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New Voucher Program Allows More Students to Attend Indiana Catholic Schools (2612)

Statewide 2,000 applications have been accepted, and 137 have been guaranteed for students transferring to the Catholic Diocese of Evansville system.

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (CNA) — Catholic schools in southern Indiana are set to welcome low-income students who are now able to attend non-public schools thanks to the state’s recently approved voucher program.

So far, 137 vouchers have been guaranteed for students transferring to the Catholic Diocese of Evansville system, which includes 28 schools throughout southwestern Indiana.

“The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Evansville have a proud tradition of contributing to the evangelizing mission of the Church that is distinguished by excellence and committed to educate the whole child,” diocesan superintendent Daryl Hagan wrote in the Message Online.

“Our schools are steeped in a Catholic...READ MORE

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The Case for Catholic Health Care (2341)

U.S. bishops’ spokeswoman Sister Mary Ann Walsh and Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz speak out for religious freedom in light of recent insurance mandate and hospital merger.

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WASHINGTON (EWTN News/CNA) — U.S. bishops’ spokeswoman Sister Mary Ann Walsh blasted the Department of Health and Human Services for interfering in the work of religious hospitals that want to opt out of providing free contraceptives.

Government “must not stick its proverbial camel’s nose under the church tent,” Sister Walsh said in an Aug. 8 Huffington Post editorial. “Now, however, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has gone beyond nuzzling its nose where it does not belong.

“It has plunked itself right in the middle of the sanctuary. It is trying to define what a religion does and does not do.”

Her remarks come in the wake of the department’s Aug. 1 announcement that...READ MORE

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Aborting Charity (8098)

Have we become children of a lesser god?

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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., the day before her cranioplasty surgery outside TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital May 17 in Houston.

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I’d like to think of myself as pro-life. I’m not a member of Congress, and I don’t have a voting record. But I’ve written a few pieces, and made a few donations, and do what I can. Not all that I should. I should do more. Maybe I will after I write this rant.

It turns out I have a whole lot of work — never mind penance — to do. Because the other day, I wrote a piece praising Hitler.

You’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, aren’t you? Color me just as confused.

When I wrote a brief “thank you” to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., for her brief but-had-to-be-overwhelming time spent on the House floor, reaction to the piece pointed directly to her abortion record.


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Ite Missa Est, What is Catholic Courtesy, The Holy Inquisition, and much more! (2579)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Mary, Mother of the Son: Modern Myths & Ancient Truth. Click on the Nicene Guys link to learn more.

New Translation: Ite, missa est - Jake Tawney, Roma locuta est

Catholic Courtesy: Who Greets Whom & Holy Matrimony - Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

The State of the (Music) Transition - Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

The Holy Inquisition: Dominic & the Dominicans - Fr. Guy Bedouelle OP, Ignatius Insight

Science Consistent with Christian Belief - Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Catholic Lane

Mary, Mother of the Son: Modern Myths & Ancient Truths - JC, The Nicene Guys

Government, Natural Law, and the Modern State - Dr. Jeff Mirus, CatholicCulture.org

Are War & Schism always Sins against Charity? - Brant Pitre, The Sacred Page

Japanese Researchers Grow Mice Teeth from Adult Stem Cells...READ MORE

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Catholic Heroes for Today: Part 3 (2085)

U.S. sainthood causes flourish in 2011

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Photo courtesy of the Congregation of the Holy Cross

– Photo courtesy of the Congregation of the Holy Cross

It’s “American Saints Week” at the Register.

This week, the Register is featuring a miniseries on sainthood causes introduced in the United States that continue to be investigated by Rome.

We continue to look at these causes and the miracles that Rome and diocesan tribunals have examined, with a popular Irish priest who made America his home.

Father Patrick Peyton

June 28 was the closing liturgy in Albany, N.Y., for the tribunal reviewing the possible medical miracle for the beatification of Father Patrick Peyton of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

The miracle — the cure of a man hospitalized with multiple-organ failure — is now in Rome.

Father John Phalen, president of Holy Cross...READ MORE

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USCCB Disappointed by Debt-Ceiling Agreement (1855)

The U.S. bishops’ conference says the debates didn’t exhibit enough concern for the poor.

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Washington (EWTN News) — Despite a few positive developments from the recent debt-ceiling agreement, the budget debates were mostly discouraging in their lack of concern for the poor, the U.S. bishops’ conference said.

“This debate demonstrated the partisan, ideological and dysfunctional polarization that dominates Washington,” said John Carr, executive director of the conference’s department of Justice, Peace and Human Development. “It wasn’t pretty, and it isn’t over.”

“While the crisis of default was averted,” Carr added, “for advocates of poor and vulnerable people, this debate was disappointing, ominous, and just a beginning.”

The debate over the federal debt ceiling officially...READ MORE

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St. Dominic, Can I Afford to Date?, Pope Paul VI's Black Popemobile Up for Auction!, and more! (2164)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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Let St. Dominic Teach You How to Pray a Holy Hour! Click on Fr. Ryan Erlenbush's link to learn how.

Let St. Dominic Teach You How to Pray a Holy Hour! - Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, The New Theological Movement

St. Dominic and the Friars Preachers - Fr. Jordan Aumann, Ignatius Insight

Can I Afford to Date? - Anthony Buono, 6 Stone Jars

Pope Paul VI’s Black Popemobile is Up for Auction! - Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

An Eye for Beauty - Daniel McInerny, High Concepts

The Need to Respect the Judgment We Will Face - Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Give Us This Day - Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Catholic Spiritual Direction Website has a New iPhone App! - Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Was Judas a Real Person? - Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery


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Pope: Syria, Respect Your Citizens (1253)

Benedict’s Aug. 7 Angelus called for peace.

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Vatican City (CNA/EWTN News) — Pope Benedict XVI used his Sunday Angelus address to call for peace in Syria and to urge the government there to respect “the legitimate aspirations” of its citizens.

“I renew an urgent appeal to the Syrian Authority and population, for peaceful coexistence to be restored as soon as possible and for an adequate response to the legitimate aspirations of the citizens, respecting their dignity, and for the benefit of regional stability,” the Pope told pilgrims gathered at his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo near Rome Aug. 7.

The Pope’s comments came on the day that reports suggested at least 38 people were killed in a dawn raid by the Syrian army upon the...READ MORE

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