenting expert Ray Guarendi.

But he worried that, with its purely naturalistic approach, the study would necessarily miss the point that religious people accept and embrace childrearing as “a gift from God.”

The researchers called their report, which was the result of three separate studies, “In Defense of Parenthood: Children Are Associated With More Joy Than Misery.”

They begin by...READ MORE

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Reel Presence and the Real Thing (977)

User's Guide to Sunday, June 10.

06/10/2012 Comment

Sunday, June 10, is Corpus Christi Sunday in the United States.


In Rome and much of the world, Corpus Christi is celebrated on Thursday, June 7. Pope Benedict XVI will celebrate Mass at 7pm, followed by a Eucharistic procession to St. Mary Major.


For Corpus Christi Day, here are 10 Eucharistic film scenes in no particular order.

The Passion of the Christ: The film presents the Eucharist as a window on the Crucifixion.

Brideshead Revisited: Charles Ryder finds the chapel with an empty tabernacle to be “just an oddly decorated room.”

Marty: This great old movie celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary, including going to Sunday Mass.

Catholic chapel...READ MORE

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St. Anthony’s Church Has Cathedral Proportions (782)

Grand edifice near Cape Cod turns 100. June 3 issue feature.

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George Martell

– George Martell

Every year, more than 5 million tourists head for Cape Cod, most traveling via the single major interstate that first passes through New Bedford, Mass. From the highway, no one can miss the towering steeple of St. Anthony of Padua Church that stretches high above everything else in the sky.

At 256 feet, it ranks on one list as the 10th-tallest Catholic church steeple in the country. Below this steeple is one of the most magnificent parish church interiors in the country.

The parish honors St. Anthony of Padua in an exceptional way, whether on the popular saint’s feast day of June 13 or devotionally at other times, and later this year the church celebrates the 100th anniversary of this...READ MORE

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Sacred Heart Miracle (1667)

June 3 issue feature ahead of feast of the Sacred Heart.

06/09/2012 Comment
Courtesy of the family

James holds a 14-foot-long strand of colorful beads, each with a color-coded meaning, that record the days he spent in the hospital. A beautiful, glass, heart-shaped bead marks the day James received his new heart.

– Courtesy of the family

Adorable Baby James lights up the room with his cherubic face, dimpled smile and clear blue eyes. He looks the picture of health.

Just one year ago, his mother, Ann Smith, was at the Ronald McDonald House next to a northeastern pediatric hospital praying for a miracle for her 6-week-old baby who needed a heart transplant in order to survive.

Prayers from around the world were answered when she and her husband, David, received a call at 4:30am on July 1, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (this year the feast is June 15): There was a heart available for James.

“I consider July 1 his second birthday,” Ann shares, explaining that he was born on March 21 but never left the hospital;...READ MORE

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