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SDG Reviews 'Happy Feet Two' (4911)

Darkness falls on Antarctica: The dancing-penguin sequel is the grimmest animated film in years, a global-warming disaster movie rife with problematic themes.

11/21/2011 Comments (8)

Little ones are “tougher than we think,” a penguin remarks in Happy Feet Two, and you can tell director George Miller believes it. The animated sequel pulls few punches: It’s overshadowed by more darkness, menace, heartache and anxiety than any talking-animal picture I can think of since, well, Miller’s last family-film sequel, the execrable Babe: Pig in the City. Neither the classic Babe nor the original Happy Feet contained any hint of the darkness of the sequels. Apparently Miller’s strategy is to soften kids up first, then drop the bomb.

Not that Happy Feet Two is a horror show equivalent to the movie I like to call Babe: With a Vengeance, where the heartache was almost uninterrupted...READ MORE

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Slippery Slope in Canada? (2237)

Legal battle could open door to assisted suicide.

11/21/2011 Comments (1)
Norman Pogson/Shutterstock.com

– Norman Pogson/Shutterstock.com

VANCOUVER — A battle has begun in a Vancouver courtroom over the status of Canada’s law against assisted suicide.

The fight comes just a year and a half after the country’s parliamentarians voted down a bill to throw out the law by a 228-59 majority.

But Canadian judges, like their American peers, routinely defy legislators.

“I’m very concerned that a single judge, out of concern for the genuine suffering of a single patient, will throw out a law that is protecting hundreds of others from abuse and death,” said Will Johnston, a British Columbia physician who is chairman of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of British Columbia.

Opponents of the law include: the B.C. Civil Liberties...READ MORE

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President Obama vs. Catholic Conscience (4290)

Did the president mislead Catholics in his 2009 Notre Dame speech? Columnists analyze administrations efforts against conscience-protection laws and religious freedom. But pro-life Democrats predict that the federal government will create a broader religious exemption to federal mandates requiring contraception coverage in all new health-care plans.

11/21/2011 Comments (27)

– Wikipedia

Obama administration critics say the president misled his religious supporters in a 2009 Notre Dame speech, in which he supported conscience protections and “common ground” on issues like abortion.

“Two and a half years after President Obama was given an honorary degree at America’s flagship Catholic university and delivered its commencement address, at least we have clarity,” wrote Kansas Catholic Conference’s director, Michael Schuttloffel, in a Nov. 13 column.

“Willful blindness regarding this administration’s true intentions is no longer possible,” wrote Schuttloffel, who highlighted conflict between the moderate tone of Obama’s University of Notre Dame commencement speech and his...READ MORE

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Pope: 'Rejoice Together in the Reign of Christ the King Over the Whole World' (2514)

Benedict XVI reminds Africans to be light of Christ in the world on final day of visit to Benin, which was also the Church's celebration of Christ the King.

11/21/2011 Comment

“Be the salt of the African earth, blessed by the blood of so many martyrs, men, women and children, witnesses of the Christian faith, even to the supreme gift of their lives!” said the Pope as he handed over his apostolic document after Sunday Mass in the Benin city of Conotou Nov. 20.

“Become the light of the world, the light in Africa which seeks, amid tribulations, the path of peace and justice for all its citizens. Your light is Jesus, the Christ, ‘the Light of the World.’ May God bless you, dear Africa!”

The Pope offered Mass before an estimated congregation of more than 80,000 people drawn from all over West Africa. The Mass took place at the Friendship Stadium in Cotonou, where he...READ MORE

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Pope Paul VI, New Confiteor, Learning to be Catholic, Dorothy Day, and much more! (2889)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/21/2011 Comment

When Pope Paul VI Meets Sci-Fi: Latin Investigation. Click on the link by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf to learn more.

When Pope Paul VI Meets Sci-Fi: Latin Investigation - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

Thoughts on the New Confiteor - Fr. Paul Wharton, Hearts on Fire

Learning to be Catholic - Bonnie Engstrom, VirtuousPla.net

Book Review: Servant of God Dorothy Day, “The Duty of Delight” - Brandon Vogt, Thin Veil

Halfway between Heaven & Hell: The Life of a Celtic Hermit - Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

The “Hail Mary” of a Protestant is Powerful: A True Story - Defenders of the Catholic Faith

A Funeral of Sorts: The Last of the Old Translation - Jake Tawney, The American Catholic

New Translations: “For All or Many” & “The Supper of the Lamb” - Dr. Edward Sri, Integrated Catholic Life™

Our Lady...READ MORE

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Pope: 'Africa ... Put Your Trust in God!' (1666)

'Africa, Good News for the Church, become Good News for the entire world!' Before leaving, he said: 'May God bless you all, through the intercession of Our Lady of Africa.'

11/20/2011 Comment

Pope Benedict XVI has signed his apostolic exhortation Africae Munus, a teaching document which charts a future for the Catholic Church in Africa.

“Africa, land of a New Pentecost, put your trust in God! Impelled by the Spirit of the risen Christ, become God’s great family, generous with all your sons and daughters, agents of reconciliation, peace and justice!” the Pope said at the signing ceremony in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in the southern Benin city of Ouidah Nov. 19.

The document contains the Pope’s conclusions following the Synod of African Bishops, which was held in Rome in 2009.

After a brief moment of Eucharistic adoration, the Pope explained what he hoped the...READ MORE

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Follow the Saints: Make a Spiritual Communion (3768)

The benefits of union with Christ every day. Nov. 20 issue feature.

11/20/2011 Comments (4)

– Shutterstock

Paula Magliocco of Pewaukee, Wis., is a busy mother of three and a Catholic elementary-school teacher. Yet, in spite of her hectic life, she finds time to make a spiritual communion, not just once, but several times throughout the day. Why? Because it’s easy, takes only a moment, and offers benefits beyond compare.

“Receiving the Eucharist is really the joy of my life, so when I cannot receive sacramentally, I know that the next best way for union with Christ is a spiritual communion,” she said. “Jesus is always ready and waiting to unite his heart with ours; and all we need to do is turn to him in prayer, and he is there with his arms wide open and the graces flowing.”

A spiritual communion...READ MORE

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King Jesus and the Thanksgiving Meal (2195)

User's Guide to Sunday, Nov. 20.

11/20/2011 Comment

– Shutterstock

Sunday, Nov. 20, is the Solemnity of Christ the King. Nov. 24 is Thanksgiving Day.


Thanksgiving has arrived! Here is a quick look at the symbolism of the major staples of the Thanksgiving meal.

Turkey, an American original, reminds us that God provides now just as he did in the days when his chosen people wandered in the desert. As Psalm 105 puts it: “They asked for meat, and he sent them quail.” The pilgrims could say the same thing. God provided them a bigger (and better tasting) bird in the turkey — and turkeys are still found wild in America today.

Mashed potatoes remind us of the goodness of the earth God has given us. As Pslam 104 puts it: “He makes plants for people to...READ MORE

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