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Holocaust Memorial Alters Wording on the Wartime Role of Pope Pius XII (5247)

Current scholarship contends that the Pope did exert his influence to save Jewish people from the ‘Final Solution.’

07/11/2012 Comments (18)

Yad Vashem display on Pope Pius XII.

– Yad Vashem

VATICAN CITY — The decision of Yad Vashem’s Holocaust museum to alter a caption describing Pope Pius XII should be seen as evidence of “honesty and growing trust” among those researching the controversial record of the wartime Pope, the outgoing papal nuncio to Israel has said.

Speaking to the Register July 3, Archbishop Antonio Franco said the decision “is a demonstration of trust; not that the differences have been resolved, but that we can search and study in a peaceful way.” The papal nuncio said it also marks a “step forward” toward ending the controversy, though he did not know if that would happen soon.

Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust museum announced July 1 that it had altered...READ MORE

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Chicago Catholic Charities Joins Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate (2321)

Cardinal Francis George: 'I am sorry that the intransigence of the Department of Health and Human Services has made it necessary to defend in court what every American could take for granted until this year.'

07/10/2012 Comments (2)

– Shutterstock

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago has joined two Catholic dioceses and their charitable affiliates in a lawsuit over the federal contraception mandate, a move that one observer says demonstrates the potential societal impact of the rule.

The charitable ministry “will lose its identity as Catholic unless the HHS mandate now in force as the recent law of the land is changed,” Cardinal Francis George of Chicago said in a July 9 statement supporting the charity's entry into a lawsuit against the federal government.

Chicago's Catholic Charities joins the Dioceses of Joliet and Springfield, Ill., and their respective Catholic Charities organizations, in challenging the Obama...READ MORE

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Fifty Shades of Grey-More Like Fifty Types of Denial, I Have Had Enough of Boycotts, and Much More! (2160)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/10/2012 Comment

“Fifty Shades of Grey”, More Like Fifty Types of Denial. Click on the link by Pia de Solenni to read more.

“Fifty Shades of Grey”, More Like Fifty Types of Denial – Pia de Solenni

I’ve Had Enough of Boycotts – Rebecca Frech, Shoved to Them

Melinda Gates & the New Population Control Movement by Timothy Herrmann of the Catholic Lane blog – Big Pulpit

Sigrid Undset & the Fate of Europe – Paul Adams, Saint Austin Review/Ink Desk

Liturgical Colors in the Dominican Rite – Fr. Augustine Thompson OP, New Liturgical Movement

Shanghai has a New Courageous Bishop – Gerard O’Connell, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

On Blogging, Religious Liberty and 'Bell Ringing Homilies' – Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

To Rise From Ashes: The Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls – Kathy Schiffer,...READ MORE

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Co-Responsibility and Coherent Lives of Faith (2100)

July 15 issue editorial

07/10/2012 Comment

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As our page-one story illustrates, the June 28 Supreme Court decision upholding the individual mandate of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act landed in the middle of the time period the U.S. bishops set aside for the Fortnight for Freedom campaign.

In a way, it was the perfect time — Catholic rally drums for religious freedom were already beating loudly — to receive such disappointing news.

Thankfully, the bishops, Catholic institutions and the faithful are depending on more than a single decision from the Supreme Court to defend our religious liberty.

With a special emphasis during the fortnight and, we hope, in a consistent way into the future, we fast; we pray; we educate...READ MORE

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Entrusting the Future to Our Children, Why Catholics are Good at Sports-Bad at Capitalism, and More! (2110)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

07/10/2012 Comment

Entrusting The Future of the West to Our Children. Click on the link by Dr. Andrew Seeley to read more.

Entrusting The Future of the West to Our Children – Dr. Andrew Seeley, Crisis Magazine

Why are Catholic Countries So Good at Sports, Bad at Capitalism – Nicholas Farrell, Taki’s Magazine

Of Women Priests & Ecumenism & How We Should Respond by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf of Fr. Z's Blog – Big Pulpit

Attention Pastors: The Best Idea on Catholic Music in Fifty Years – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Scandalous Priest and Glorious Martyr – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

The Greatest Catholic Poet – Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing

Goodness in the Media: Avatar, The Legend of Korra – Ink and Quill, Ignitum Today

Atheists have Lowest Retention Rate of Any “Religious” Group –...READ MORE

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British Ethicists Approve '3-Parent Babies' to Prevent Rare Disease (4497)

Technology opens the door to new human genetic engineering.

07/09/2012 Comments (8)
Michael Taylor/Shutterstock.com


– Michael Taylor/Shutterstock.com

LONDON — A banned in vitro fertilization technology that uses two women and one man to create embryos could soon be legalized following an endorsement from a group of six British ethicists.

A working group of the London-based Nuffield Council on Bioethics issued a report in June stating that it would be “ethical” for scientists to mingle genetic material from three people in order for some couples to have their own genetic offspring without passing on a rare, heritable form of mitochondrial disease that can be “severe and debilitating.”

Critics of the controversial report call it “Frankenstein” technology that uses “emotional blackmail” — sad but uncommon circumstances — to justify...READ MORE

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Summer Vacation With Pope Benedict (7739)

The Holy Father will spend his third consecutive break closer to home at Castel Gandolfo.

07/09/2012 Comments (2)

Pope Benedict XVI waves to the faithful as he leads the Angelus prayer July 8 from the window of his summer residence of Castel Gandolfo.

– Reuters/Max Rossi

VATICAN CITY — For the third consecutive year, Pope Benedict XVI has chosen to spend his summer vacation in the Castelli hills rather than travel to the northern mountainous regions of Italy.

The Holy Father departed Rome July 3, traveling by helicopter to his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, about 20 miles outside of Rome.

The Pope is said to be especially fond of the Apostolic Palace and gardens at Castel Gandolfo and usually stays there until the first week of October. He has also preferred to vacation closer to Rome since he broke his wrist while on holiday in Valle d’Aosta in 2009.

As is customary during his vacation period, which lasts four weeks, private and special...READ MORE

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Minor Earthquake Strikes 20 Miles From Rome (3459)

The 3.6-magnitude temblor hit 12 miles outside Castel Gandolfo.

07/09/2012 Comment

Pope Benedict XVI comforts victims of the earthquake in L'Aquila, Italy. The July 9 quake struck close to the Pope's vacation residence Castel Gandolfo.

– 2009 L'Osservatore Romano Vatican Pool/Getty Images

CASTEL GANDOLFO — A minor earthquake struck the Castelli Romani region near Rome this afternoon, just 12 miles from Castel Gandolfo, where Pope Benedict XVI is spending his summer vacation.

Papal spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said the Holy Father “felt the tremor, but all is normal; and there have been no effects that I’m aware of.”

The 3.6-magnitude, 6-mile-deep tremor took place at 5:13pm close to the town of Finocchio and was felt in Rome, which is 20 miles away.

Two deadly earthquakes struck Italy’s northern Emilia-Romagna region May 20 and May 29, causing 26 deaths and widespread damage. Benedict visited the affected towns on June 26, where he offered words of consolation...READ MORE

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