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Should Women Cover Their Heads at Mass?, Culture Before Politics, Hungry Hearts, and Much More! (3250)

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07/19/2012 Comment

Should Women Cover Their Heads at Mass? Click on the link by Jimmy Akin to read more.

Should Women Cover Their Heads at Mass? – Jimmy Akin, JimmyAkin.com

Culture Before Politics – Peter Blair, First Things/On the Square

Hungry Hearts (Mark 6:30-44) -Fr. John Bartunek, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Eight Amazing Drowned Churches by The World Geography website – Big Pulpit

Sister Pat Farrell, President of the L.C.W.R., Deflects Blames, and Otherwise Obfuscates – Carl E. Olson, Catholic World Report; Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Comment on Mssr. Olson's Post - Fr. Z's Blog

It’s Convenient, Efficient, Inexpensive and Environmentally Sound and It’s Wrong – Django, Catholics Stand Up and Fight

Three Arguments Against Atheism from Pope Benedict XVI – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless...READ MORE

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Get Out the (Catholic) Vote (5483)

Groups stress the difference the swing vote bloc could make by voting its collective conscience.

07/19/2012 Comments (39)
Micha Klootwijk/Shutterstock.com

– Micha Klootwijk/Shutterstock.com

Threats to religious liberty could be a unifying force for Catholic voters this November.

A group that makes up roughly a quarter of the electorate but historically does not vote as a bloc, the Catholic faithful — united — would wield significant power.

Brian Burch, president of Catholic Vote, said, “The Catholic Church has a massive political army in America — it has just not been organized effectively, and that is what we are trying to do. Sixty-five million Catholics faithfully applying Catholic social teaching would dramatically change the future of this country.”

He added that the continued prosperity of the United States depends on the protection of religious freedom.

“If we...READ MORE

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Help Wanted: Mom, Six Tips for Becoming a Writer, Rules for Good Catholic Social Teaching, and More! (1610)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/18/2012 Comment

Help Wanted: Mom. Click on the link by Patti Maguire Armstrong.

Help Wanted: Mom – Patti Maguire Armstrong, PattiMaguireArmstrong.com

Six Tips for Becoming a Writer – Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

Rules for Good Catholic Social Teaching – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture/In Depth Analysis

I Do Not Believe that Being Single is a Vocation by Super Trad Mum of the Etheldreda's Place blog - Big Pulpit

Ten Reasons Why Being Catholic Is Crazy Cool – Marcel LeJeune, Aggie Catholics

Traditional Catholics and Self Inflicted Wounds – Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

Tracking the Catholic Vote: Geography - Thomas Peters, Catholic Vote/American Papist

Are the Gospels Historical? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Patheos/Standing on my Head


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Faith Leads Man to Forgive the Suspected Killer of His Wife and Daughter (2131)

‘I had no choice,’ Arturo Martinez-Sanchez said. ‘I forgive him because I believe in God.’

07/18/2012 Comments (9)

– Shutterstock

LAS VEGAS — Arturo Martinez-Sanchez says he had no choice but to forgive the man suspected of sexually assaulting and killing his wife and young daughter in an April 2012 attack that also left him seriously wounded.

“I have to forgive him, to go the way of life,” the Las Vegas resident said in a July 17 interview. “It’s in the Bible … I forgive him because I believe in God.”

“The Bible says: You forgive this gentleman, and you are forgiven yourself. That’s the way it is,” said Martinez-Sanchez, a lifelong Catholic who said his upbringing and education in the Church impressed on him the need to forgive Bryan Clay.

Martinez-Sanchez recently held a press conference to declare that he...READ MORE

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Rose Initiative Wants to Unite Youth to Help the Unborn (1854)

A look at a new pro-life effort.

07/18/2012 Comments (2)
Rose Initiative Facebook

– Rose Initiative Facebook

A new pro-life movement is seeking to educate and unite a generation of young people in support of the sanctity of every human life.

Matt Mihelic, director and co-founder of the Rose Initiative, told EWTN News on July 17 that there is a need to show young people that “this is the core issue of our day.”

Mihelic, a 25-year-old law student at Liberty University, said that the title stands for “Reclaim Our Sacred Existence.” This reflects his belief that abortion is not simply a matter of legislation or a Supreme Court decision.

Rather, he explained, the underlying problem is that “the idea has been lost in America that life is sacred.” The Rose Initiative seeks to “reclaim what has...READ MORE

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Men are the Weaker Sex, New Evangelization Must Learn from the Renaissance to Flourish, and More! (2000)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/18/2012 Comment

Men are the Weaker Sex. By Dustin Siggins & Erica Szalkowski.

Men are the Weaker Sex – Dustin Siggins & Erica Szalkowski, Crisis Magazine

The New Evangelization Must Learn from the Renaissance to Flourish – Micah Murphy, Truth & Charity

White House Orders Orthodox To Include ‘Filioque’ in Creed by H. Albertus Boli LLD of Dr. Boli's Celebrated Magazine – Big Pulpit

Who Knew that the Bad Thief was Fat? – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Imprisoned Bishop Ma Daqin Restarts His Blog – Jian Mei, AsiaNews.it

Spiritual Combat: Love Thy Neighbor – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Did Jesus know He Was God? Duh! – Daria Sockey, Catholic Exchange/Coffee & Canticles

'Gold Standard' Study's Striking Findings: Children of Heterosexual...READ MORE

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Expert Notes 'Alarming Data' Connecting Hormonal Contraception and HIV Transmission (10476)

An interview with Dr. Timothy Flanigan, an authority on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

07/18/2012 Comments (32)

Dr. Timothy Flanigan

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held a July 11 summit designed to raise an estimated $4 billion to promote contraception in the developing world.

The Gates campaign comes amid new research suggesting that use of hormonal contraception doubles the risk of both transmission and acquisition of HIV in regions like sub-Saharan Africa. Register senior editor Joan Frawley Desmond turned to HIV/AIDS expert Dr. Timothy Flanigan to explain how this research is likely to transform family-planning campaigns.

Flanigan offers insight into how big global health organizations and foundations approach these issues and how they perceive natural family planning. He also answers a few burning...READ MORE

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Archbishop-Designate Aquila Prepares to Take the Reins in Denver (4791)

The fifth archbishop of the ‘Mile High Archdiocese’ will be installed July 18.

07/17/2012 Comments (1)

VATICAN CITY — Archbishop Samuel Aquila, as the new archbishop of Denver, will continue to firmly and publicly uphold the Church’s teaching, just as he did in his previous Diocese of Fargo, N.D.

Speaking to Register correspondent Edward Pentin July 2, the archbishop stressed that when Catholics in public life go against the magisterium, “all it does is weaken the faith and cause confusion among the laity when no action is taken.”

In Rome to receive the pallium June 29 from Pope Benedict XVI, the archbishop also discussed his hopes as shepherd of Denver, the many gifts Denver has to offer to the universal Church, and his reflections on receiving the pallium. He will be installed the...READ MORE

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