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Dramatization of St. Anthony’s Life Inaugurates Year of Faith in India (1848)

With assistance from a world-record-size cast of actors, a porter in a local rice market stages an epic play at a soccer stadium in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

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A scene from ‘Morocasa’ in Thrissur, India.

THRISSUR, India — The staging of a historic drama on the life of St. Anthony of Padua, enacted by more than 3,000 actors, marked the inauguration of the Church’s Year of Faith in this city in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

There is a large Christian minority in Kerala, comprising approximately 20% of the state’s 33 million residents.

The three-hour Year of Faith drama, Morocasa (The Sacrifice of Morocco), re-enacting the life of St. Anthony in the milieu of 13th-century Morocco, was staged over the first weekend of November.

All four performances were held in a temporary hall, with a seating capacity of 5,000, erected at a soccer stadium in the heart of Thrissur. By the final...READ MORE

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Pope Says Advent Is a Time to Listen to God (1834)

Holy Father marks First Sunday of Advent on Dec. 2.

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– Wikipedia

VATICAN — Pope Benedict XVI has said Advent is a time to extend God’s “Kingdom of love” and to reflect on the coming of Jesus into the world.

“Amid the turmoil of the world, or the deserts of indifference and materialism, Christians accept salvation from God and witness with a different way of life, like a city set on a hill,” said Pope Benedict during his Dec. 2 Angelus comments at St. Peter’s Square.

The Holy Father said that the community of believers is “a sign of the love of God, his justice that is present in history but that is not yet fully realized, and that we must, therefore, always be waiting and seeking it with courage and patience.”

He said Advent begins a new...READ MORE

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What If B16 Appointed a Catholic Patriarch of Constantinople? US Military Catholic Trivia and More! (1389)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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What if Pope Benedict XVI Appointed a Catholic Patriarch of Constantinople? Follow the link by Bonetus of the Rorate Cæli blog to read further.

– God

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Top 10 Books on Spiritual Warfare, Navigating the Interior Life, The Power of a Baby and Much More! (2853)

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Spiritual Armory: Top Ten Books To Spiritual Warfare. Follow the link by Jason Liske of the Ascending Mount Carmel blog to read more.

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Pope Highlights U.N. and Catholic Push for AIDS-Free Childhood (2680)

As the international community marks World AIDS Day, Catholic groups continue to take a lead role in the global campaign to eradicate infections of unborn children.

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Pope Benedict XVI has highlighted the United Nation’s Global Plan to eradicate HIV infections of unborn children in their mother’s wombs by 2015 — and the key role Catholic health and aid groups are playing in the campaign.

The Pope drew attention to the issue at his Nov. 28 general audience at the Vatican, where he said, “My thoughts turn in particular to the large number of children who contract the virus from their mothers each year, despite the treatments which exist to prevent its transmissions.” The Holy Father timed his remarks to promote the U.N.’s World AIDS Day on Dec. 1.

“This is a truly timely message,” said Karen Moul, spokeswoman for Catholic Relief Services, the U.S....READ MORE

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Latin Rite Catholic's Journey to Eastern Catholicism, Sacred Language for Sacred Acts and More! (1504)

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11/30/2012 Comment

A Latin Rite Catholic’s Journey to Eastern Catholicism. Click on the link by Phillip Rolfes of The Master Beadsman blog to read more.

A Latin Rite Catholic’s Journey to Eastern Catholicism – Phillip Rolfes, The Master Beadsman

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Holy See Welcomes U.N. Recognition of Palestine (3999)

But according to the Vatican, a permanent two-state solution is necessary for lasting peace in the Holy Land.

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VATICAN CITY — The Vatican “welcomed with favor” the U.N.’s vote to allow Palestine to become a non-member observer state and pressed for a permanent two-state solution.

The statement came one day after the U.N.’s General Assembly voted resoundingly for the change on Nov. 29.

“The vote manifests the sentiment of the majority of the international community and recognizes a more significant presence for Palestinians within the United Nations,” said the Holy See.

“But this doesn’t constitute a sufficient solution to the region’s existing problems,” it added in a Nov. 30 press release.

“They can only find an adequate response through an effective commitment to building peace and...READ MORE

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Poll: Catholics Strongly Support New Mass Translation After First Year (4787)

Seventy percent of U.S. Catholics view the changes in a positive light, according to a September 2012 CARA survey.

11/30/2012 Comments (39)

WASHINGTON — One year after the Church introduced revisions to the English-language liturgy, an overwhelming majority of Catholics continue to view the changes in a positive light.

A new poll finds that 70% of U.S. adult self-identified Catholics agree with the statement, “Overall, I think the new translation of the Mass is a good thing.”

The poll, conducted in September 2012 by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University, sought to gain an understanding of how adult Catholics perceived the third edition of the Roman Missal that went into use on Nov. 27, 2011.

The overwhelming majority of respondents either agreed — 50% — or strongly agreed —...READ MORE

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