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St. Kateri Affirms Indigenous Catholics and All the Faithful (5626)

Reflections on ‘Model of Holiness’ on Her First Post-Canonization Feast Day

07/14/2013 Comments (8)

Editor's note: Learn about the life of the first Native-American saint on EWTN in a docudrama that covers everything from young Kateri Tekawitha’s life and faith to the miracles that resulted in her canonization. See what it was like to walk In Her Footsteps at 9pm ET, Sunday, July 14.


When Pope Benedict XVI canonized St. Kateri Tekakwitha last October, she became the first American-Indian saint.  

This Sunday, July 14, marks her first feast day since her canonization.

“It has been an affirmation of who we are,” said Sister Kateri Mitchell, a full-blooded Mohawk with the Congregation of St. Ann. She is the executive director of the Tekakwitha Conference in Great Falls, Mont., a...READ MORE

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Ireland Legalizes Abortion; Law Will Lead to Its Increase, Vatican Official Says (5723)

Formerly pro-life nation makes anti-life decision.

07/12/2013 Comments (7)
CNA/Lauren Cater

Msgr. Jacques Suaudeau

– CNA/Lauren Cater

ROME — A scientist from the Pontifical Academy for Life says Ireland’s new abortion law will result in an increased number of children being aborted, especially because it does not involve enough doctors in the decision-making process.

Ireland voted today to legalize abortion in cases where there is "a real and substantial risk to the life of the mother, including the threat of suicide." 

“I would have liked to have had this law with a motion of at least three doctors, even in an emergency,” Msgr. Jacques Suaudeau of France said July 12.

“We are not in Tamanrasset [Algeria] or in Fulsara [India]. We are in Ireland, so you could have three doctors. And at three you make the right...READ MORE

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Lone Star State Showdown Reflects Cultural Battle Over Abortion (5244)


07/12/2013 Comments (25)
Lifesite News

Image from the protest at the Texas capitol

– Lifesite News

Last week, in Texas, a group of pro-life activists stood in the Texas State House singing Amazing Grace. They were surrounded by a group of pro-choice activists who began chanting, “Hail Satan!” in response.

This raw moment revealed everything we need to know about the cultural battle in which our nation finds itself.

Of course, no one actually believes that the protesters in Texas worship Satan per se. By chanting they did not mean to convert onlookers to devil worship. But their chants were designed to mock and disturb people of faith, and their activism is designed to challenge the values system that people of faith represent.

The showdown in the Lone Star State provides a great...READ MORE

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Vatican Freezes Funds of Suspended Accountant (2920)

Msgr. Nunzio Scarano was arrested June 28 by Italian police.

07/12/2013 Comment

The Institute for Religious Works or the Vatican Bank as it is commonly known.


VATICAN CITY — The Vatican announced that it has frozen the funds of a senior accountant who is accused of laundering money through the so-called Vatican Bank.

“By court order on the 9th of July, the Vatican promoter of justice has frozen funds at the IOR attributed to suspended Vatican employee Nunzio Scarano as part of an ongoing investigation by the Vatican judicial authorities,” Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said July 11.

Father Lombardi also revealed that the bank, officially called the Institute for Religious Works, has hired the Promontory Financial Group to conduct “an objective review” of the “facts and circumstances of the accounts in question,” as well as “all...READ MORE

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Faith, Family and Film: Mainstream Movie-Making With a Message (4830)

Forthcoming Moms’ Night Out Celebrates Christian Values With Humor

07/12/2013 Comment
Moms' Night Out Facebook

– Moms' Night Out Facebook

I have a confession to make: I don’t watch television. Reality TV doesn’t move me, crime dramas are a dime a dozen, and today’s sitcoms are just not funny.

Movies are my thing. Netflix is my friend. My queue is stacked well over 100 titles deep. Lately, I’ve been delving into the classics — films from the 1940s all the way to the ’60s. I’ve rediscovered great acting, profound storytelling and a level of morality rarely found in modern productions. I’ve gained a new appreciation for Alfred Hitchcock, Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis.

The industry abandoned the Motion Picture Production Code in 1968 in favor of the current rating system, resulting in a sharp decline of family-friendly...READ MORE

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Vietnam President's U.S. Visit Shines Spotlight on Human Rights (3256)

Congressional statement highlights concerns.

07/12/2013 Comments (4)

Vetnamese President Truong Tan Sang

– WikiCommons

WASHINGTON — As the leaders of the United States and Vietnam prepare to meet, one federal lawmaker is calling for stronger efforts to encourage respect for human rights in the Southeast Asian country.

In a statement submitted to the Congressional Record, U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., criticized the Obama administration for the “deteriorating human-rights situation in Vietnam — a situation which merits bold U.S. leadership, not mere lip-service.”

On the morning of July 11, the White House announced that it had extended an invitation to Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang, with the aim of “discussing human rights, emerging challenges such as climate change, and the importance of...READ MORE

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Pope Modifies Norms for Catholics Seeking to Join an Anglican Ordinariate (5688)

Baptized Catholics who have not received confirmation and first Communion are now allowed to join the ordinariates.

07/12/2013 Comments (8)
CNA/Lauren Cater

– CNA/Lauren Cater

VATICAN CITY — Baptized Catholics can now join Anglican ordinariates, according to a modification to the norms made by Pope Francis.

“This confirms the place of the personal ordinariates within the mission of the wider Catholic Church, not simply as a jurisdiction for those from the Anglican tradition, but as a contributor to the urgent work of the New Evangelization,” the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham announced July 9.

A term coined by Blessed Pope John Paul II, the New Evangelization is the common term for bringing the Gospel to formerly Christian nations, and it can be seen in the new outreach to people who were baptized as Catholics but who never completed the...READ MORE

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Demographer: Population Fears Ignore History’s Evidence (2539)

Demographer Nicholas Eberstadt rejects the gloom-and-doom projections advanced by ‘contraceptivists’ on World Population Day.

07/12/2013 Comments (3)
Hillary Senour/CNA

School assembly in Karnataka, India.

– Hillary Senour/CNA

WASHINGTON — While many population-control advocates spend World Population Day deeply concerned about projected growth trends, an economist says such unchecked anxiety is misguided.

“To have sort of an unmitigated fear of the population future … is to ignore the evidence of the economic history that we and our parents and grandparents have lived through,” Nicholas Eberstadt, a political economist and demographer at the American Enterprise Institute, told EWTN News July 10.

“To have a more balanced view of the situation, one has to be a bit more nuanced and see how population change is affecting opportunities and constraints,” he added.

“And you don’t get that with people who see it...READ MORE

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