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NEWS ANALYSIS: Obama’s second-term agenda will likely include an international push for greater access to contraception and abortion.

12/18/2012 Comments (2)
C-FAM Website

Susan Yoshihara, senior vice president for research for the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM)

– C-FAM Website

NEW YORK — As policy analysts consider the implications of Barack Obama’s re-election and make predictions about his second-term agenda, it is clear that access to contraception will be a high priority both at home and abroad.

In mid-November, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) released its 2012 world-population report. According to the report, "By Choice, Not By Chance: Family Planning, Human Rights and Development," “an estimated 222 million women lack access to reliable, high-quality family-planning services, information and supplies, putting them at risk of unintended pregnancy.”

While UNFPA is an international agency, it relies heavily on support from the United States....READ MORE

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FBI Report Finds 68 Anti-Catholic Crimes in 2011 (3451)

Offenses included three simple assaults, three acts of intimidation, four burglaries, 11 acts of larceny-theft, one arson attack and 46 acts of destruction, damage or vandalism.

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WASHINGTON — The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s crime statistics for 2011 showed 68 anti-Catholic hate crimes took place in the U.S. last year.

In 2011, there were 68 anti-Catholic criminal offenses and 21 known offenders, with 84 victims. Offenses included three simple assaults, three acts of intimidation, four burglaries, 11 acts of larceny-theft, one arson attack and 46 acts of destruction, damage or vandalism.

The new figures, released Dec. 10, come from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program, which collects incidents from participating law enforcement agencies across the U.S.

In 2010, there were 61 anti-Catholic offenses, including five simple assaults, seven acts of...READ MORE

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Humility Is ‘Secret of Victory,’ Pope Tells Italian Olympians (1156)

The Holy Father cites Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati as a model and recommends his biography as a saint who was passionate about sport.

12/18/2012 Comment

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI received Italy’s Olympic athletes in audience at the Vatican’s Clementine Hall and impressed upon them the importance of humility.

“All this presupposes a path of authentic human development, requiring renunciation, tenacity, patience and above all humility, which does not receive applause, yet is the secret of victory,” the Pope said Dec. 17.

He spoke to the athletes who represented Italy at the 2012 Olympics in London and to the directors of the Italian National Olympic Committee.

“Any sporting activity, be it at an amateur or professional level, requires loyalty in competition, respect for one’s own body, a sense of solidarity and altruism; and it...READ MORE

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St. Leo the Great Meets Atilla the Hun, Redefing Marriage Marks Entrance in the Dark Age and More! (1690)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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St. Leo the Great Meets Attilla the Hun. Click on the link by Matthaeus of the Sub Umbra Alarum Suarum blog to read more.

St. Leo the Great Meets Attilla the Hun – Matthaeus, Sub Umbra Alarum Suarum

Redefining Marriage Proves We are Entering a Real Dark Age by Dylan Parry of A Reluctant Sinner blogBig Pulpit

Syrian Christians Tortured, Killed, Driven From Ancient Home – Catholic Online

The Slaughter of Innocents – Bonchamps, The American Catholic

Generic Armenians Fleeing Syria for No Particular Reason – Terry Mattingly, Patheos/Get Religion

Byzantine Christians in Italy – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

Catholics, Awake! Marriage Doesn’t Just Happen! – Anthony Esolen, St. Elias Today

France Threatens Catholic Pro-Family Activists for Violating Secularism – Matthew Cullinan Hoffman,...READ MORE

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Domino’s Founder Sues Over Contraception Mandate (956)

Tom Monaghan’s lawsuit describes the mandate as 'an unprecedented despoiling of religious rights' that both 'attacks and desecrates a foremost tenet of the Catholic Church.'

12/18/2012 Comments (4)

WASHINGTON — Tom Monaghan, the founder and former owner of Domino’s Pizza, is suing the federal government over a controversial mandate that requires him to violate his Catholic faith in his business decisions.

The lawsuit described the contraception mandate as “an unprecedented despoiling of religious rights” that both “attacks and desecrates a foremost tenet of the Catholic Church.”

It pointed to Thomas Jefferson’s statement: “No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority.”

Filed Dec. 14 by Thomas More Law Center, the lawsuit challenges a federal mandate requiring...READ MORE

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Longtime Michigan Roadside Nativity Resurrected (990)

A 67-year-old tradition of placing a Nativity scene on a public median has been re-established after a four-year legal battle involving the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

12/18/2012 Comment
Thomas More Law Center

The roadside Nativity display in Warren, Mich.

– Thomas More Law Center

WARREN, Mich. — A 67-year-old tradition of placing a Nativity scene on a public median in Warren, Mich., has been re-established after a four-year legal battle.

“John Satawa was persistent enough to follow through,” Catholic News Agency was told Dec. 17 by Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center, which represented Satawa, the crèche’s caretaker.

Satawa is “an individual citizen who was not going to disappear silently into the night, but was going to fight the decision of the road commission to maintain this tradition that had been going on since 1945,” Thompson said.

The crèche was erected again Dec. 15 by Satawa, his family and friends and local Boy Scouts after...READ MORE

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‘The Lord Is With Us in Our Most Tragic Moments’ (1832)

Archbishop William Lori, the former bishop of Bridgeport, Conn., reflects on the Newtown tragedy.

12/18/2012 Comments (3)

Archbishop William Lori

– Catholic News Agency

Before being called to lead the Baltimore Archdiocese, for 10 years, Archbishop William Lori was bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Conn. Within the Bridgeport Diocese is St. Rose of Lima Church, the only Catholic church in Newtown and the parish of several families who lost children in the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary on Dec. 14.

After returning to Baltimore from a trip to Rome, on the day before the first funerals were held at the parish, Archbishop Lori, who is also supreme chaplain of the Knights of Columbus, spoke about the tragedy and offered his guidance for everyone affected nationally and internationally.


Would you please share with us your thoughts when...READ MORE

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The Gay Intimidation Campaign Reaches Toward Pope Benedict, Ten Things About Advent and Much More! (3132)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

12/18/2012 Comment

The Gay Intimidation Campaign Reaches Toward Pope Benedict XVI. Follow the link by Phil Lawler to read more.

The Gay Intimidation Campaign Reaches Toward Pope Benedict by Phil LawlerBig Pulpit

Ten Things You Should Know About Advent – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

What Ever Happened to Lessons and Carols? – Jacob Tawney, Roma Locuta Est

Problems with Children’s Liturgy – Andrew McDowell, Catholic Collar And Tie

Why are So Many Rampage Killers the Sons of Divorce? – Michael Cook, MercatorNet

Feminism’s War on Women – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Roger Scruton: “Shallow Reasoning” Behind Gay Marriage Push – Matthew Schmitz, First Things/First Thoughts

Book Notice: The Church Building as a Sacred Place – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

The Real Social Justice...READ MORE

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