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Religious Life's 'Enduring Reality Is One of Fidelity, Joy and Hope' (1677)

Report on women's religious life in the United States sent to the Vatican.

01/10/2012 Comments (1)

A three-year survey of women’s religious life in the United States has concluded with the filing of a final report by the Vatican-appointed apostolic visitator, Mother Mary Clare Millea.

“Although there are concerns in religious life that warrant support and attention, the enduring reality is one of fidelity, joy and hope,” Mother Millea said in a Jan. 9 release announcing the submission of her findings to the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

Along with her comprehensive report on women’s religious communities, Mother Millea is presenting individual reports on nearly 400 religious institutes to the congregation’s secretary,...READ MORE

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Orienting the Sacred Liturgy, French Fries vs. The Bread of Life, JP2 Statue to be Fixed, and more! (2682)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

01/10/2012 Comment

"Orienting" the Sacred Liturgy. Click on the link by Shawn Tribe to learn more.

“Orienting” the Sacred Liturgy - Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

French Fries vs. The Bread of Life - Sarah Babbs, Ignitum Today

Santorum’s Demographic Edge - Marcus Roberts, Crisis Magazine

Does the Word Epiphany Appear in the Bible? - Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Is It Possible to Pray at the Speed of Light? - Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction

The Gospel of St. Mark, the Gospel of St. Peter - Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, New Theological Movement

Pope: Homosexual “Marriage” Threatens “The Future of Humanity” - John-Henry Westen, LifeSiteNews.com

President as Gay Love Counselor? - Mark Brumley, Catholic World Report

A Different Breed of Bishops - Jay Boyd PhD, Philothea...READ MORE

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Presidential Hopefuls: How Does Jon Huntsman Fit Into the GOP Field? (3197)

The former Utah governor says he is pro-life but he supports limited embryonic stem-cell research and same-sex civil unions.

01/10/2012 Comments (2)
Jon Huntsman campaign

– Jon Huntsman campaign

If Jon Huntsman manages to breathe life into his struggling campaign with a surge from behind today in New Hampshire, social conservatives will be confronted with a highly unusual GOP candidate.

Huntsman is pro-life in some respects but supports same-sex civil unions and embryonic stem-cell research.

The former two-term Republican governor of Utah and one-time Obama administration ambassador to China skipped the Iowa caucuses and has pinned his hopes on doing well enough in New Hampshire to convince voters he is a serious contender.

Though Huntsman refused to sign the Susan B. Anthony List’s Pro-Life Pledge for presidential candidates, saying he doesn’t sign pledges, he has a pro-life...READ MORE

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Breaking Bad Liturgical Habits (3850)

Jan. 15 issue column on how the Mass should be celebrated.

01/10/2012 Comments (15)
Archdiocese of Washington Facebook

– Archdiocese of Washington Facebook

The introduction of the third edition of the Roman Missal and the new translations of the liturgical texts offer the entire English-speaking Church an opportunity to correct some bad liturgical habits that have developed over the past four decades.

The point of these corrections is neither liturgical prissiness nor aesthetic nostalgia; there is no “reform of the reform” to be found in lace surplices, narrow fiddleback chasubles and massive candles.

The point of correcting bad habits is to celebrate the Novus Ordo of Paul VI with dignity and beauty, so that holy Mass is experienced for what it is: our participation in the liturgy of saints and angels in heaven — where, I am quite confident,...READ MORE

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Is Distributism a Form of Capitalism?, Rick Santorum, Modern Architecture, and much more! (3129)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

01/10/2012 Comment

Why Modern Architecture Struggles to Inspire Catholics. Click on Corbusier to learn more.

Subsidiarity on Earth and in Heaven - Howard Kainz, Crisis Magazine

Employer and Employee - Omar F. A. Gutierrez, Regnum Novum

Is Distributism a Form of Capitalism? - David W. Cooney, The Distributist Review

Pro-Life, Pro-Family Rick Santorum Rides Wave of Momentum - Ben Johnson, LifeSiteNews.com

Wendall Berry Schools Mark Driscoll - Devin Rose, Ignitum Today

Douthat, Santorum and Tolerant Hate - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Why Modern Architecture Struggles to Inspire Catholics - Corbusier, Architecture & Morality

Studying the Stars For Guidance Leads to Evil - Marcel LeJeune, Aggie Catholics

Religion and Freedom - David Carroll Cochran, Public Discourse

New Coke and...READ MORE

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Irish Continue to Struggle Over Abuse Fallout as Nuncio Takes Up Post (4269)

Newly ordained U.S. Archbishop Brown heads to what one Irish writer describes as the 'most anti-Catholic country in Europe.'

01/10/2012 Comments (4)
Alan Holdren/CNA

Cardinal Sean Brady, Primate of all Ireland, speaks with newly ordained Archbishop Charles Brown, Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland, after the archbishop was ordained by Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter's Basilica.

– Alan Holdren/CNA

DUBLIN — As Archbishop Charles Brown takes up his new post of papal nuncio to Ireland, he will face what some see as unprecedented difficulties for the Church in Ireland.

After the publication of a series of reports outlining gruesome cases of sexual abuse by priests in Ireland over recent decades, coupled with a falloff in Church attendance, and less quantifiably, a perceptible decline in religious belief and practice, it’s little wonder that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin predicted that his archdiocese faced its toughest challenge “since Catholic Emancipation,” the 1829 changes to British law that removed many of the discriminatory provisions against Catholics in the United...READ MORE

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True Education Brings Hope (1995)

Jan. 15 issue editorial

01/09/2012 Comment

On the first day of 2012, Pope Benedict XVI marked the 45th World Day of Peace by urging the faithful and all educators to instill in the young “a profound sense of justice with respect for their neighbor.”

Media outlets covered elements of his address, but few stories did justice to his rich, holistic vision — perhaps because he stressed the need to match youthful dreams for a better world with an adherence to Christian faith and moral absolutes.

After a year in which the now stymied “Occupy Wall Street” movement expressed an inchoate anger of the 99% with the privileges of the 1%, the Pope reminds us that passion alone cannot change the world.

Moreover, this shepherd’s articulation of...READ MORE

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Massachusetts Conservatives and Former Vatican Ambassadors Get Behind Romney (3456)

Two letters, issued as primary season gets under way, seek to dispel fears that the former Massachusetts governor cannot be trusted on social issues.

01/09/2012 Comments (20)
Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum presents a challenge to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the votes of pro-life conservatives. But two letters by prominent conservatives and pro-lifers and former U.S. ambassadors to the Holy See get behind Romney. The candidates are shown during the NBC News Facebook Debate on Jan. 8.

– Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As the GOP primary heats up and Mitt Romney faces more challenges about his true stand on issues important to social conservatives, a group of prominent pro-family leaders in Massachusetts has issued an open letter to “conservative friends” defending the former Massachusetts governor against what they regard as unfair charges against his pro-life bona fides.

In a related development, five former U.S. ambassadors to the Vatican have sine endorsed of Romney in a statement issued Jan. 7.

Social issues are likely to become more central to the campaign as Romney faces a stiff challenge from former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who is viewed as a hero by the pro-life movement, both for his...READ MORE

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