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The Back-Alley-Abortion Objection, 10 Things You Should Know About Adoption and Much More! (3635)

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08/02/2013 Comment

The Back-Alley-Abortion Objection. Follow the link by Trent Horn of Catholic Answers blog to read more.

The Back-Alley-Abortion Objection by Trent Horn of Catholic Answers blog - BigPulpit.com

10 Things You Should Know About Adoption - Jen Dunlap, Forever For Always No Matter What

A Catechesis on Conscience and Its Counterfeits – Jeff McLeod PhD, Catholic Stand

The Wearing of Mantillas. . .So Unfair - Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

H. H. S. Mandate and Religious Freedom - Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Who Was the First Apostle to Be Martyred? – Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers

Parents as Lay Ministers - Bethanie Ryan, Ignitum Today

Episcopal Parking, Violators Subject to Canon 1340 – Ben Yanke, From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

A Beautiful Salve...READ MORE

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The ‘Messy,’ Alluring Grace of Pope Francis (15951)


08/01/2013 Comments (82)
Vatican Radio/Facebook

Pope Francis is greeted July 24 by a crowd gathered outside St. Francis of Assisi Hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

– Vatican Radio/Facebook

Pope Francis has lost none of his ability to surprise.

On his seven-day journey to Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day, he eschewed traditional security protocols (which allowed a crowd to mob the traffic-trapped mini popemobile), wandered into Rio’s slums, accepted drinks from strangers on the street and, just for the fun of it, added a meeting with young people to an already packed schedule. At the impromptu July 25 meeting, in the Cathedral of San Sebastian, Francis delivered off-the-cuff remarks that capture not only his wish for the young, but the essence of his papal approach. 

Francis said, “What is it that I expect as a consequence of World Youth Day? I want a mess. We knew...READ MORE

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St. Pius XII? Pope Francis Mulling It Over, Says Vatican Source (7522)


08/01/2013 Comments (20)

Pope Pius XII

– Wikipedia

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis reportedly is considering whether he will make Pope Pius XII a saint, in the same way that he approved the cause of John XXIII.

A source who works at the Vatican’s Congregation for Causes of Saints, who asked for anonymity, told Catholic News Agency July 25 that, “just as Pope Francis moved ahead with John XXIII’s canonization, he is considering the same thing for Pius XII.”

According to the normal procedures, Pius XII would be beatified once a miracle attributed to his intercession is officially certified by a team of doctors and recognized by a commission of cardinals.

But if Pope Francis decides to go ahead without a miracle, he could “even canonize...READ MORE

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A Gospel Tune for Motown’s Bankruptcy Blues (3878)

Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit discusses his city’s economic plight, and the hope instilled by the local Church.

08/01/2013 Comments (5)

Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit.

– EWTN News

The city of Detroit announced in July that it would go into bankruptcy, setting in motion the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit is the spiritual leader of an estimated 1.3 million Catholics. He was installed as the archbishop of Detroit in 2009, a year after General Motors declared bankruptcy.

In the 1950s, the Detroit area boasted the highest median income and highest rate of home ownership of any city in the nation. Over six subsequent decades, the city’s residents witnessed the exodus of half its population, leaving whole city blocks with shuttered homes that cannot be sold. Forbes reported that, over the past 13 years, local...READ MORE

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North Carolina Law’s Pro-Life Provisions Praised (2325)

Nevertheless, the bishop of Raleigh says ‘there is more to be done’ to build a culture of life in the Tar Heel State.

08/01/2013 Comments (3)

The seal of the State of North Carolina

– NC.gov

RALEIGH, N.C. — Pro-life advocates have praised North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory for signing into law a multipart bill that increases abortion safety regulations in the state.

“While we pray for the day when there is no longer a need for any clinic that performs abortions, this bill is a positive step,” Bishop Michael Burbidge of Raleigh said.

Bishop Burbidge also described the bill as “pro-woman.”

“It is designed to ensure the health and well-being of all those involved, but most importantly the women,” he said, “to guarantee that required care that is needed is present at all times.”

The new bill McCrory signed into law bans sex-selection abortions, in which an unborn child is...READ MORE

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Vatican Bank’s New Website Aims for Transparency Amid Scandal (1679)

The new site means to keep the Church, the public and the media apprised of the bank's work and reform efforts.

08/01/2013 Comment

The Institute for Religious Works, also known as the Vatican Bank.


VATICAN CITY — The Institute for Religious Works, informally known as the Vatican Bank, has launched a new website that marks a new chapter of transparency for the embattled institute, which is struggling to emerge from controversy and scandal.

The institute’s president, Ernst von Freyberg, said the website is intended “to tell our customers, the Church, the interested public, what we are doing, how our reform efforts are progressing and what the scope of our work is.”

“It is an important part of transparency to launch a website,” he told Vatican Radio.

The Vatican Bank serves as a central financial body of the Holy See, with 114 employees. It receives and administers assets for...READ MORE

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Meet the Bold ‘New Feminists’ (17501)

Modern women proclaim the ‘feminine genius’ — and stand up for true freedom and happiness.

08/01/2013 Comments (37)

Helen Alvare

– EWTN News

Editor's note: This story has been updated post-rally, since the original Aug. 1 version.

WASHINGTON — In a fiery political protest against the federal mandate requiring religious employers to pay for contraceptives and abortion drugs, hundreds of “new feminists” attended a  rally here on Aug. 1 across from the White House.

Gathered in Lafayette Square, the crowd of some 200 women from 20 states spoke out boldly through bullhorns against the agenda of the “old feminists,” who continue to claim abortion and the pill have set women “free.”

“There is no war on women; there’s a war on mothers,” shouted Washington lawyer Cynthia Wood, whose remarks sparked cheers from the crowd.


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The Evidence Is on Our Side, Contribution of Catherine Pickstock to Liturgical Renewal and More! (3460)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

08/01/2013 Comment

The Evidence Is on Our Side. Follow the link by Jon Sorensen of Catholic Answers blog to read more.

The Evidence Is On Our Side by Jon Sorensen of Catholic Answers blog - BigPulpit.com

Contribution of Catherine Pickstock to Liturgical Renewal - Jeffrey A. Tucker, New Liturgical Movement

Totus Tuus Again . . . and Again - Sr. Lisa Marie FDCC, Ignitum Today

Silver Fish Prize Awarded to Best Catholic Film - Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire

Are World Leaders Homosexualizing? - A. Elizabeth, Defénde Nos Proélio

Will Francis Have an Impact on Catholic-Jewish Relations? - Yoel Cohen, Aleteia

Quæritur: Genuflecting When Blessed Sacrament is Exposed - Fr. Z’s Blog

Interesting Premise in Universalist/Pessimist Controversy - James Chastek PhD PhL, Just Thomism

He Is Not a Hitter, He...READ MORE

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