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Help for the Journey of Life (2833)

Saturday Book Pick: Three aspects of our earthly pilgrimage.

04/21/2012 Comment

There are all kinds of journeys, and many kinds of pilgrims. As the liturgical year continues on from Easter to Pentecost, the Register looks at several recent books that have some insight into to the most important journey — the pilgrimage of life, which culminates in our meeting He who sent us on this journey in the first place.

Amy Welborn, one of the first and most prominent Catholic writers to bring faith-inspired reflections to the blogosphere (Charlotte Was Both) has first-hand experience to offer those who have suffered grievous loss in their lives. In 2009, her husband, Michael Dubruiel, passed away suddenly at age 50, leaving her a widow and their children fatherless. The...READ MORE

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U.S. Bishops Participate in Pope Benedict's Anniversary Events (2315)

California, Hawaii, Utah and Nevada bishops are in Rome this week for their ad limina visit.

04/20/2012 Comment

Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles says the forthcoming Year of Faith is the best present Pope Benedict could give the Church as he marks his seventh anniversary as pontiff, which was April 19.

“It will be a great opportunity for us Catholics to reflect upon our faith, to try to understand better our faith, because in the end the most important issue we have in our times in the Church is education in the faith,” Archbishop Gomez said.

The Los Angeles archbishop is in Rome this week on his ad limina visit, along with his fellow Californian bishops and the hierarchies of Hawaii, Utah and Nevada. Archbishop Gomez said it a “great blessing to physically participate in the celebrations...READ MORE

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National Catholic Prayer Breakfast: 'Battle for the Soul of America' (4200)

Speakers call for vigilance in defense of religious freedom in the United States and abroad.

04/20/2012 Comments (11)

WASHINGTON — Signaling the Vatican’s deepening concern with the religious-liberty fight in the United States, the Holy See’s representative to the United Nations drew a connection between violent threats to religious freedom in the developing world and the ascendance of an intolerant secularism in the West.

“While nobody would confuse the marginalization of religion with the actual killing of Christians in other parts of the world, it is through this marginalizing that violent persecution is born,” said Archbishop Francis Assisi Chullikatt, quoting Archbishop Erwin Ender, former apostolic nuncio to Germany, in a speech at the International Conference on the Discrimination and...READ MORE

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Sympathy for Lucifer?, The Explosive Growth of the Church in South Korea, Amazing Peace, and more! (3350)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/20/2012 Comments (1)

Sympathy for the Devil and Mercy for the Damned. Click on the link by Christopher Manion to read more.

Sympathy for the Devil and Mercy for the Damned - Christopher Manion, Crisis Magazine

The Explosive Growth of the Catholic Church in South Korea - Sandro Magister, Chiesa

Amazing Peace (Luke 24:36-48) - Fr. John Bartunek, Catholic Spiritual Direction

Friday's Catholic Punditry on the Reformation of U.S. Women Religious (LCWR) - ThePulp.it

Book Arts: Modern Illuminators - Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Three Basic Biblical Questions on the Sacrament of Confirmation - H. H. Ambrose, Saint Peter's List

Speaking of Christ: 10 True and False Propositions from Saint Thomas Aquinas - Stacy Trasancos PhD, Accepting Abundance

Canada: Bishops Call on All Catholics to Join...READ MORE

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A Spiritual Reflection on Religious Liberty and the Rights of Conscience (4073)

Text of Mother Agnes Mary Donovan’s remarks at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, April 19, in Washington, D.C.

04/20/2012 Comments (5)

– CatholicPrayerBreakfast.com

Your Excellencies, dear friends. We face a summons to action in response to a global and national reality which we are reluctant to perceive: Christians as the object of open persecution. It is a persecution reaching close to home for us all. The following was an opening paragraph in a legal brief submitted on behalf of our friends, a religious community of Sisters south of the Mason-Dixon Line, challenging the constitutionality of the HHS [Health and Human Services] mandate:

“In their 151-year history, this congregation has, with the help of God, survived a Civil War on their doorstep, deadly epidemics, devastating floods, economic depression and tumultuous social upheaval. Today,...READ MORE

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SDG Reviews 'Chimpanzee' (5855)

Amazing documentary footage highlighting the winsome and wild sides of chimp society is undermined by pedestrian narration.

04/20/2012 Comments (12)

Little Oscar is the star of Chimpanzee.

– DisneyNature

Disneynature’s Chimpanzee has the makings of a great nature documentary. It takes us places other films haven’t and shows us sights we haven’t seen on any screen. Visually, it’s a triumph of intrepid nature-documentary filmmaking, with an extraordinary and heartwarming twist in the lives of a chimpanzee community. Yet, like other recent nature flicks, including Arctic Tale and African Cats, it’s wrapped in increasingly tiresome, condescending, kiddie-movie packaging. It’s like discovering a rare dish prepared by eminent chefs, drizzled with waxy treacle and stuffed in a Happy Meal box.

The chefs are Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield, superstars of the nature-documentary world; their...READ MORE

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Behold! The Lego Rosary, A Unique Black Chasuble, St. Thomas Aquinas on Keeping Pets, and much more! (4591)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

04/20/2012 Comments (1)

Behold! The Lego Rosary. Click on the link by Thomas L. McDonald to read and a full view of the Rosary.

Behold! The Lego Rosary - Thomas L. McDonald, Patheos/God and the Machine

A Unique Black Chasuble - Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Saint Thomas and the Keeping of Pets - Fr. Bonaventure Chapman OP, Dominicana

Friday's Catholic Punditry on the Reformation of U.S. Women Religious (LCWR) - ThePulp.it

The Scandal of Catholic Teachers' Pay - Rupert J. Ederer, New Oxford Review

Lessons in the Chinook - Ryan Kraeger, Ignitum Today

On Academic Humility by Thomas à Kempis - Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Why Journalists Love “Mad Men” and Not Religion News - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

How Much Should Stay-at-Home Moms like Ann Romney be Paid? - Kathleen Gilbert,...READ MORE

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Taking, Making and Faking Life (2858)

Jennifer Lahl discusses the ethical and societal implications of a world without limits on biotechnologies.

04/20/2012 Comments (2)

Jennifer Lahl

In 2000, Jennifer Lahl founded the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network to help “change the bioethical landscape and promote wholly and truly human progress.” While the organization is actively working with educators, medical professionals and policymakers in the field of bioethics, they have recently turned to the medium of film to help spread their message to a larger audience.

In 2010, Lahl, an evangelical Christian, wrote and produced the documentary film Eggsploitation, which focuses on the commercialization of infertility and the many health risks faced by women who choose to sell their eggs. Her new film, Anonymous Father’s Dayhighlights the many unforeseen consequences...READ MORE

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