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Pope Highlights U.N. and Catholic Push for AIDS-Free Childhood (2655)

As the international community marks World AIDS Day, Catholic groups continue to take a lead role in the global campaign to eradicate infections of unborn children.

11/30/2012 Comments (3)

Pope Benedict XVI has highlighted the United Nation’s Global Plan to eradicate HIV infections of unborn children in their mother’s wombs by 2015 — and the key role Catholic health and aid groups are playing in the campaign.

The Pope drew attention to the issue at his Nov. 28 general audience at the Vatican, where he said, “My thoughts turn in particular to the large number of children who contract the virus from their mothers each year, despite the treatments which exist to prevent its transmissions.” The Holy Father timed his remarks to promote the U.N.’s World AIDS Day on Dec. 1.

“This is a truly timely message,” said Karen Moul, spokeswoman for Catholic Relief Services, the U.S....READ MORE

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Latin Rite Catholic's Journey to Eastern Catholicism, Sacred Language for Sacred Acts and More! (1501)

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11/30/2012 Comment

A Latin Rite Catholic’s Journey to Eastern Catholicism. Click on the link by Phillip Rolfes of The Master Beadsman blog to read more.

A Latin Rite Catholic’s Journey to Eastern Catholicism – Phillip Rolfes, The Master Beadsman

Sacred Language for Sacred Acts by George Weigel of First ThingsBig Pulpit

The Ordinariate and Advent – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Father Malachy’s Miracle - Giacomo Gubert, Ignitum Today

New Bishop Ordained to Lead Carpatho-Russian Orthodox – St. Elias Today

Awaiting Advent – Anna Williams, First Things/First Thoughts

Professor Glenn on the Tyranny of Public Education – The Byzantine Rambler, Byzantine Ramblings

Sts. Cyril and Methodius will Appear on the Euro Coin – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli

‘What the Heck does Homosexuality have to do with the Pro-Life Movement?’ –...READ MORE

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Holy See Welcomes U.N. Recognition of Palestine (3983)

But according to the Vatican, a permanent two-state solution is necessary for lasting peace in the Holy Land.

11/30/2012 Comments (59)

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican “welcomed with favor” the U.N.’s vote to allow Palestine to become a non-member observer state and pressed for a permanent two-state solution.

The statement came one day after the U.N.’s General Assembly voted resoundingly for the change on Nov. 29.

“The vote manifests the sentiment of the majority of the international community and recognizes a more significant presence for Palestinians within the United Nations,” said the Holy See.

“But this doesn’t constitute a sufficient solution to the region’s existing problems,” it added in a Nov. 30 press release.

“They can only find an adequate response through an effective commitment to building peace and...READ MORE

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Poll: Catholics Strongly Support New Mass Translation After First Year (4766)

Seventy percent of U.S. Catholics view the changes in a positive light, according to a September 2012 CARA survey.

11/30/2012 Comments (39)

WASHINGTON — One year after the Church introduced revisions to the English-language liturgy, an overwhelming majority of Catholics continue to view the changes in a positive light.

A new poll finds that 70% of U.S. adult self-identified Catholics agree with the statement, “Overall, I think the new translation of the Mass is a good thing.”

The poll, conducted in September 2012 by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University, sought to gain an understanding of how adult Catholics perceived the third edition of the Roman Missal that went into use on Nov. 27, 2011.

The overwhelming majority of respondents either agreed — 50% — or strongly agreed —...READ MORE

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Archdiocese Seeks Stolen Funds as Matter of Justice to Parishioners (2570)

The former business manager of three parishes in the Cincinnati area is believed to have embezzled more than $353,000 in parish funds.

11/30/2012 Comments (5)

CINCINNATI — The Archdiocese of Cincinnati sued a former business manager on Nov. 26 to obtain the more than $353,000 he is believed to have embezzled from area parishes.

“Justice is a very important word — it's not about revenge or punishment,” archdiocesan communication director Dan Andriacco told EWTN News on Nov. 28.

“It's a matter of justice for the people who donated the money to their parishes. … We have a very strong sense of stewardship. The people in the pews who donate the money to their parish do that because they know it will be used for good purposes that they support,” Andriacco said.

The archdiocese was joined in its lawsuit against Thomas Martin by the three...READ MORE

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A Fisherman’s Feast (2880)

St. Louis priest Father Joe Classen’s Alaskan wildlife adventures are now a pastoral mission.

11/30/2012 Comment

'St. Mary's Bear' makes an appearance.

– Father Joe Classen

After eight years of parish work in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Father Joe Classen answered another call in 2011: serving the faithful in Alaska. America’s northernmost state is always in need of priests, so Father Classen, who has enjoyed outdoor adventures his whole life, jumped at the opportunity to voyage north for domestic missionary work. And not just face-to-face, either; soon after his arrival, he helped to launch a local Catholic station that is now broadcasting Seattle-based Sacred Heart Radio to Alaskan listeners.

Father Classen has written four books, the most recent of which is The Essentials of Catholic Spirituality: Living and Breathing Our Faith (Alba House, 2011)....READ MORE

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Plaintiffs Seek to Block California Law Banning ‘Reparative Therapy’ for Minors (4503)

State law’s supporters say therapy to change orientation is dangerous, but plaintiffs allege that the ban violates the rights of minors who seek help with unwanted same-sex attraction.

11/30/2012 Comments (15)

Aaron Bitzer

– PacificJustice.org

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Throughout adolescence and much of college, Aaron Bitzer did not openly acknowledge his sexual attraction to men, and when in his 20s he finally revealed the truth to a church minister, he found it tough to get the support and guidance he needed.

Now, Bitzer is one of three plaintiffs challenging California’s new law that prohibits licensed mental-health professionals from helping minors change or reduce their same-sex attraction.

The lawsuit alleges that the banning of “sexual-orientation change efforts” for minors, irrespective of their wishes or beliefs — or those of their parents or of their chosen therapists — constitutes a violation of constitutionally...READ MORE

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Consecrating Our Lives to God, Tea and Christianity, Where are Demons Located and Much More! (2355)

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11/30/2012 Comment

Consecrating Our Lives to God. Follow the link by Joe Heschmeyer of the Shameless Popery blog to read more.

Consecrating Our Lives to God by Joe Heschmeyer of the Shameless Popery blogBig Pulpit

Tea and Christianity – Karen Anderson, Crisis Magazine

Where are Demons Located? – Dan Burke, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

The Most Powerful Bible Resource Ever Available – Brandon Vogt, BrandonVogt.com

Ten Things Needed from Priests During Year of Faith – J. Q. Tomanek, Ignitum Today

Advent, the Reason for the Season – Randy Hain, The Integrated Catholic Life™

iPope Becomes @Pope: Coming Soon, A Tweeting Benedict – Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia

The Real St. Nicholas – Fr. Lawrence Farley, Orthodox Church in America

“Vatican 2? We’ve Got an app for That!” – David L....READ MORE

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