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More Than 1,000 English Priests Write Letter Defending Marriage (2301)

The U.K.’s same-sex ‘marriage’ plan would ‘severely restrict the ability of Catholics to teach the truth about marriage,’ the letter warns.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron

– Wikipedia

LONDON — More than 1,000 priests signed a letter to a British daily newspaper urging local lawmakers “not to be afraid to reject” a proposed measure that would allow for same-sex “marriage” in the country.

“Legislation for same-sex 'marriage,' should it be enacted, will have many legal consequences,” warned the letter, which was published Jan. 12.

The move would “severely restrict” Catholics’ ability to “teach the truth about marriage in their schools, charitable institutions or places of worship,” the priests said.

In December, the Conservative government announced plans to introduce legislation allowing for same-sex “marriage” before 2015. U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said...READ MORE

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Andrew Cuomo’s Brave New 'Roe' (40395)

New York State’s Catholic governor pushes on-demand abortion legislation that, if enforced, could put Catholic hospitals and many state-funded ministries out of business.

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Pat Arnow/Wikipedia

– Pat Arnow/Wikipedia

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is flexing his political muscle to give abortion advocates their biggest state victory in 40 years since Roe v. Wade: a sweeping expansion of abortion law that, if enforced, could put Catholic hospitals and many state-funded ministries out of business.

Cuomo’s approval ratings have topped 70% for six straight months, and, with just two years in office, he has already pushed through controversial same-sex “marriage” legislation and the most restrictive gun-control law in the nation.

Cuomo, who is Catholic, now is setting his sights on succeeding where governors for the past six years have failed: passing the proposed Reproductive Health Care...READ MORE

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Desire to See God’s Face Fulfilled in Christ, Pope Affirms (1688)

At his weekly general audience, the Holy Father examined salvation history as the story of man’s relationship with and thirst for God.

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Estefania Aguirre/CNA

– Estefania Aguirre/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI examined salvation history as the story of man’s relationship with and thirst for God at his general audience this week at the Vatican.

“The desire to truly know God, that is, to see the face of God, is inherent in every human being,” he said Jan. 16 in Paul VI Hall.

“Perhaps we also, unconsciously, have this desire to simply see who he is, what he is, who he is for us. But this desire is fulfilled in following Christ, so ... we finally see God as a friend, his face (is) the face of Christ.”

Pope Benedict began his audience by referring to Christ as “the mediator and the fullness of all revelation.” Salvation history begins after the fall of Adam...READ MORE

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Now That's How to Do a Novus Ordo Canon! Lesson From France in the Fight for Marriage and More! (2581)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

01/16/2013 Comment

Now That’s How to do a Novus Ordo Canon! Follow the link by blogger Jacob Tawney to read more.

Now That’s How to do a Novus Ordo Canon! by blogger Jacob TawneyBig Pulpit

Lesson from France in the Fight for Marriage – Carl E. Olson, The CWR Blog

St. Dominic’s Nine Ways of Prayer – Kathleen Pluth, The Chant Café

Why Not Say “I Love You” With a Digital Daisy? – Ryan Hansen, Ignitum Today

Wait, Am I Actually Jealous of France? – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

In Defense of the March for Life – Marc Barnes, Patheos/Bad Catholic

“We Were Blessed to Have Met Them” – Peter Baklinski, Catholic Lane

Petition Against Redefinition of Marriage in England – Robert Asch, StAR

taly: Ordinary Form, Ad Orientem – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

What Shall I...READ MORE

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Catholic Dorms at Non-Catholic Colleges (4850)

Building upon the model pioneered at the University of Illinois, the Newman Student Housing Fund creates and operates faith-based housing on a growing number of campuses.

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A partial view of the plan for a Newman Center, chapel and faith-based housing for close to 300 students at Texas A&M in Kingsville. Residents will occupy the dorms in August 2013.

DALLAS — It’s a fresh take on a Newman idea that could ignite a revolution in Catholic campus ministry and bring relief to parents sending their children to secular colleges and universities. While parents worry about how their students’ faith will survive the college-party scene, one man has a vision to give Catholic students a new living option: dorms where they can experience the Newman scene.

Matt Zerrusen, a 31-year-old devout Catholic and entrepreneur, believes faith-based housing that serves hundreds of college students is the game changer the Catholic Church needs in the New Evangelization. And it’s a win-win, he said, because housing is something U.S. secular colleges and...READ MORE

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Alabama Supreme Court Recognizes Unborn as ‘Children’ (14707)

The decision could have significant implications in ending abortion in the U.S., according to pro-life advocates.

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WASHINGTON — An Alabama Supreme Court decision recognizing the unborn as persons deserving of legal protections could have significant implications in ending abortion in the U.S., say pro-life advocates.

“The Alabama Supreme Court has dealt a massive blow to the constitutional fraud of Roe v. Wade by recognizing that the preborn child is a person,” said Personhood USA legal analyst Gualberto Garcia Jones in a statement.

On Jan. 11, the Alabama high court ruled that unborn children are protected by the state’s chemical-endangerment law.

The case involved two women who placed their unborn children at risk through the use of illegal drugs during pregnancy. One of the women acknowledged...READ MORE

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Catholic Journalist to Run News at Cardinal Newman Society (1845)

National Catholic Register senior writer Tim Drake is leaving to become the society’s senior editor and director of news operations.

01/16/2013 Comment

MANASSAS, Va.— The Cardinal Newman Society has named veteran journalist and author Tim Drake as its senior editor and director of news operations to help advance the group's work in following Catholic education.

“I am absolutely delighted to be utilizing my talents and experience on behalf of the Cardinal Newman Society,” Drake said Jan. 14.

“I am fully aware of their critical support for the Church and all that they do to promote and strengthen Catholic identity on college and university campuses. It’s vital work for the future of our campuses, the Church and our country. There's no other organization like it.”

Patrick Reilly, president of the Virginia-based Cardinal Newman Society...READ MORE

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Italian Family Joyful as Pope Welcomes Baby Into Church (2647)

Marco della Monaca was one of the 20 infants baptized by the Holy Father on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

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Baby Marco della Monaca and his parents in the Sistine Chapel Jan. 13, 2013.


VATICAN CITY — Little Marco is just one of the 20 babies who were baptized by Pope Benedict this year on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord Jan. 13.

“It’s given joy to the whole family,” said Marco’s father, Bruno della Monaca, who works as an accountant for the Secretariat of State, the Roman Curia’s oldest office.

“Working in the Vatican we had the possibility to have our baby baptized by the Holy Father, and we know it’s a privilege that not everyone has,” he added.

Pope Benedict baptized the children during Mass at the Sistine Chapel on Sunday, before praying with thousands of pilgrims at his weekly Angelus.

The day marked the feast of the baptism of Jesus, the day John the...READ MORE

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