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Pope: Evangelize With Silence (2848)

March 11 issue editorial on how the work of bringing the world to God must involve silence as much as it involves words and actions.

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Pope Benedict XVI has issued a timely message for this year’s World Communications Day: The work of bringing the world to God must involve silence as much as it involves words and actions.

It’s obvious that humanity has taken a turn for the noisy in recent years. The explosion of technological tools has transformed the way we live, work and communicate.

For many of us, new technologies and new forms of social communication have invaded every corner of our lives.

But, as many people have discovered, we seem to be no better at communicating with one another, and, in many ways, we are worse.

How many times, for example, has an innocently made joke been misinterpreted by the receiver of an email...READ MORE

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Father Barron's Strategies for Putting the New Evangelization in Action (3898)

Media-savvy priest says the following is needed to make evangelization a way of life: Know the faith. Speak about the faith. And pray in public.

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Norman Rockwell's Saying Grace, 1951

– WikiPaintings

As I write this column, I am embarking on a trip to Australia with the Word on Fire team. We’re heading halfway around the globe at the invitation of the Australian Catholic University, and my team will be with me to film the events. My intention is to produce a documentary on the New Evangelization as it is actually practiced. The documentary will feature the trip to Australia, as well as a journey to the United Kingdom and, after that, New York City. Those settings will provide the context, and a kind of lens, by which I hope to invite the Church to not only imagine the New Evangelization in the abstract, but also to see it in action.

My message during these adventures will be about...READ MORE

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Hawaii Lawsuit Could Lead to Same-Sex 'Marriage' in the State (1663)

Catholics for the Common Good president: 'Going the domestic partnership and civil-union route is just a stepping stone to the civil redefinition of marriage.'

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HONOLULU, Hawaii (CNA)—A Hawaiian lawsuit asking a federal court to instate same-sex “marriage” shows that the recognition of same-sex domestic partnerships and civil unions is just a stepping stone to redefining marriage, several critics say.

“Same-sex unions and domestic partnerships are never a compromise, because they’re creating pseudo-marriages which confuse and undermine the understanding of young people about what marriage is all about,” William May, president of the California-based Catholics for the Common Good, told CNA March 6.

Hawaiian Gov. Neil Abercrombie has said he will not defend several parts of a state law defining marriage as a union of a man and a woman against a...READ MORE

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Bishops Urge Diplomatic Resolution in Iran Conflict (1510)

Bishop Pates: 'A morally responsible non-proliferation strategy must be tied to a clear strategy for reducing and ultimately ending the reliance on nuclear weapons by any country.'

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The U.S. bishops are calling for diplomatic efforts rather than military action in addressing concerns over the possible development of nuclear weapons in Iran.

“In Catholic teaching, the use of force must always be a last resort,” said Bishop Richard Pates of Des Moines, Iowa, chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace.

He urged the U.S. government to “explore all available options to resolve the conflict with Iran through diplomatic, rather than military, means.”

In a March 2 letter to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bishop Pates expressed “profound concerns” about Iran’s “lack of transparency” and refusal to allow international inspectors to...READ MORE

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The Coming Catholic Book Revolution, Marriage and Church, Bono as a Young Catholic, and much more! (3850)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

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The Coming Catholic Book Revolution. Click on the link by Devin Rose of Ignitum Today to read and learn more.

The Coming Catholic Book Revolution - Devin Rose, Ignitum Today

Marriage & Church: We Need a Counter-Revolution - Hilary Towers Ph.D. & Mike McManus, Catholic News Agency

Glimpse of Bono as a Young Believer - Terry Mattingly, On Religion

Tech Talk: 13 Essential Catholic Apps - Sarah Reinhard, CatholicMom.com

¡Viva Cristo Rey!: A Major Hollywood Production - Stephen Write, Catholic Vote

The Power of the New Media - Steve Jalsevac, LifeSiteNews.com

Just War and the Iran Crisis - Robert C. Koons, Public Discourse

How the Ratzingers Made It Through WWII Germany - Msgr. Georg Ratzinger, The Daily

Cremation: Recalling Some Basic Catholic Truths - John M. Grondeleski, Homiletic & Pastoral...READ MORE

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Christians Flee War in Northern Myanmar (3435)

People who once fought for freedom from Japanese invaders are now under the gun from their own government.

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– Simon Roughneen

JEYANG, Myanmar — A bright but quiet Sunday morning in a sun-lit valley is broken by the sound of hymns sung from inside two adjacent wood and bamboo halls. Inside the larger structure, about 300 Baptists sing hymns, Not to be outdone, a smaller congregation of Catholics, mostly children, sings along during Mass.

Both halls are temporary churches, built last July for Kachin people forced to flee an advancing Burmese army after a ceasefire between the military and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) broke down. Since then, around 70,000 Kachin have fled the fighting, with most staying in ramshackle camps such as Jeyang.

The KIA seeks greater self-government for the Kachin people in northern...READ MORE

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Cardinal Dolan Reasserts Church's Stance in HHS Fight (3450)

USCCB president answers question about compromise, but stays his ground on insurance-coverage controversy.

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Jeffrey Bruno

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, speaking to reporters recently at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

– Jeffrey Bruno

Hicksville, N.Y. — Obama administration regulations requiring Church institutions to pay for employee contraceptive coverage represent “an unwarranted, unprecedented intrusion” into the ministry of the Church, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York stated during an address in Hicksville, New York.

Cardinal Dolan, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, addressed the threat posed by the federal contraception mandate during a conference on Catholic public policy March 3.

Speaking at Holy Trinity High School, based in the Rockville Centre Diocese, the cardinal made a point of rebutting media reports that he was coming to speak about the controversial new federal rule requiring...READ MORE

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Towering Church Protected Homes From Tornado's Blast (3629)

Illinois priest scrambled through wreckage to escape rectory.

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Scott Olson/Getty Images

The stone altar of tornado-damaged St. Joseph's Church sits amid debris March 1 in Ridgeway, Ill. According to reports, at least 13 people died as severe weather swept through the middle of the country on Feb. 28. Almost 40 died in following storms in the Midwest and South.

– Scott Olson/Getty Images

Father Stephen Beatty was fast asleep when the tornado hit Ridgeway, Ill., at five in the morning on Feb. 29. He awoke to a “loud tearing noise” that could have been the sound of his rectory dormer being ripped off. Or it could have been the roof on St. Joseph Church next door and the towering, 118-year-old, Gothic-revival church collapsing inward.

The storm was part of the recent devastation to hit the Midwest and South.

“The glass from one of the windows in my bedroom blew in,” he said. “I threw a few things into a bag because I thought I might not be coming back.”

Getting out wasn’t easy: Part of the wall and a window had crashed into the landing on the staircase he needed to reach...READ MORE

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