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SDG Reviews 'Lincoln' (8552)

Daniel Day-Lewis brilliantly brings the 16th president to life in Steven Spielberg's lavish historical drama.

11/16/2012 Comments (44)

Steven Spielberg’s masterful Lincoln might more accurately have been called The 13th Amendment — and while the choice of the more marketable title is easy to understand, the more crucial decision to limit the scope of the film to the last few months of Lincoln’s life, and to focus less on Lincoln himself than on the political machinations of bringing about his most enduring legal legacy, must have been harder to make.

Watching Daniel Day-Lewis’ sublime interpretation of perhaps the most iconic figure in American history, it’s easy to wish that Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner (Munich) had chosen to adapt a greater swath of their source material; namely, the popular historian Doris...READ MORE

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After Hurricane Sandy, Voices Unite in New York City (1755)

Broadway performers and a unique New York parish perform in harmony at a special concert to raise money for Church-sponsored charities.

11/16/2012 Comment

NEW YORK — To those who view the entertainment industry and the Church as sworn rivals, it seemed like a strange duet: the Catholic Church and the Broadway performing-arts community coming together for a shared event.

Yet, in the aftermath of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the Actors’ Chapel — a parish in the heart of New York’s theater district — joined together harmoniously with more than 500 Broadway and New York-area performers Nov. 12 to stage the Voices United fundraising choral festival.

“Take the joy that you receive here this evening and share it with your neighbors, family, friends and the suffering communities around us,” Father Richard Baker, the pastor of the...READ MORE

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Vatican Will Address Problem of Abortion, Other Immoral Practices at Catholic Hospitals (3241)

The Pontifical Council for Health Care is discussing 'the serious challenge of preserving the identity of Catholic hospitals.'

11/16/2012 Comments (29)

VATICAN — During its upcoming conference, the Pontifical Council for Health Care will address the problem of abortion and other practices against Church teaching at some Catholic hospitals around the world.

The president of the Pontifical Council for Health Care, Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski, said the Nov. 15-17 gathering in Rome will discuss “the serious challenge of preserving the identity of Catholic hospitals.”

He criticized the “political pressure” levied against Catholic hospitals in some countries to force them to provide abortions in violation of Church teaching.

Jose Maria Simon Castellvi, a member of the Pontifical Council for Health Care, told Catholic News Agency on Nov....READ MORE

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Anti-Catholic Hysteria Hits Ireland Over Abortion Death, Russian Orthodox Warns Anglicans, and More! (4628)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/16/2012 Comments (1)

Anti-Catholic Hysteria Reaches New Heights to Tragic Death. Follow the link by Dylan Parry of the A Reluctant Sinner blog to read more.

Anti-Catholic Hysteria Reaches New Heights to Tragic Death by Dylan Parry of the A Reluctant Sinner blogBig Pulpit

Russian Orthodox Warns Archbishop of Canterbury: Stop Descent Into Madness – The Motley Monk, The American Catholic

Bishops, Blorg Meet To Determine Course Of Catholic Blogging – The Larry D, Acts of the Apostasy

The Rosary Explained – Godwin Delali Adadzie, Ignitum Today

Five Key Features of the Theology of the Body – Dr. Edward Sri, Integrated Catholic Life™

The Austrian Ruler Who Used His Power to Advance Peace and Virtue – Spiritual Life, Catholic Herald

The Enemy Within – Fr. Robert John Araujo SJ, Mirror of Justice

Men Don’t Mother – Jenet Erickson,...READ MORE

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Just Before Organ Harvesting, Comatose Patient Recovers (20889)

The survival of an accident victim diagnosed as ‘brain dead’ triggers an end-of-life debate in Denmark.

11/15/2012 Comments (89)

Carina Melchior

– Facebook

AARHUS, Denmark — Carina Melchior is a 20-year-old Danish woman who was plunged in the middle of controversy by two close encounters with death — the first in a car crash last year that put her in a coma; the second in a hospital, where doctors persuaded her parents to donate her organs and shut off her life support.

But Carina recovered, and she now is at the center of a storm of questions about the criteria for brain death, over-aggressive transplant agencies and the commodification of the human body.

What might have been played out quietly in an obscure Danish civil-law courtroom became a national cause célèbre with the airing early in October of a TV documentary called Pigen Der...READ MORE

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Cardinal Burke Honors Irish Blessed With Monument (1727)

Tribute to Blessed Columba Marmion was dedicated recently.

11/15/2012 Comment

Cardinal Raymond Burke.

– Catholic News Agency

ROME — Cardinal Raymond Burke recently unveiled a monument he commissioned for his titular church, St. Agatha of the Goths, of a saintly Irish monk who was ordained there in 1881.

“Cardinal Burke loves to build and loves to beautify … and this is a monument to this great man and this great event in his life to remind us where this saint was ordained,” said Duncan Stroik, the monument's designer, in a Nov. 14 interview with Catholic News Agency.

The monument to Blessed Columba Marmion, which was dedicated Oct. 25, is located on the side aisle of the church and features a bas relief profile of the blessed above a Latin inscription.

The inscription proclaims, “Here in the church of St....READ MORE

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Friday Abstinence from Meat to Return, Why is Fish Allowed on Meatless Fridays, and Much More! (5219)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

11/15/2012 Comment

Friday Abstinence from Meat to Return in U. S.? Click on the link by Kenneth J. Wolfe to find out more.

– catholiccartoonblog.blogspot.com

Friday Abstinence from Meat to Return in U. S.? – Kenneth J. Wolfe, Rorate Cæli

Why is Fish Allowed on Meatless Fridays? by Joe Heschmeyer of the Shameless Popery blogBig Pulpit

About Episcopalians (Anglicans) Entering the Church – Cathy Caridi JCL, Canon Law Made Easy

Reality, Belief, and Hell – J. C. Sanders, Ignitum Today

Australia: Bishop Robinson Wants to Break Seal of Confession, Differs with Cardinal Pell – Fr. Z’s Blog

You Might Be Married to a Liturgiophile If. . . – Anna Owens, Benedictus Dominus

A Politics of Communion – Roland Millare, Truth and Charity Forum

On George Weigel’s Call to Review Civil Issues for Catholic Weddings – Dr. Ed Peters, In the Light of...READ MORE

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U.S. Bishops Approve Revision of the Liturgy of the Hours (6641)

Changes will be made to reflect the implementation of new liturgical texts, including the third edition of the Roman Missal.

11/15/2012 Comments (17)

Benedictine monks reciting vespers.

– Wikipedia

BALTIMORE — The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has approved a plan to draft an amended edition of the English-language Liturgy of the Hours for use in the United States.

The conference’s Committee on Divine Worship, headed by Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans, had recommended the action in light of new liturgical texts, including the third edition of the Roman Missal, the revised Grail Psalms and biblical canticles and revision work begun by the International Committee on English in the Liturgy.

The vote at the general assembly of bishops’ Nov. 13 morning session in Baltimore involved only the Latin-rite bishops, who passed the proposal by 189 to 41, with one abstention.


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