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Canadian Bishop Under Fire for Opposing HPV Vaccine (12677)

Calgary spokeswoman urges Catholic school board to disobey the Bishop Fred Henry.

07/17/2012 Comments (16)
Diocese of Calgary

Calgary Bishop Fred Henry

– Diocese of Calgary

CALGARY, Alberta — Never one to shrink from a fight, Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary is taking on the public health establishment that wants to give thousands of Catholic girls the human papilloma virus vaccine, which protects against the sexually-transmitted disease.

The media-savvy bishop may be found as often on the “left” of the political spectrum on economic issues as on the “right” on matters of sexual morality, but he can always be found. When he was targeted last month by an ad hoc group of lawyers, doctors and bioethicists for barring the doors of the city’s tax-funded Catholic schools to public health officials, he gave as good as he got.

Juliet Guichon, a spokeswoman for the...READ MORE

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What Christ Can Teach Superheroes (5624)

The theology of do-gooder movies.

07/17/2012 Comments (6)

This past decade has seen a plethora of movies dealing with superheroes: the Batman films, The Green Lantern, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, etc. But the most popular — at least judging by box-office receipts — has been the Spider-Man franchise. Since 2002, there have been four major movie adaptations of the Marvel Comics story of a kid who gets bitten by a spider, undergoes a stunning metamorphosis, and then “catches thieves just like flies.”

What is it about these stories — and the Spider-Man tale in particular — that fascinate us? May I suggest that it has something to do with Christianity; more precisely, with the strange hybrid figure around which all of the Christian...READ MORE

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Tips for Single Girls: Send the Right Message, On Discernment and Avoiding Rash Judgement, and More! (2612)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/17/2012 Comment

Tips for Single Catholic Women: Send the Right Message. Click on the link by Catherine Rose to read more.

Tips for Single Catholic Women: Send the Right Message – Catherine Rose, It’s Fun to Be a Girl

On Discernment and Avoiding Rash Judgment – Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Answering Anti-Catholic Bloggers by Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington blog – Big Pulpit

Let Your Children Decide Their Own Beliefs, Not! – Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

How the Church Would Rule the World – Peter Freeman, Crisis Magazine

15 Centuries of Sacred Music – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Anna Karenina – Jake Tawney, The American Catholic

White Dove Accompanies Coffin of Beloved Cardinal – Dylan Parry, A Reluctant Sinner

The Jewish Roots of Church...READ MORE

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Chen Guangcheng's Escape Marks New Era of Outrage Against Forced Abortions in China (4514)

Researcher charges that the U.N. Population Fund, a partner in the Gates Foundation birth-control campaign, ‘is directly responsible for forced abortions … in China.’

07/16/2012 Comments (2)
Alex Wong/Getty Images

In May, Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ (l), and Pastor Bob Fu of ChinaAid spoke during a congressional hearing with Chen Guangcheng.

– Alex Wong/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — When Chen Guangcheng, a blind Chinese human-rights lawyer, sought refuge in the U.S. Embassy in April, the headlines generated by his escape from house arrest accomplished the unthinkable: global recognition that China has maintained its policy of forced abortion, despite a campaign of denial by Beijing’s government and its allies in global family-planning organizations.

Since Chen’s subsequent arrival in the United States, a cascade of fresh accounts of forced abortion, transmitted through social media, have solidified his legacy and elicited an awkward strategy of damage control.

Last week, Chinese officials announced a “resolution” to one well-publicized case that...READ MORE

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Pope: St. Teresa of Avila Is Good Model for New Evangelization (2494)

Holy Father's letter marks 450th anniversary of St. Teresa's founding the Monastery of St. Joseph.

07/16/2012 Comments (1)

Pope Benedict XVI believes that 16th-century St. Teresa of Avila is a model for current efforts to launch the New Evangelization.

“The ultimate goal of Teresa’s reform and the creation of new monasteries in a world lacking spiritual values was to protect apostolic work with prayer,” the Pope said July 16.

“Today, too, as in the 16th century, in the midst of rapid transformation, it is important that trusting prayer be the heart of the apostolate, so that the redeeming message of Jesus Christ may sound out clearly and dynamically,” he added.

Pope Benedict made his comments in a letter to Bishop Jesus Garcia Burillo of Avila, Spain, for the 450th anniversary of St. Teresa founding...READ MORE

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Missouri Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Protect Conscience Rights From HHS Mandate (2439)

S.B. 749 would strengthen conscience protections against the compulsory purchase or provision of health-care plans that include coverage for abortion-causing drugs, contraceptives or sterilizations.

07/16/2012 Comments (1)

– Shutterstock

The Archdiocese of St. Louis voiced “deep sadness” that Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed a bill to require insurance companies to provide information and several accommodations for employers and employees who have religious objections to abortion, contraceptives and sterilizations.

“This is a profound missed opportunity to assert conscience rights for Missouri citizens when those rights are in jeopardy from the federal HHS mandate,” the archdiocese said July 12.

The legislation, S.B. 749, would strengthen conscience protections against the compulsory purchase or provision of health-care plans that include coverage for abortion-causing drugs, contraceptives or sterilizations.


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Melinda Gates and Her Extreme Makeover Population Control (9933)

The wife of billionaire Bill Gates launches a concerted campaign against Catholic teaching on contraception.

07/16/2012 Comments (39)
Carl Court - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Melinda Gates, co-founder and co-chairwoman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, applauds during the London Summit on Family Planning on July 11.

– Carl Court - WPA Pool/Getty Images

LONDON — Melinda Gates, the wife of billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has launched a massive campaign to expand artificial contraception and abortion across the globe in direct opposition to the Catholic faith she claims as her own.

One of the world’s wealthiest women, Gates paired with Andrew Mitchell, the United Kingdom’s secretary for the Department for International Development (DfID), to raise $4 billion in order to extend “affordable, life-saving contraceptive services to an additional 120 million women in the world’s poorest countries by 2020.”

The London Summit on Family Planning they presided over on July 11 included 260 delegates from governments, the United Nations...READ MORE

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Pope Benedict Praises St. Bonaventure's Theological Legacy (1385)

July 15 Angelus at Castel Gandolfo

07/16/2012 Comment

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy —  Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday praised the intellectual legacy of the 13th-century Franciscan St. Bonaventure, who popularized St. Paul’s belief in the “centrality of Christ” in human history.

“All of history is centered on Christ, who guarantees novelty and renewal in every age,” the Pope said in his Sunday Angelus address July 15.

“In Jesus, God has spoken and given everything, but because he is an inexhaustible treasure, the Holy Spirit never ceases to reveal and actualize his mystery. Therefore, the work of Christ and the Church never regresses, but always progresses.”

Pope Benedict explained to enthusiastic pilgrims gathered in the courtyard of his...READ MORE

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