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Will Pro-Abortion-Rights Scholar Direct Loyola Marymount’s Bioethics Institute? (7258)

College alumni and donors have expressed concerns about the views of some candidates being considered to fill the key faculty post.

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LOS ANGELES — Officials at Loyola Marymount University will soon select a new director of the university’s Bioethics Institute, but the search process has some alumni and donors concerned that officials could settle for a candidate whose views conflict with Catholic teaching on abortion.

The LMU search committee is seeking to fill the vacancy in the bioethics director position left by Jeffrey Wilson. According to information obtained by the National Catholic Register, at least two out of three candidates under active consideration by the LMU search committee have views favorable to abortion that conflict with Church teaching. Loyola Marymount is one of 28 institutions of the Association...READ MORE

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Archdiocese, George Washington Students Rush to Chaplain’s Defense (7033)

The Archdiocese of Washington states that ‘priests have a commitment to educate people in the truths of our faith, regardless of the current cultural trend.’

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Editor's note: This article was updated on April 10, 2013]

WASHINGTON — Father Greg Shaffer, a Catholic chaplain at George Washington University, has been the subject of attacks by two university students who have same-sex attraction and charge that his “anti-gay” and “anti-abortion” positions have “alienated” a number of students.

On April 4, the George Washington University student newspaper, The Hatchet, reported that the students were upset with Father Shaffer’s “counseling sessions [in which he] advises students who are attracted to members of the same sex to remain celibate for the rest of their lives.” The students say that such counsel, among other issues, has been emotionally...READ MORE

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Fortitude Goes Beyond Courage (6877)

A Register series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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Naaman and Elisha, detail of a painting by Pieter de Grebber (1600–1652)

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As noted previously in this series, grace perfects nature. So we saw that the natural virtue of prudence is elevated by grace in the gift of counsel.

Similarly, fortitude is singular, in that it is both a cardinal virtue and a gift of the Holy Spirit. It comes after the gift of counsel because it gives us the guts to do what the gift of counsel tells our conscience must be done to obey Jesus.

Spiritual fortitude is sometimes called courage, and certainly it is related to courage. But it also goes beyond courage, which relates more to natural fortitude. The natural virtue of fortitude has in view earthly objects and tends to feed off earthly rewards and seek earthly goals.

So, for...READ MORE

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‘The Croods’: New Caveman Comedy Is No ‘Brave’ (4212)

Movie Offers Teenage Rebellion and Advocates Self-Autonomous Individuality.

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Dreamworks Animation

– Dreamworks Animation

Contrary to geneticists’ grim predictions, redheads are on the rise. At least, that is, in the virtual world of computer-animated movies.

Last year, Pixar’s Oscar-winning Brave introduced us to Princess Merida, a bonnie lass with wild, flaming locks. The crimson tide continues with Eep, the auburn-haired teen heroine of The Croods, Dreamworks Animation’s caveman comedy.

Like Merida, Eep (voiced by Emma Stone) is a restless soul with an insatiable curiosity about what lies beyond the constricting confines of hearth and home — here, a rock den that she shares with her Neanderthal kin: prehistoric patriarch, Grug (Nicolas Cage); mom, Ugga (Catherine Keener); kid brother, Thunk (Clark...READ MORE

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Despite Threat, Lawyer Thinks Miami Sisters Can Continue Outreach (3107)

The Missionaries of Charity have been ministering to Miami’s poorest of the poor since 1980.

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Blessed Mother Teresa (1910-1997)


MIAMI — After the city of Miami issued a violation to the Missionaries of Charity for “operating a business without a license,” a lawyer providing legal support said he is confident the city will withdraw the notice.

“The city has full knowledge” of the sisters’ work and has given them “numerous approvals over the years,” attorney Tom Equels told Catholic News Agency April 4.

“Sometimes they forget, so I’m going to do my best to remind them.”

On March 20, inspector Cornellius Pierre of Miami issued a notice of violation to “Missionaries of Charity, Inc.” for “failure to obtain a valid certificate of use for the type of business being conducted.”

The notice stated that if the...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Confirms Strong Stance Against Clerical Abuse (2671)

The Holy Father said that victims of abuse and their suffering are especially present in his thoughts and prayers.

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CNA file photo

Archbishop Gerhard Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

– CNA file photo

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has reaffirmed the Vatican process established by Benedict XVI for handling instances of sexual abuse by priests.

The Pope told Archbishop Gerhard Müller, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith who is responsible for abuse cases, to “continue the line desired by Benedict XVI of decisive action regarding cases of sexual abuse,” according to an April 5 statement from the congregation.

He also underscored that “victims of abuse and their suffering are especially present in his thoughts and prayers.”

Pope Francis made his comments during a morning audience with the archbishop.

The main measures that the congregation is responsible for...READ MORE

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Story of Pope’s Desire to Visit Sicily Emerges (2759)

Pope Francis, like John Paul II, invites guests to attend Mass in his private chapel and then invites them for breakfast.

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L'Osservatore Romano

Pope Francis greets people after celebrating Mass at St. Anne's parish on March 17.

– L'Osservatore Romano

ROME — Some might call it fate, but through a series of Providential connections, Bishop Michele Pennisi discovered that Pope Francis wants to visit Sicily “as soon as possible.”

The story begins with Father Pasquale Di Dio waiting for Pope Francis outside the Vatican parish of Sant’Anna on March 17, standing next to an Argentinian priest.

“The Pope,” Father Di Dio related in an April 2 interview with Catholic News Agency, “recognized and called by name the Argentinian priest, telling him to come into the church. I followed him. This is how I could have access to the Mass in Sant’Anna.”

After the Mass, Father Di Dio gave the Pope’s secretary, Msgr. Alfred Xuereb, a letter for Pope...READ MORE

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Fiftieth Prayer for Vocations Day to Focus on Hope (2268)

The 2013 World Day of Prayer for Vocations will take place on April 21, the Fourth Sunday of Easter.

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– Mazur

WASHINGTON — As the 50th World Day of Prayer for Vocations draws near, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has prepared resources emphasizing the hope that religious vocations offer to the world.

“We need good holy priests and dedicated men and women committed to the consecrated life to help build the Kingdom of God here and now,” said Archbishop Robert Carlson of St. Louis, who chairs the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations.

“Therefore, we want a stronger culture of vocations in our own nation to help each Catholic realize that we all have a responsibility to invite young people to consider if God is calling them to the priesthood or consecrated...READ MORE

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