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Catholic Relief Services’ Madagascar Aid Analyzed (9793)

Scandalous claims don’t appear to hold up: Part 1 of a Register Special Report.

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WASHINGTON — A bombshell report from the Population Research Institute (PRI) alleging Catholic Relief Services’ involvement in population-control activities in Madagascar has not been substantiated, as Church officials in Madagascar and CRS’ own internal investigators say they have found no evidence to corroborate the charges.

The respected pro-life organization has also admitted that its allegations of CRS misconduct are nearly a year old and that it never followed up on its investigator’s findings with either CRS leaders or the Madagascar bishops.

PRI has a long-standing reputation for research into population-control activities conducted throughout the world, particularly by the...READ MORE

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Fr. Z Comments on the LCWR; The Slaughter of the Coptic Christians Now in Egypt and More. . . (5293)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Nuns in Arms! L. C. W. R. Games Begin. Follow the link via Fr. Z's Blog to read more.

Nuns in Arms! L. C. W. R. Games Begin via Fr. Z's Blog - BigPulpit.com

The Slaughter of the Coptic Christians Now in Egypt – Rod Dreher, Russian Orthodox Blogger

On Loneliness - Mariella Hunt, Ignitum Today

Putin and the (Dis?)Continuity of Catholic Identity – Philip Primeau, Catholic Lane

Catholic Answers Needs Help – Foxfier, The American Catholic

The Virgin Who Loves Sex – Amber-Faith Miller, Catholic Insight

Lorenzo, A Contemporary Opera – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today

Italian Praises Nun Who Saved Him from the Nazis – Simon Caldwell, Catholic Herald

“What If I’m Wrong About N. F. P.?” – Jay Boyd PhD, Catholic Stand

Burning Churches in Egypt – Crushed Bones


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Film ‘The Blood and the Rose’ Seeks to Tell the Real Our Lady of Guadalupe Story (12580)

Director hopes the film inspires people ‘to be like Juan Diego, the servant who heard the word and spread it.’

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Executive producer Eduardo Verastegui (Bella) narrates the film on Our Lady of Guadalupe.

– thebloodandtherose.com

DENVER — A recent film on the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe has helped reawaken devotion to the patroness of the Americas, while inspiring a deeper conversion of heart among Catholics.

“We need things that are artistic, that leave impressions, that will help guide people back to our faith,” Tim Watkins, director of The Blood and the Rose, told CNA.

The film is now going on its promotional tour. It centers around three major aspects of the apparition of the Virgin Mother to St. Juan Diego: the historical background; the apparition itself and Mary’s message; and the scientific analysis of the image on St. Juan Diego’s tilma.

The film’s executive producers are Bella star Eduardo...READ MORE

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LCWR Keynote Speaker Advocates ‘Cosmological Rethink’ of Religion (15954)

Sister Ilia Delio discusses an ‘evolutionary’ approach with the women religious gathered in Orlando for the group’s 2013 annual assembly.

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Sister Ilia Delio: ‘Literally, we are stardust.’

– franciscan.org.au

ORLANDO — Sister of St. Francis Ilia Delio, melding science and theology, took her fellow women religious on a journey through the cosmos yesterday in her two-part keynote speech, “Religious Life on the Edge of the Universe,” at the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) here. In the second part, following lunch, Sister Ilia emphasized love and authenticity.

“If we are to rethink in terms of religion, we have to think in terms of cosmology,” Sister Ilia said.

“We have to understand the order of the whole,” adding, “There is no cosmos without God, and no God without cosmos.”

Sister Ilia, director of Catholic studies and visiting professor at Georgetown University in...READ MORE

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Gospel Singer Says ʻBully Tactics’ Barred Him From Concert (8062)

The Washington mayor booted the black minister from headlining the concert after homosexual-rights activists complained.

08/15/2013 Comments (15)
The Donnie McClurkin Show (Donnieradio.com)

Rev. Donnie McClurkin (right)

– The Donnie McClurkin Show (Donnieradio.com)

WASHINGTON — The mayor of Washington canceled a prominent gospel singer’s invitation to headline a civil-rights concert after homosexual-rights activists objected to the singer’s past comments that God “delivered” him from a same-sex-attracted lifestyle.

“These are bully tactics, simply because of stances that I took, never ever demeaning, never ever derogatorily addressing any lifestyle,” Rev. Donnie McClurkin, a black Christian minister, said in a seven-minute video statement Aug. 10.

The singer said Mayor Vincent Gray “uninvited me from a concert that I was supposed to headline.” McClurkin called it unfortunate that “a black man, a black artist is uninvited from a civil-rights...READ MORE

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Father Patrick Dowling and the 'Missouri Miracle' (13290)

The Jefferson City priest has identified himself as the one who ministered to injured Katie Lentz, but a hint of the miraculous remains.

08/15/2013 Comments (14)
Diocese of Jefferson City

Father Patrick Dowling

– Diocese of Jefferson City

The story of 19-year-old Katie Lentz of Quincy, Ill., her near-fatal car accident on a rural highway in northeast Missouri Aug. 4 and the mystery priest who mysteriously appeared then disappeared captured the nation’s attention.

Even with the revelation of the priest’s identity on the website of the Register Aug. 9, the buzz has only abated slightly, and it has morphed into a modern-day Good Samaritan story.

At first, many thought Father Patrick Dowling of the Diocese of Jefferson City might be an angel or saint because of mysterious circumstances around his appearance and disappearance.

A native of Kilkenny, Ireland, Father Dowling was ordained for the Jefferson City Diocese, and...READ MORE

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Rievaulx Abbey In Yorkshire, England; How to Pray the Examen with Your Children and Much More! (3800)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/15/2013 Comment

Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire, England. Follow the link by Zephyrinus to read and view more pics of this beautiful and ancient abbey.

Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire, England by Zephyrinus – BigPulpit.com

How to Pray the Examen with Your Children – Marc Cardaronella

Catholic and Same-Sex Attraction – Paul Zummo, The American Catholic

Restoring the Image of God in Our Lives Nourishes Our Mental Health – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

Not Alone: Envy and Singlehood – Amanda Mortus, Ignitum Today

Holy Day of Obligation: 15 August, Feast of the Assumption – Fr. Z’s Blog

Books for Catholic Decision-Makers - John Darrouzet, Catholic Stand

What are Holy Days of Obligation? – The Daily Vine

Considering Atheism? Try Catholicism – Mary C. Tillotson, Ignitum Today

Reconsidering the Assumption – DC Calamity, DC...READ MORE

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Catholic Education Success Story (7536)

St. John the Evangelist School in Tucson, Ariz., refocuses its mission and flourishes.

08/14/2013 Comments (10)

– stjohnndaa.org

TUCSON, Ariz. — Four years ago, St. John the Evangelist Catholic School in Tucson was on the verge of closing.

Enrollment had dropped to fewer than 130 students. The school had its fifth principal in six years, and teachers had taken a pay cut. The lack of stability contributed to financial difficulties and a lack of supplies that forced students to share textbooks. The school’s third-graders’ math scores were at the 17th percentile, about 33 percentage points below the national average.

Fast-forward to 2013, and St. John the Evangelist has increased its enrollment to more than 250 students — a 91% growth — and more students are expected to enroll. Grants have enabled the school to...READ MORE

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