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How to Win the Culture War, Catholicizing Pop Culture, Bankrolling Beauty, and much more! (2199)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/02/2011 Comment

New Entertainment Company Catholicizes Pop Culture. Click on the link by Daniel McInerny to learn more.

A Spiritual Battle, How to Win the Culture War - Dr. Peter Kreeft, Integrated Catholic Life™

Bankrolling Beauty: The Money Men of the 15th Century - Sarah Phelps Smith, MercatorNet

Georgetown’s Catholic Apologist for Islam - Robert Spencer, Crisis Magazine

Stout Hearts and Whizzing Biscuits - Nathaniel Gotcher, VirtuousPla.net

New Entertainment Co. Catholicizes Pop Culture - Daniel McInerny, Catholic Exchange

“Before Richard Dawkins Was. . . I Am.” - Frank Weathers, Patheos/Why I Am Catholic

The Call to Live Transformed Lives as Catholic Men - Maurice Blumberg, Catholic Lane

The Particular Imagination - Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, Dappled Things

The German Pope who took on the Secular...READ MORE

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Pope on All Saints' Day: 'The Original Vocation of Every Baptized Person Is Holiness' (2351)

Benedict celebrates the communion of saints and previews All Souls' Day.

11/01/2011 Comments (2)

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VATICAN CITY (EWTN News/CNA)—Pope Benedict XVI said on today’s feast of All Saints that everyone is called by Jesus to holiness in their own path toward sainthood.

“The liturgy reminds us today that the original vocation of every baptized person is holiness,” the Pope said in his Nov. 1 Angelus address from the window of his apartment that overlooks St. Peter’s Square.

Jesus Christ, “with the Father and the Holy Spirit, has loved the Church as his bride and gave himself for it in order to make her holy,” he emphasized.

He also reminded Catholics to see the Church as more than just a human institution.

Today, he said, “we are thus invited to look at the Church, not in its temporal...READ MORE

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St. Jude, Totentaz, Dies Irae, Kate Middleton, Malachi, Wrongful Convictions, Progress, and more! (2380)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/01/2011 Comment

Thank You, St. Jude! Click on the link by Matthew Hanley to learn more.

Thank You, St. Jude! - Matthew Hanley, The Catholic Thing

Dancing with Death: The “Totentanz” & the “Dies Irae” - Jake Tawney, Roma locuta est

Why It Matters that Kate Middleton Can Be Catholic Now - Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Hard-Core Prolife - Rachel Howell, VirtuousPla.net

The Lord’s Word to Priests & People through the Prophet Malachi - Peter Williamson, Speaking of Scripture

Things that Go Bump in the Lab - Anthony S. Layne, Outside the Asylum

When will W.H.O. Warn Women about Contraceptive Jab? - Carolyn Moynihan, MercatorNet

Why Wrongful Convictions Should Matter to You - Fr. Gordon J. MacRae, Catholic Lane

What Fools We Mortals Can Be - Fr. John A. Leies SM, HLI...READ MORE

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Workers Plead Guilty in Philadelphia Abortion 'House of Horrors' Case (3545)

Assistants await December sentencing. Chief abortionist could face death penalty if convicted of killing babies born at his clinic.

11/01/2011 Comments (6)

Kermit Gosnell

– Wikipedia

PHILADELPHIA — Two employees of Philadelphia’s notorious abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell, have pleaded guilty to third-degree murder. Adrienne Moton, 36, admitted Oct. 27 to killing babies delivered alive, while Sherry West, 52, admitted her role in the 2009 death of Karnamaya Mongar.

Mongar, a 41-year-old Bhutanese immigrant, was 19 weeks pregnant when West gave her an overdose of painkillers and anesthesia. The overdose killed both Mongar and her unborn child.

West is not being charged with the death of the child.

The women had no training or licensing for the work they did at the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia. The business, operated by Gosnell, was described by...READ MORE

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Saintly Apparel for Kids (3866)

Amy Leung's devotion to the saints inspired her to create a Christian clothing line called Saintly Tees.

11/01/2011 Comments (5)
Courtesy of Saintly Tees

CUTE + CATHOLIC. Each of SaintlyTees’ products has a cute illustration with a Scripture verse or Christian saying on the bottom.

– Courtesy of Saintly Tees

From a very young age, Amy Leung had a very special devotion to the saints.

This devotion later inspired her to create a Christian clothing line called Saintly Tees.

The Vancouver company offers a variety of baby T-shirts, onesies and bibs from its website (SaintlyTees.com). Each shirt has a cute illustration with a Scripture verse or Christian saying on the bottom. Size range is 0-3 months to 24 months.

Leung first got the idea for a clothing line while leading a youth retreat. During adoration, she was encouraging the teens to ask God what he wanted each of them to do.

As she recalled, “I asked myself those same questions, thinking about what God wants me to do. I thought about what...READ MORE

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Bishops Urge Senate to Reauthorize Religious-Freedom Commission (1578)

'Today the mission of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom is more important than ever,' said Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany, N.Y.

11/01/2011 Comment

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WASHINGTON (CNA)—The chair of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace is calling on the U.S. Senate to reauthorize a federal commission that advocates for religious freedom across the globe.

“Today the mission of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom is more important than ever,” said Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany, N.Y., in an Oct. 27 letter.

“Ongoing attacks against Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East and in other parts of the world point to the need to pay more, not less, attention to religious freedom.”

Bishop Hubbard urged the timely passage of a bill to renew funding for the independent, bipartisan...READ MORE

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Saints Inspire Kids in Holiness (2279)

Children's Book Picks: The Stories of Heavenly Friends Encourage Young Readers

11/01/2011 Comments (1)

Fra Angelica's painting of all saints.

– Wikipedia

All Saints’ Day, Nov. 1, is a perfect time to remind children of their friends in heaven: the saints.

“Each one,” Pope Benedict told the faithful, “should have a saint that is familiar to him, to whom he feels close with prayer and intercession, but also to imitate him or her. Hence, I would like to invite you to know the saints better.” 

Books provide a wonderful starting point for young readers to become acquainted with these faithful friends and to develop a devotion to particular patron saints.

The Children’s Book of Saints
Written by Louis M. Savary
Illustrated by Sheilah Beckett
Regina Press, 2009
112 pages, $11.95

This beginner’s reference introduces 52 great...READ MORE

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Why the U.S. Needs DOMA (2202)

Princeton's Robert George: 'There can be no doubt that the repression of religious liberty is coming because there is no doubt that the repression of religious liberty is already taking place.'

11/01/2011 Comments (6)

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WASHINGTON (CNA)—Marriage advocates are warning that a repeal of the U.S. Defense of Marriage Act could have disastrous consequences for the nation, including the further erosion of religious liberty and a continued effort to legalize multiple-partner relationships.

“Marriage is critically important because the marriage-based family is the original and best Department of Health, Education and Welfare,” said Robert George, law professor at Princeton University.

George told CNA that a healthy marriage culture is “crucial to the overall success of any society.”

In an Oct. 28 interview, George responded to reports that the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider a bill on Nov. 3...READ MORE

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