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Accompanying Unaccompanied Refugee Children (1615)

The Catholic Church takes a lead role in assisting minors who are designated as refugees and brought to the U.S. without parents or adult relatives.

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John Moore/Getty Images

U.S. Border Patrol agents escort unaccompanied minors and immigrant families from El Salvador after they crossed the Rio Grande illegally into the United States on July 24 in Mission, Texas.

– John Moore/Getty Images

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Nearly half of the world’s refugees are children, many of whom have lost parents to war or been abandoned by their families.

“These kids are all alone in the world. They’re alone in the refugee camps. They’re not safe where they are,” said Steve Hicken, the division director of economic development services for Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County in California.

Hicken’s agency, affiliated with the Diocese of San Jose, is currently helping dozens of minors who were designated as refugees and brought over to the United States when it was determined that they did not have any parents or adult relatives to care for them. Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County is one...READ MORE

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Bishops Indicate Move Towards Rewrite of Synod ‘Relatio’ (6281)

Synod fathers raised their concern in 41 open interventions, which highlighted the report's absence of the word “sin,” the 'gospel of family' and some perhaps-naive sentences of the document that could be subject to misinterpretation.

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CNA/Daniel Ibáñ

Press conference at the Vatican Press Office on Oct. 15.

– CNA/Daniel Ibáñ

VATICAN CITY — As the synod fathers’ small groups continue to meet, it seems increasingly clear that the Synod of Bishops’ relatio synodi (concluding document) will be substantially different than the midterm relatio that was released Monday.

The relatio synodi is called to mirror the concerns and proposals raised during the small-group discussions this week, in which bishops have been grouped according to language.

After the issuance of the midterm report, the synod fathers raised their concern in 41 open talks, which highlighted the absence of the word “sin,” the absence of the "gospel of Family" and some perhaps-naive sentences of the document that could be subject to...READ MORE

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Maronite Synod Delegate: Family Issues Facing Catholics Are Not All Universal (1226)

In Lebanon, divorce and remarriage is not as prominent as it is in Europe and North America, so there is less focus on care for those types of situations.

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CNA/Daniel Ibañez

Selim and Rita El Khoury, Lebanese auditors to the synod on the family, speak to CNA Oct. 9.

– CNA/Daniel Ibañez

VATICAN CITY — The synod of bishops on the family has provided an opportunity for people to bring up issues concerning marriage and family life facing Catholics around the world, but as one auditor has noted, not all of those issues are the same.

Selim and Rita El Khoury, spouses who are coordinators of the Pastoral Office of Marriage and Family in the Maronite Patriarchate in Lebanon, had the opportunity to participate as auditors in the synod, and they said that, although many issues are being discussed, not all of them apply to Catholics worldwide.

For example, family issues plaguing Catholics in Africa, such as polygamy, are not necessarily the same issues facing Catholics in Asia.


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Battles in the Church and How You Can Help (6543)


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Wikimedia Commons

Russian icon depicting the First Council of Nicaea

– Wikimedia Commons

The family today is in crisis. There is a failure of couples to get married (cohabitation), a failure to have children (contraceptive mentality), a failure to stay married (divorce) and a failure to even understand what marriage is — as the debate over “gay marriage” illustrates.

What’s worse, these are only a few of the crises facing marriage.

Among other threats, there is an alarming number of invalid marriages, including those that result from Catholics contracting a merely civil marriage — either the first time they marry or when they want to remarry without an annulment.

And these are just the direct threats. Then there are all the other ones: poverty, drug-and-alcohol abuse, poor...READ MORE

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Cardinal Kasper Goes Over the Top in Interview, Dating While Discerning, Jesus Was No Myth and More! (3333)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/16/2014 Comment

Click on Cardinal Kasper Goes Over the Top in Interview via Fr. Z’s Blog link to read more.

Cardinal Kasper Goes Over the Top in Interview via Fr. Z’s Blog - BigPulpit.com

Dating While Discerning - Paul Senz, Catholic Exchange

Jesus Was No “Myth” – Shaun McAfee

Pope Francis: People Must Open Hearts to Migrants Who Face Closed Borders - Carol Glatz, The Catholic Herald

The Real Catholic Debate by Mark Movsesian of First Things - BigPulpit.com

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga’s Error on Poverty & the Free Market – Philip Booth, The Catholic Herald

Richard Dawkins the Fundamentalist Atheist – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Are Church Leaders Unwittingly Promoting Secular Agenda – Stephen M. Krason, Crisis Magazine

Cardinal Burke Rebuts ‘Outrageous’ Claim that...READ MORE

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Closing Catholic Schools Harms Minority Students (1572)

COMMENTARY: Private-school choice programs increase minority-student success and improve public schools.

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Wikimedia Commons

St. Jude Educational Institute in Montgomery, Ala.

– Wikimedia Commons

This school year, for the first time since 1946, St. Jude Educational Institute will not welcome students.

Founded by Passionist Priests as a mission to serve Montgomery’s black community during a dark time in Alabama and our nation’s history, St. Jude has educated three generations of students.

According to the 2013 National Assessment for Educational Progress, Alabama saw only 6% of minority eighth-graders scoring proficient in mathematics and 9% scoring proficient in reading. Furthermore, according to Education Week, only 68% of black Alabama students in the class of 2012 graduated from high school. For nearly seven decades, St. Jude offered an option for students to exit an education...READ MORE

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How an Incorrect Translation of the Synod Report Fueled Controversy (2639)

An Italian word meaning ‘evaluate’ was mistranslated as ‘value,’ so the English report incorrectly references the ‘valuing’ of the homosexual lifestyle.

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Daniel Ibáñez/CNA

Cardinal Peter Erdo of Esztergom-Budapest, general rapporteur of the the Extraordinary Synod on the Family.

– Daniel Ibáñez/CNA

VATICAN CITY — An incorrect translation into English of the original midterm report of the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family may have spurred controversial interpretations of the document itself.

The document’s original version was written in Italian, which Pope Francis directed to be used as the official language of the synod. In prior synods, the official language had been Latin, esteemed for its precision and lack of ambiguity.

The point of controversy occurs at Paragraph 50 of the relatio post disceptationem (post-discussion report). The Italian original, after praising the gifts and talents homosexual persons may give to the Christian community, asked: “Le nostre comunità...READ MORE

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Priests in Favor of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Spark Controversy in Chile (1428)

A Jesuit priest, who earlier spoke out about abortion in Chile, is making more statements.

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Wikimedia Commons

– Wikimedia Commons

SANTIAGO, Chile — The secular press in Chile is defending three priests who have come out in support of same-sex “marriage” and is accusing Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati of Santiago of denouncing the priests to the Vatican.

The Archdiocese of Santiago issued a statement on Oct.13 denying that the Chilean cardinal had denounced Jesuit Father Felipe Berrios and diocesan Fathers Mariano Puga and Jose Alduate. Likewise, a Vatican source confirmed to CNA that Cardinal Ezzati has not in fact initiated any process against the priests, although it said the Holy See was aware of the stance they have taken, which it finds “very troubling.”

In June of this year, Father Berrios stirred controversy with...READ MORE

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