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Pope Francis the Mentor, Minister to the Poor (5848)

Jesuit Father Renzo De Luca, a missionary in Japan, tells L’Osservatore Romano how Father Jorge Bergoglio transformed a neighborhood — and a young seminarian's life.

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Bishop Jorge Bergoglio celebrates Mass in Nagasaki, Japan.

– AsiaNews

VATICAN CITY — An Argentinian priest, sent as a missionary to Japan, remembers fondly the spiritual direction he received from Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the way in which the future Pope Francis transformed a local neighborhood.

In an interview with L’Osservatore Romano, published Oct. 26, Jesuit Father Renzo De Luca recounted his experiences as a seminarian at the Maximo College of San Miguel in Argentina in the early 1980s. At the time, Father Bergoglio was rector of the seminary, which is located just outside Buenos Aires.

Seminarians studied Monday through Friday, Father De Luca remembered, but instead of free time on Saturday or Sunday, Father Bergoglio had them enter poor...READ MORE

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Bishop Leonard Blair Will Lead Archdiocese of Hartford, Conn. (2253)

The archbishop-designate, who has led the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, since 2003, was appointed Oct. 29 by Pope Francis.

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File photo/CNA

Archbishop-designate Leonard Blair of Hartford, Conn.

– File photo/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Leonard Blair of Toledo, Ohio, to lead the Archdiocese of Hartford, Conn., following the retirement of the archdiocese's previous archbishop.

“With joy, we welcome the news that Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has appointed Bishop Leonard P. Blair of the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, to be the new archbishop of Hartford,” outgoing Archbishop Henry Mansell said Oct. 29.

Bishop Blair, 64, will be replacing the 76-year-old Archbishop Mansell, who has headed the Hartford Archdiocese since 2003 until his recent application for resignation, having passed the age of retirement.

Born in Detroit in 1949, Bishop Blair was ordained to the...READ MORE

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Jesus Christ Intercedes for Us From Heaven, Says the Pope (3826)

Pope Francis said Jesus shows the Father his wounds when he intercedes for his people.

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Stephen Driscoll/CNA

Pope Francis

– Stephen Driscoll/CNA

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis devoted his Oct. 28 homily to the fact that Jesus prayed for his apostles and the people he encountered on earth, and he continues to intercede for us in heaven.

When we pray to Jesus, the Pope said, Jesus shows his Father in heaven the wounds on his hands, feet and his side, the price of our salvation, which “is as if he is saying: Father, may this not be lost.”

The Holy Father directed his homily to those gathered in the St. Martha guest house of the Vatican.

At the beginning of his reflections, Pope Francis spoke of the day’s Gospel reading, taken from Luke, in which Jesus prayed for the whole night before he chose the Twelve Apostles, pointing out...READ MORE

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Keep the Faith During Persecutions, Iraqi Bishop Tells Western Christians (7411)

Archbishop Nona of Mosul said the example of Iraqi Christians should remind them to keep a daily living faith.

10/29/2013 Comments (7)
Aid to the Church in Need

Bishop Emil Shimoun Nona, Chaldean archbishop of Mosul

– Aid to the Church in Need

MOSUL, Iraq — The Chaldean archbishop of the Iraqi city of Mosul wrote an open letter to Christians in the West telling them that, in the face of religious persecution, they must continue steadfast in the virtue of faith.

In a letter published Oct. 26 in National Review Online, Archbishop Amel Shamon Nona of the Chaldean Archeparchy of Mosul explained that he arrived at his see in Jan. 16, 2010. The very next day a series of reprisal murders were carried out against Christians in the city.

“The faithful left the city to seek refuge in the small towns and villages nearby or in the monasteries. Since then, almost half of the faithful have returned,” Archbishop Nona said. “What can we do...READ MORE

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Georgetown Class Requires Advocacy Work With Pro-Abortion Group (7951)

The Georgetown course is ‘a disgrace to its Catholic identity,’ comments Carrie Severino, chief counsel of the Judicial Crisis Network.

10/29/2013 Comments (29)

– Wikipedia

WASHINGTON — A Georgetown University Law Center class offered next spring will require students to work with a lobbying group that a lawyer said is known for its work promoting abortion rights.

“Georgetown offers a course that will require students to work with an organization dedicated to promoting abortion and contraception and actively attacking religious freedom,” Carrie Severino, chief counsel of the Judicial Crisis Network, told CNA Oct. 25.

She added that Georgetown's offering of a course “that will require students to work with an organization dedicated to promoting abortion and contraception and actively attacking religious freedom” is “a disgrace to its Catholic identity.”


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Defending the Beauty of the Catholic Faith (5765)

Columbus Crew rookie soccer player Drew Beckie asserts his appreciation for the Church.

10/29/2013 Comments (5)
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Columbus Crew defender Drew Beckie

– Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In an age when a number of young people leave the Church, professional soccer player Drew Beckie remains happily at home with Catholicism. The former All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation First Team selection at the University of Denver enjoys the structure the Church provides amidst the troubles of life.

The Columbus Crew finished at 12-17-5 and out of playoff contention this year, but Beckie has learned about patience, balance and focus on the field. Helpful teammates are among those deserving credit for the soccer insights the 23-year-old defender has gained.

Off the field, Beckie has been reminded of the fragility of life, as his friends and family have dealt with flooding in...READ MORE

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Bringing the 'Catholic' Back to a California Parish, Is Virginity a Mistake? and More! (4399)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/29/2013 Comments (1)

Bringing the ‘Catholic’ Back to a California Parish. Follow the link by Beverly Stevens to read more.

Bringing the ‘Catholic’ Back to a California Parish by Beverly Stevens - BigPulpit.com

Is Virginity at Marriage a Mistake? - Arleen Spenceley, Catholic Lane

Lord, Make My Kid Holy! – Matthew Higgins, Ignitum Today

Must Catholics be Poor? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Aleteia

Ave Maria, Florida: An Interview – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand

Quæritur: How to Correct a Priest Who’s Getting Rubrics Wrong? – Fr. Z's Blog

Tolstoy and The Battle of the Will – DarwinCatholic, The American Catholic

Children as Commodities – George Weigel, Aleteia

A Throw Away Culture in Reproductive Medicine - Arland K. Nichols, Crisis Magazine

Pope Francis, Sin & Creepy Fish – Sr. Theresa Noble,...READ MORE

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Iranian Christians Face Lashings for Communion Wine (3829)

The four men were sentenced last week to 80 lashes each for drinking alcohol, which is forbidden under Islamic law.

10/28/2013 Comments (7)

Hassan Rouhani, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran

– Wikipedia

TEHRAN, Iran — Four Iranian Christians were sentenced last week to 80 lashes each for drinking communion wine during a communion service at a house church.

The four men were charged in court with drinking alcohol and possessing a receiver and satellite antenna in Rasht, a city 200 miles northwest of Tehran, on Oct. 6. The verdict was delivered to the men Oct. 20, and they have been given 10 days to appeal the sentence, the group Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports.

Iran is an Islamic republic, and Islam forbids the consumption of alcohol. Non-Muslims account for less than 1% of Iran's population.

The charged men are members of the Church of Iran, a Protestant ecclesial...READ MORE

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