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Rome’s First March for Life Exceeds All Expectations (4167)

15,000 people turn out on a Sunday morning to mark the 5 million unborn already killed since Italy's abortion law.

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Rome's mayor, Gianni Alemanno (third from right), flanked by his delegate for equal opportunities, Lavinia Mennuni, and members of Italy's Scout Movement.

– Edward Pentin photo

VATICAN CITY — Rome’s inaugural March for Life May 13 “exceeded all expectations,” according to the event’s organizers.

An estimated 15,000 people — made up of laity, clergy and religious from all over the world, representatives of other religions, Italian politicians and Church officials — took part.

The marchers began arriving at the Colosseum around 8am, waving flags and banners under brilliant spring sunshine on May 13. Fittingly, the event fell on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, as well as Mother’s Day in many countries.

But the generally festive and peaceful atmosphere didn’t detract from the uncompromising message the marchers wished to convey. Written on the banners were...READ MORE

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At Birthplace of Italian Renaissance, the Pope Called Catholics to Renew Modern Culture (1699)

On May 13, the Holy Father also spoke about St. Francis' example and the invitation to live God's love according to the Gospel reading.

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Pope Benedict XVI went to the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance to call upon every Catholic to once again play a full part in renewing today’s culture.

“Be ferment in society; be present as Christians; be active and coherent,” said the Pope during morning Mass in the town of Arezzo in the region of Tuscany May 13.

“The whole Church is sent out into the world to preach the Gospel and salvation. But it is always God’s initiative; he calls us to different ministries, so that each one plays his proper role for the common good.”

Pope Benedict was making a one-day visit to the Tuscan towns of Arezzo, La Verna and Sansepolcro. In Arezzo, he offered Mass in a local park before a...READ MORE

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What Is a 'Catholic' University? (3898)

May 20 issue editorial

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In his apostolic constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Blessed John Paul II expressed his great love and respect for the unique and increasingly critical mission of Catholic universities.

Their “privileged task,” he stated, is “to unite existentially by intellectual effort two orders of reality that too frequently tend to be placed in opposition as though they were antithetical: the search for truth and the certainty of already knowing the fount of truth.”

The Holy Father re-energized the Church’s vision of Catholic higher education by outlining general principles and canonical requirements for securing and evaluating the religious identity of universities and colleges that call themselves...READ MORE

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Lifesavers (2209)

St. Gerard’s Center for Life pro-life profile from May 6 issue.

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Courtesy of St. Gerard's

Co-founder and director Theresa Krankowski with some little blessings.

– Courtesy of St. Gerard's

St. Gerard’s Center for Life in Hartford, Conn., makes every day Mother’s Day. The Catholic pregnancy-resource center has a very strong connection to the Blessed Mother.

St. Gerard’s was founded on March 25, 2004 — “symbolically incorporated on the feast of the Annunciation,” says co-founder and director Theresa Krankowski.

Back then, Krankowski, who has a doctorate in education, was part of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants along with Father Stephen Imabratto, then a seminarian and later founder of Project Defending Life. They prayed regularly in front of Hartford’s abortion facility. They saw the dire need to provide support for women choosing life, and so they opened St....READ MORE

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For God, Love Makes a Family (1215)

User's Guide to Sunday, May 13.

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Sunday, May 13, is the Sixth Sunday of Easter (Year B, Cycle II).

Acts 10:25-26, 34-35, 44-48; Psalm 98:1-4; 1 John 4:7-10; John 15:9-17

Our Take
While studying abroad in England and doing parish visitations with the Legion of Mary, Tom met a devout Catholic man from India. He said he had only returned to the full practice of his faith five years before, and he explained why.

“I was in my apartment when I had a heart attack,” he said. “My wife called an ambulance, and it came right away, but I was very afraid.”

On the way to the hospital, he was gripped with a terrible fear of death. He had always meant to return to his faith. But he never really had. What would happen...READ MORE

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Put the Mother in Motherhood (3101)

Advice for Embracing a Mom's Vocation: May 6 issue feature

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“Would Mother Mary put Jesus in day care?” This is the sobering question Dorothy Pilarski, Catholic mother, writer, television personality and speaker, has contemplated in her search for meaning and purpose in the vocation of motherhood in the modern world. She hopes mothers who read her new book, Motherhood Matters, will begin to think about their lives and whether they are embracing their vocation as mothers or escaping it.

“I’m not against working women, but I am saying: Pray about it,” says Pilarski, who lives outside Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and two children. “What messages are we sending to our children by the choices we’re making in our lives? Are you working so you can...READ MORE

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In Celebration of the Feminine Genius, How to Help a Struggling Parish, and much more! (3808)

The Best In Catholic Blogging

05/12/2012 Comment

In Celebration of the Feminine Genius. Click on the link by Emily Stimpson to read more.

In Celebration of the Feminine Genius - Emily Stimpson, OSV Newsweekly

Is Your Parish Struggling? Here is an Idea that may Help - Fr. Z's Blog

Answering Same-Sex Marriage Advocates, Defending Marriage - The Pulpit

Biblical Proof that Mary (& Joseph) made a Vow of Virginity - Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, New Theological Movement

"Digital Gluttony" - Rick Garnett, Mirror of Justice

Bullying the Bishop - Matt Bowman, Catholic Vote

Christ the Gentleman - Fr. George W. Rutler, Crisis Magazine

The Lost Papers of Vatican II - Sandro Magister, La Repubblica/Chiesa

Nobody has ever Died from Not having Sex - The Crescat, Patheos/The Crescat

"Catholic" Melinda Gates Funds Billion Dollar...READ MORE

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Human or Superhuman? (19252)

Church Teaching on Genetic Engineering: May 6 issue column.

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Human genetic engineering has always been the stuff of science-fiction novels and blockbuster Hollywood films. Except that it is no longer confined to books and movies.

Scientists and doctors are already attempting to genetically alter human beings and our cells. And whether you realize it or not, you and your children are being bombarded in popular media with mixed messages on the ethics surrounding human genetic engineering.

So what does the Church say about the genetic engineering of humans?

The majority of Catholics would likely say that the Church opposes any genetic modification in humans. But that is not what our Church teaches. Actually, the Church does support human genetic...READ MORE

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