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Springfield Diocese Offers Free Legal Aid to Those in Need (3982)

10/17/2013 Comments (5)
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Bishop Thomas Paprocki

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — An Illinois diocese is launching a volunteer legal services program for the poor in need of legal counsel for civil matters, its bishop announced.

“I have seen firsthand how civil legal aid can be a lifeline that enables families to save their home from foreclosure or eviction, recover back wages from an employer, secure disability benefits or provide protection in domestic-violence situations,” said Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield to the State Journal-Register, a local newspaper.

“This program goes to the heart of preserving human dignity and empowering people to gain control of their lives again.”

The new program, called Caritas Legal Services, will link...READ MORE

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Forgiving the Unforgivable (8039)

One man’s journey of faith compels him to forgive his brother’s killers.

10/17/2013 Comments (9)

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Thirty-two years ago, while visiting home on a college break, Tim Jeffries received a phone call from the Colorado Springs, Colo., police department that forever changed his life.

His big brother and best friend, Michael, was dead at the age of 22 — stabbed 65 times on a remote hillside in the Colorado Rockies. Four bullies had taken their malice to the ultimate level of evil on Nov. 3, 1981.

Then came the hardest thing Jeffries, 18, ever had to do — tell his parents and younger brother that their beloved son and brother had been murdered. The next hardest thing he ever had to do would take him more than 25 years — forgiving the killers.

Jeffries remained locked in hatred until his...READ MORE

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Oklahoma City Archbishop Unveils Five-Year Discipleship Plan (4710)

The shepherd of a diocese in the heart of the Bible Belt says the plan is a direct fruit of the Year of Faith.

10/17/2013 Comments (1)
CNA file photo

Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY — In an Oct. 7 pastoral letter entitled “Go Make Disciples,” Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City offered to the members of his archdiocese a multiyear vision of holiness and mission.

“The whole language of discipleship is not something that perhaps has been well understood or very much emphasized, but I think it’s something that we really have to latch onto,” the archbishop said Oct. 15 in a discussion of the pastoral letter.

“‘Go make disciples’: that’s a vision for the Church that is perennial and is not so much time-bound, but it is my intention to really, over the course of the next five years, focus our attention in that direction.”

Archbishop Coakley’s...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Tells Almoner to Make It Personal in Charities Office Reform (4729)

The Pope’s reforms have moved the person in charge of the Office of Papal Charities from behind his desk to among the poor the Pope wishes to be with.

10/17/2013 Comments (8)

Archbishop Konrad Krajewski

– CNA/mazur-www.thepapalvisit.org.uk

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has rounded out the bureau which delivers charity to the poor in the name of the Holy Father with the Oct. 12 appointment of Msgr. Diego Ravelli as office chief of the Office of Papal Charities.

He had already appointed Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, a priest of the Diocese of Lódz, Poland, to lead the charitable office as the papal almoner.

Traditionally, the papal almoner sends parchments with the papal blessing to those who request them, and with the proceeds, as well as with other offerings, he sends a “modest donation” to those in need. The papal almoner also accompanies the Pope at official appearances and during international trips.

But under Pope...READ MORE

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SDG Reviews ‘12 Years a Slave’ (14686)

A brilliant, disturbing new film exposes the untold story of slavery’s ‘Reverse Underground Railroad.’

10/17/2013 Comments (15)
Fox Searchlight

– Fox Searchlight

12 Years a Slave made me angry, and grateful, in ways I didn’t always anticipate.

The film, directed by British filmmaker Steve McQueen, has been compared to Schindler’s List, a comparison that, in some ways, does it a disservice. The protagonist of Schindler’s List was a German with a conscience; Jewish characters were in the background. Like The Butler earlier this year (also from a black director, Lee Daniels), 12 Years a Slave focuses solidly on black characters in a story that includes decent white characters as well as monstrous ones, but no white hero per se.

Perhaps you’re already thinking this is a movie that I think you should see, rather than a movie you would want to see....READ MORE

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Non-Catholics at Mass: What To Do; Dangers to the Vocation of Women; Scrupulosity and Much More! (7307)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/17/2013 Comment

Non-Catholics at Mass: What To Do. Follow the link by Deacon Jerry & Kathy Schiffer to read more.

Non-Catholics at Mass: What To Do by Deacon Jerry & Kathy Schiffer – BigPulpit.com

Dangers to the Vocation of Women - Jean Heimann, Catholic Fire

Scrupulosity: A Little Bit of Hell - Leila Miller, Catholic Stand

I’m Dreaming of a Toyless Christmas - Erika Marie, Catholic Mom

What’s Pope Francis’s Consecration Got to Do With Me? – Anabelle Hazard Esq, Ignitum Today

How Do You Heal a Broken Heart? - Michelle, Catholic Sistas

Being Christian & Being Pro-life Look the Same – DarwinCatholic, The American Catholic

Buckfast Abbey: 20th Century Geometric Patterned Art . . . - David Clayton, By Way of Beauty

Do You See Miracles? – Stacy Trasancos PhD

The Role of Beauty in the...READ MORE

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Pope to Auction Harley Davidson Motorcycle to Benefit Homeless (88250)

The sale of the motorcycle will fund the renovation of Caritas’ Don Luigi di Liegro Hostel and Soup Kitchen at Rome’s Termini station.

10/16/2013 Comments (14)
Lauren Cater/CNA

A contingent of Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders were among the pilgrims in St. Peter's Square for the Pope's Sunday Angelus on June 16.

– Lauren Cater/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has donated his Harley Davidson motorcycle to be sold to raise money for a hostel and soup kitchen that serves Rome’s homeless.

“It is a precious gift that has once again made us happy in feeling the closeness of our bishop to the poor of the Church of Rome. We are deeply grateful to Pope Francis for this,” Msgr.  Enrico Feroci, the director of Caritas Rome, said at an Oct. 12 press conference.

The sale of the motorcycle will fund the renovation of Caritas’ Don Luigi di Liegro Hostel and Soup Kitchen at Rome’s Termini station. The two projects have operated since 1987 to help relieve the suffering of about 1,000 people every day, Caritas Rome reports.


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Government Allows Contract Priest to Celebrate Mass on Naval Base (8820)

One day after a lawsuit was filed in federal court challenging the suspension of Sunday Mass at the base, Justice Department attorneys said the priest could return.

10/16/2013 Comments (18)
Courtesy the Thomas More Law Center

The chapel at the King's Bay Naval Submarine Base.

– Courtesy the Thomas More Law Center

ST. MARYS, Ga. — On Oct. 1, Father Ray Leonard was slated to begin providing Catholic services at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia.

But after the government shutdown, the Catholic priest, who had contracted with the U.S. Department of Defense to celebrate Mass and provide sacramental preparation for the 300 Catholic families on the base, was told he would not be able to provide such services — not even as a volunteer.

Father Leonard contacted the Thomas More Law Center, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based public interest group. And on Oct. 14, legal counsel Erin Mersino filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court in Washington, D.C., that challenged the policy, which was based on...READ MORE

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