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St. Benedict Brings Balance to a Whirlwind World (3104)

COMMENTARY: Stability, obedience and conversion of life; prayer, work and study — St. Benedict stands as a beacon for us as we face the seeming chaos and crises of our day.

07/11/2016 Comments (3)
Fra Angelico/Public domain image

– Fra Angelico/Public domain image

We too often underestimate the “tornado times” we live in. The rapid pace of change, mobility and the impact of technology affect every aspect of our lives.

Trains, planes and automobiles have given us instant transportation to every part of the world. Communications technologies not only enable us to talk face-to-face with virtually anyone in the world at any time, but they also channel entertainment and information into our heads and hearts at breakneck speed.

Medical technologies have revolutionized our approach to human life, with artificial contraception and conception, extended lifespans and medical treatments that our grandparents could never have dreamed of.

All of this means...READ MORE

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Saints vs. Satan (4380)

Book Pick: Saints Who Battled Satan

07/09/2016 Comments (3)


Seventeen Holy Warriors Who Can Teach You How to Fight the Good Fight and Vanquish Your Ancient Enemy

By Paul Thigpen

Tan Books, 2015

264 pages, $16.95

To order: tanbooks.com


How can we overcome Satan’s lies and deceptions in a world marked by such rampant evil? To answer that question, Paul Thigpen offers us an insightful book that examines the lives of 17 saints and their personal battles with the evil one. Thigpen believes that it is through saintly examples that we can be fortified and strengthened for battle, as well as learn how to overcome Satan’s attacks.

We all love stories, and Thigpen’s book is full of them. He offers a generous selection of...READ MORE

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Dallas Bishop: ‘We Pray for Consolation and Healing’ in Wake of Violence (2810)

Catholic bishops have called on Christians to be a force for healing and compassion in response to hatred and inhumanity.

07/08/2016 Comments (9)
Diocese of Dallas Facebook

Bishop Kevin Farrell speaks at a prayer vigil July 8 in Dallas.

– Diocese of Dallas Facebook

DALLAS — Amid tensions following two high-profile police shootings of African-Americans and the subsequent killing of police in Dallas, Catholic bishops have called on Christians to be a force for healing and compassion in response to hatred and inhumanity.

Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas said the shooting attack on the police is “staggering.” Writing in a July 8 blog post, he prayed for consolation and healing for the victims and their families: “We have been swept up in the escalating cycle of violence that has now touched us intimately, as it has others throughout our country and the world. All lives matter: black, white, Muslim, Christian, Hindu. We are all children of God, and all...READ MORE

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50 Years Ago, This Catholic Wrote a Song That Made the Beatles Jealous (10617)

Tony Sansone’s hit song 'Walk Away Renee' was released 50 years ago this month.

07/08/2016 Comments (10)

Tony Sansone now (above), a video of the hit song he wrote (middle) and back in the day (bottom).

It’s pop music lore said that the Beatles were jealous when the Left Banke released Walk Away Renee in 1966.

Native New Yorker Tony Sansone’s silky pop love ballad initially spent 13 weeks on the U.S. charts, reaching as high as No. 5. Rolling Stone magazine voted Walk Away Renée No. 220 in its “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” survey. That’s high praise, considering all of the songs not on the list.

Sansone, the song’s principle author (the others are Michael Brown and Bob Calilli), has enjoyed surprising success and longevity with the song.

With its haunting, almost melancholic air, it’s an example of popular music with a marked classical orchestration component. Steve Martin Caro,...READ MORE

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SDG Reviews ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ (3301)

The makers of Minions are back with another shaggy tale with a few laughs, too many characters and redemption without rigor.

07/08/2016 Comments (5)

The first act of The Secret Life of Pets leans on a style of humor that we might call “anthropomorphic observational comedy.” That is, the gags involve talking animals, mostly cats and dogs, behaving in recognizably feline or canine ways, but, you know, talking. Think of the dogs in Pixar’s Up breaking off in midsentence with “Squirrel!” Or the seagulls in Finding Nemo crying, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” You know what I mean.

Many of these early jokes are in the trailer. Our hero, a terrier named Max voiced by Louis C.K., sinks into despondency the moment his mistress, a young New Yorker named Katie, walks out the door to work. “I miss her so much,” he moans. When, a moment later, Katie...READ MORE

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Catholic Teen With Down Syndrome on Quest to Serve Mass in All 50 States (5645)

‘Momma, all I want to be is a saint,’ Kara Jackson has told her mother. The family has visited 40 states already, so that Kara can fulfill her dream. They consider each trip a pilgrimage.

07/08/2016 Comments (20)
Tonia Borsellino/CNA

Kara Jackson, a young woman with Down syndrome who wants to serve Mass in all 50 states, in Northglenn, Colo. Kara’s notebook filled with messages from priests documents her journey.

– Tonia Borsellino/CNA

DENVER — On July 1, Kara Jackson crossed the 40th state off her list.

The 18-year-old helped serve Mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Northglenn, Colo. Dressed in her own vestments and with a big smile on her face, Jackson served with the same passion she began her journey with in 2013.

This all started because “God told me to,” Jackson told CNA. She said God came to her in a dream one night, telling her to begin the quest of helping serve Mass in all 50 states.  

Her mother questioned this mission, at first.

“I didn’t think it was a good idea,” Christina Jackson said. “It was a crazy idea.” The thought of traveling to unknown areas, without financial support, and...READ MORE

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Liturgy of the Cloth: How the Early Church Incorporated the Shroud and Sudarium in the Mass (9690)

New research suggests that the burial cloths of Jesus have been central to the Roman liturgy for more than a millennium, and possibly from the earliest days of the Church.

07/08/2016 Comments (11)

– Wikipedia

A German theologian and friend of Benedict XVI, drawing on the writings of a ninth-century bishop, appears to have made a historic and fascinating discovery, revealing how the Shroud of Turin and the sudarium (the Veil of Veronica) were central to the Roman liturgy from as far back as the Carolingian times, most probably before. The two relics and their inclusion in those early liturgies also point to the Real Presence.

The discovery has only now come to light, after debate over the burial cloths has intensified over the past 10 years and interest has developed regarding their authenticity.

The Register spoke recently with German journalist Paul Badde, who has been following the discovery...READ MORE

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Whither Britain After ‘Brexit’? (2279)


07/07/2016 Comments (4)

– Shutterstock/Nerthuz

VATICAN CITY — When the United Kingdom voted in a referendum for “Brexit” — to leave the European Union — on June 23, it sent shockwaves throughout Europe, rattled stock markets around the world and angered the EU’s political elites.
The majority of British people rejected the economic-political bloc, deeming it an undemocratic, bureaucratic and wasteful entity that had lost the vision of its Catholic founders. The final count was 52%-48%.

Originally established as a trading area to help guarantee peace and stability after two catastrophic world wars, it has been steadily becoming a secularist, political superstate, in the view of its critics.

Always sensitive to foreign...READ MORE

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