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Pro-Life Victory in Illinois (2289)

Former Rockford school where abortion-bound women entered through the 'girl's entrance' finally closed.

01/23/2012 Comments (4)
Courtesy of Kevin Rilott

A priest leads pro-lifers in prayer outside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center in 2010.

– Courtesy of Kevin Rilott

ROCKFORD, Ill. — Some refer to the old Turner School as a “house of horrors.” It’s a fortress-like Victorian structure in the heart of town.

The school was closed in 1978 and sold to a man who has a mask of Satan leering from within one of the windows. He transformed the school into an abortion facility, the Northern Illinois Women’s Center (NIWC).

For the first year since 1988, however, no more pregnant women will enter the purple-painted door of the former “girl’s entrance” and then exit without their unwanted children.

The Northern Illinois Women’s Center, the only abortion business within 70 miles, announced Jan. 13 that it would not re-open after a three-month license suspension...READ MORE

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Conversion by Architecture, Why Christ Descended to Hell, Dark Night or Depression, and much more! (1425)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

01/23/2012 Comment

Conversion by Architecture. Click on the link by Fr. Simon Henry to learn more.

Conversion by Architecture - Fr. Simon Henry, Offerimus Tibi Domine

Why Did Christ Descend into Hell? - Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Who Can be Saved? - Howard Kainz, The Catholic Thing

Dark Night or Depression? - Sr. Carmen Laudis OCD, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Mary and The Moslems - Patti Maguire Armstrong

Vatican Approves Only Non-Liturgical Catechesis of Neo-Catechumenal Way - Catholic News Agency

Divertissement and Distraction - Ink and Quill, Ignitum Today

Memento Mori - Michael E. Lawrence, The Chant Café

The Theology of the Body: a Fresh Perspective - Yoseph M. Daviyd, David L Gray

It’s the Keys Silly! - Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

Why Twilight is...READ MORE

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Pope Reflects on Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (3199)

Personal conversions are key to unity, Benedict XVI said Jan. 22. The Holy Father says Catholics and all Christians must pray for unity, which is a call from Christ himself: 'that they may all be one.'

01/22/2012 Comments (3)

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VATICAN CITY (EWTN News/CNA)—Pope Benedict XVI said that Christian unity can be achieved only through personal conversions rooted in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“We are called to contemplate the victory of Christ over sin and death, that his resurrection is an event that transforms those who believe in him and opens them up to them a incorruptible and immortal life,” said the Pope during his Sunday Angelus address from the window of his Apostolic Palace on Jan. 22.

He told the pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square to “recognize and accept the transforming power of faith in Jesus Christ that sustains Christians also in the search for full unity among themselves.”


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How to Promote Christian Unity (950)

User's Guide to Sunday, Jan. 22.

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Sunday, Jan. 22, is the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Christian Unity

The week of prayer for Christian unity lasts from Jan. 18 to Jan. 25, the feast of the conversion of St. Paul. To find a great package of materials about the week of prayer for Christian unity, do an Internet search for: Vatican Christian Unity Week.

Conversion of St. Paul

Jan. 25 is a great feast day: the conversion of St. Paul. The Apostleship of Prayer created a nice YouTube presentation about this day during the Jubilee Year of St. Paul. To find it, search for: St. Paul conversion apostleship.

Today, share with your children the extraordinary manifestations of Christ you have either heard about or experienced. For...READ MORE

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Pro-Life, Pro-God (1601)

01/22/2012 Comments (4)

– Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Tomorrow, members of my family and parish community and I will again take part in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Why do we go to all the trouble and expense to hire buses, book hotel rooms, bundle up and brave the freezing weather to march yet again in our nation’s capital?

Because we’re not only against abortion — we’re pro-life. There are many different forms of argument in the battle against abortion. There is the sentimental argument: “It is heartbreaking to think of all these dear, tiny babies being slaughtered in their mother’s wombs!” There is the utilitarian argument: “We’re committing societal suicide. Our birth rate is falling, and there will not be enough young...READ MORE

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Generation Life (1711)

Jan. 15 issue editorial

01/22/2012 Comments (3)

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One area in which the young of our world seem to be actually teaching their elders is the respect for human life from conception to natural death. That will be on display most strikingly Jan. 23, as millions of young people turn out from coast to coast to march and pray on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

For years now, the organizers of the March for Life in Washington, D.C., have found that the numbers of youthful attendees have grown exponentially.

“I used to go to the March for Life with my parents in the 1980s,” Maria McFadden Maffucci, editor of Human Life Review, comments in a page-one article in this issue, “and there weren’t all these young people. When I was in college, I was...READ MORE

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God's Precious Keepsakes (1415)

What is it that confers upon us our fundamental dignity?

01/21/2012 Comments (7)

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One of my favorite keepsakes is a little 4×6 framed photo of my Grandpop Lotter and me standing together on the boardwalk of Barnegat Light, N.J.  It was taken in 1978; I am 5 years old, bright-eyed, pasty white and scrawny, but “Pop-Pop” is tan, shirtless and muscular, and — as always — smiling with his eyes. Every time I look at that faded photo, I think of him and his kind, generous disposition, and the time he took me to see The Karate Kid.

The faded colors of the photo, as well as its grainy ’70s-era quality, always evokes strong emotions of awe and melancholy. When I hold that photo, I realize that the years go by, seasons of life come and go, but the only things that truly endure...READ MORE

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The Other Health-Care Mandate: Good Samaritan Turned Upside Down (2774)

President Obama’s latest move will certainly end up in federal court.

01/21/2012 Comments (36)

Kyle Duncan

– Courtesy the Louisiana Department of Justice

One might have expected that, after losing the signature religious-liberty case of the past two decades earlier this month with arguments that his own Supreme Court appointees called “extreme,” President Barack Obama would have learned that conscience is something to be taken seriously.

Alas, no. Yesterday, in a statement from Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the Obama administration announced it would not reconsider its “contraceptive mandate” — that is, the unprecedented command it issued last August forcing all private health plans to cover contraceptive and sterilization services, including drugs that cause early-term abortions.

From the outset, the...READ MORE

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