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Catholic Charities Rejects Restaurant’s Donation Over Burger Blasphemy (17709)

Chicago restaurant Kuma’s Corner put an unconsecrated host on its new ‘ghost burger’ to honor a heavy-metal band.

10/09/2013 Comments (49)

An ordinary, non-offensive hamburger

– EricD/Wikipedia

CHICAGO — Catholic Charities of Chicago has rejected a $1,500 donation from a local restaurant, which drew offense by releasing a burger topped with an unconsecrated host.

On Oct. 1, Kuma’s Corner announced its new “ghost burger,” a cheeseburger topped with a red-wine reduction and an unconsecrated “communion-wafer garnish,” which the restaurant parenthetically described as the body and blood of Christ.

The blasphemous burger was created as a tribute to a Swedish band called “Ghost B.C.” that is currently touring. The band is known for its Satanic lyrics and themes. Its lead singer dresses as a clergy member with skull face paint, and other band members wear distorted religious...READ MORE

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Familyʼs Donation Reopens Parish Closed for 30 Years (5347)

The owner of the company that restored the church said bringing it back was 'important for the self-esteem of the town.'

10/09/2013 Comments (2)

Church of Sts. Cosmas and Damian in Ansoain

– Wikimedia.org

MADRID — Thanks to the donation of a local family, Sts. Cosmas and Damian parish in the Spanish town of Ansoáin was reopened to the public recently, after having closed its doors 30 years ago.

On Sept. 30, Bishop Juan Aznárez Cobo, an auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Pamplona and Tudela, said Mass at the parish to reopen it. The date was chosen because of its proximity to the Sept. 27 feast of Sts. Cosmas and Damian, the patrons of Ansoáin.

Ansoáin is a suburb of Pamplona, in the Navarre region. The reopening of the parish came through a donation from Felisa Sarasibar Esquiroz and her family, according to the local Diario de Navarra.

A foundation started with the help of Sarasibarʼs...READ MORE

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‘Bergoglio’s List’: Author Says Pope Rescued Hundreds From Military Dictatorship (2710)

A new book recounts the Holy Father’s efforts to spare those targeted in the 1970s by Argentina’s military dictatorship.

10/09/2013 Comments (1)

ROME — Italian journalist Nello Scavo has released a book entitled Bergoglio’s List, recounting the efforts of Pope Francis to help hundreds escape persecution by Argentina’s military dictatorship.

Scavo told CNA that his book was based on interviews with numerous eyewitnesses and on testimonies reconstructed after thorough research in Argentina.  

“From all these stories emerges a list of persons saved by [then-Father] Bergoglio, which, by conservative estimates, includes more than 100 people.”

During much of the 1970s, Argentina was ruled by a right-wing military government, which “disappeared” thousands of left-wing activists and militants, accusing them of communism.

From 1976...READ MORE

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LMU Board Splits the Baby on Abortion Coverage (7664)

In the face of faculty opposition to dropping coverage completely, the Jesuit college’s trustees opt to allow a third-party plan to provide elective employee abortions.

10/09/2013 Comments (30)

LOS ANGELES — The board of trustees at Loyola Marymount University has handed down a Solomonic decision in the controversy over the university’s abortion coverage that may end up leaving few happy. Although the board confirmed LMU will no longer provide health plans that cover elective abortion, the Jesuit university will help employees find alternative plans that do.

The board held an Oct. 7 meeting to discuss the decision to drop elective abortion coverage from all LMU health plans starting Jan. 1, 2014.  Board chairman Kathleen Aikenhead and LMU's president, David Burcham, revealed that the board had ratified that decision, but stated that it would not affect coverage for...READ MORE

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Abolish Human Abortion Group Starting to Implode, How Our Lady Saved Christendom and Much More! (9057)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/09/2013 Comment

Abolish Human Abortion Group Starting to Implode. Follow the link by Russ Rentler MD of the Crossed The Tiber blog to read more.

Abolish Human Abortion Group Starting to Implode by Russ Rentler MD of the Crossed The Tiber blog - BigPulpit.com

How Our Lady Saved Christendom - Diane Moczar PhD, Catholic Exchange

Pope Francis & the Catholic God – DarwinCatholic, The American Catholic

A ‘Modest Proposal’: The English Bride - Beverly Stevens, Regina Magazine

The Pope Francis Factor – BigPulpit.com

Susan G. Komen & ACS: There are Moral Alternatives - Birgit Jones, Designs by Birgit

Our Lady of Kibeho: Is Anyone Still Listening? - Diane McKelva, Catholic Stand

Abortion-Breast Cancer Link: Stubborn Facts Again - Joel Brind PhD, Catholic Fire

Getting Back to the Basics – Molly M, Ignitum Today


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Christians Complain of Persecution for Defending Traditional Marriage (12078)

Recent actions against supporters of marriage reflect ‘a disturbing trend,’ religious-freedom experts warn.

10/08/2013 Comments (35)

Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk

– blog.libertyinstitute.org

WASHINGTON — In the wake of recent legislative and judicial victories for homosexual activists seeking the redefinition of marriage, Catholics and other Christians throughout the United States are complaining of new rules, laws and practices that jeopardize their right to openly oppose homosexual relations and same-sex “marriage” in the military and civilian culture.

“There is a disturbing trend, an authoritarian trend, among some supporters of the agenda to redefine marriage,” says attorney Jordan Lorence, who is a senior counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom. “They are forcing people to express beliefs they don’t believe in or punishing them for expressing support for marriage...READ MORE

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Pope Francis: Prayer Is Not Simply Saying Words ‘Like a Parrot’ (27649)

Prayers should come from the heart, the Holy Father instructs, looking at and hearing God and asking for his guidance.

10/08/2013 Comments (47)

Lauren Cater/CNA

VATICAN CITY — In his daily Mass, Pope Francis touched on the importance of prayer and forgiveness in the life of a Christian, warning against common attitudes that “close the door” to God.

“The Lord tells us: ‘The first task in life is this: prayer.’ But not the prayer of words, like a parrot; but the prayer of the heart: gazing on the Lord, hearing the Lord, asking the Lord,” said the Holy Father during his Oct. 8 daily homily.

Pope Francis celebrated his daily Mass in the Santa Marta guesthouse of the Vatican, where he chose to reside shortly after he was elected as Bishop of Rome.

The Pope centered his reflections on the prophet Jonah from the first reading of the day and on...READ MORE

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Wartime Chaos ‘Paralyzes’ Lives of Syrian Christians (2140)

Our people ‘need, really, everything, because they have left everything,’ laments a local bishop.

10/08/2013 Comments (2)
Wikicommons/Voice of America News

Residents of Azaz, Syria, walk past a bombed-out building in August 2012.

– Wikicommons/Voice of America News

DAMASCUS, Syria — Only peace can end the suffering of Syria’s Christian refugees, say local Christian leaders who emphasize the need to give refugees hope alongside material support.

“It is chaos: it is violence; it is blood; it is death. Life has been paralyzed. We have lost everything,” Archbishop Theophile Georges Kassab of Homs told Aid to the Church in Need. “What can I tell you more? Only one thing, in the name of the majority: enough, enough, enough!”

“Now, before anything, our people need love and devotion," the archbishop added. “They need material support as well. They need, really, everything, because they have left everything.”




In the above video report,...READ MORE

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