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Cardinal Wuerl Gives Homily on Pope's Role at Start of Rome Visit (2095)

More U.S. bishops make ad limina visits.

01/16/2012 Comment

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VATICAN CITY (EWTN News/CNA)—Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., called to mind the Pope’s “living continuity” with St. Peter at the start of his ad limina visit in Rome.

“All of us in this chapel have a special bond to Rome because Peter continues to live and exercise his ministry here,” the cardinal said in his Jan. 16 homily for a Mass he presided over in the crypt of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Jan. 16 marked the beginning of the visit for the bishops of Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, the Virgin Islands and the U.S. Archdiocese for the Military Services. The group traveled to Rome as part of an ongoing series of visits for U.S. bishops that will last...READ MORE

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'Politics as a Vocation' (4091)

Mary Ann Glendon discusses the duty of all Christians to engage in public life.

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The New York Encounter, New York City’s largest Catholic cultural festival, brought together several thousand Catholics this weekend from the United States, Canada, Italy and other countries to engage in a three-day event featuring artistic performances and exhibitions and thoughtful discussion and debate on the Church, politics, culture, art and science.

Organized by the Catholic movements of Communion and Liberation and the Crossroads Cultural Center, the goal of the event was to follow St. Paul’s suggestion to “Test everything and retain what is good.”

On Jan. 13, Mary Ann Glendon provided the keynote address of the weekend. Glendon is the Learned Hand Professor of Law at Harvard...READ MORE

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Tim Tebow's Real 'Wins' (5533)

The Broncos quarterback continues to prioritize his faith and time with his fans, win or lose.

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REUTERS/Marc Piscotty

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow prays after the Broncos defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime in the NFL AFC wildcard playoff game in Denver Jan. 8.

– REUTERS/Marc Piscotty

The original Jan. 13 story has been updated.

No stranger to national attention before the Broncos playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tim Tebow’s fame was catapulted into the stratosphere of popular culture last week — leading up to the game against the New England Patriots last Saturday night.

“Tebowmania” will undoubtedly subside since the Broncos were bounced from the NFL playoffs Jan. 14 via a 45-10 drubbing by the Patriots and future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady.

Regardless, Tebow kept things in perspective in a postgame press conference recorded on video and posted by the Broncos.

“Overall, it still wasn’t a bad day; it still was a good day because before the game I...READ MORE

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Black and Catholic (12773)

Catholicism continues to be a minority religion in the black community, but these clergymen are pushing on.

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Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Perry is one of just 16 black Catholic bishops in the United States. “Historically," he said, "the Church in America has suffered from a lack of outreach to blacks, and the consequences are still with us today.”

About 24% of all Americans identify themselves as Catholic, but in the black community, the percentage is far lower. According to a CARA Catholic Poll, just 3% of American Catholics, or 3 million Americans, identify themselves as both black and Catholic.

Further, just 250 of America’s 40,000 priests and only 16 of the 434 bishops in the United States are black.

In conjunction with Martin Luther King Day, the following is a profile of three black members of the clergy, who also shared their thoughts on evangelizing the black community.

Bishop Joseph Perry, 63, is an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago. He grew up in an observant Catholic home in Chicago. His father was a...READ MORE

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The Pope Encourages Young People to Follow God's Call (2766)

Jan. 15 Angelus address focuses on vocational discernment.

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VATICAN CITY (EWTN News/CNA)—Pope Benedict XVI has emphasized the need for good spiritual counsel for those who are discerning a vocation to the priesthood or religious life.

“I would like to emphasize the critical role of spiritual guidance in the journey of faith and, in particular, in response to the vocation of special consecration for the service of God and his people,” the Pope said during his Jan. 15 Sunday Angelus address.

“God’s call to follow Jesus more closely, giving up forming their own family to dedicate themselves to the great family of the Church, is normally done through the testimony and proposal from a ‘big brother,’ usually a priest.”

Also instrumental in the process,...READ MORE

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'To Be Born' Touches Hearts and Saves Lives (2926)

Priest Produces Pro-Life Short Film

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– ToBeBorn.com

Jan. 15 issue feature.

Nearly everyone involved in pro-life ministry will say that one thing they want to do is give a “voice” to the unborn.

A new film, titled To Be Born, produced by Spirit Juice Studios, does just that.

In the powerful short film, a young woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy seeks to have an abortion. In the midst of the procedure, she hears her unborn daughter speaking to her.

Steve McEveety, producer of The Passion of the Christ, described the film as “visually gripping … one of the most powerful pro-life short films I have ever seen.”

For nearly 10 years, Catholic priest Father Stephen Lesniewski has used the story “A Letter From an Aborted Child,” written by...READ MORE

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How to Hear Christ's Call (1808)

User's Guide to Sunday, Jan. 15.

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Sunday, Jan. 15, is the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time.


1 Samuel 3:3-10, 19; Psalm 40:2, 4, 7-10; 1 Corinthians 6:13-15, 17-20; John 1:35-42

Our Take

Everybody loves dramatic stories of God’s call. But, ordinarily, when God calls us, it happens in the course of an ordinary life: in church, in our workplace, in our families. That’s how we each felt “called” to our Christian vocations.

Don’t get us wrong. There are many dramatic callings in Scripture: The shepherd boy faces the giant and vanquishes him. An angel appears to Mary and Joseph to tell them the Messiah will come into their lives. Isaiah is taken up to heaven and his lips touched with burning coal. St. Paul is knocked off...READ MORE

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Spousal Speech (4628)

Why (and how) you should always respect your spouse in conversation with others.

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I meet a couple of friends each morning to work out. Inevitably, the conversation turns to the guys complaining about their wives. This makes me very uncomfortable, so I try to change the subject. What constitutes legitimate “letting off steam” — and what is downright degradation?

Tom: There is a very fine line between the two, and it takes great care not to cross it. And yet, while the line is fine, the difference is profound. One builds up our spouses and marriages, and the other denigrates both. And a thoughtful person usually can sense when the conversation devolves into something it shouldn’t. (And, of course, we should point out that this issue isn’t gender-exclusive.)

Usually, when...READ MORE

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