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Black Vestments on All Souls Day, How to Think Clearly About Social Justice, Demon Time, and More! (1777)

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11/01/2012 Comment

Priests Need to Wear Black Vestments for Funerals and All Souls’ Day. Follow the link by Fr. Ryan Erlenbush of the New Theological Movement blog to read more.

Priests Need to Wear Black Vestments for Funerals and All Souls’ Day by Fr. Ryan Erlenbush of the New Theological Movement blog – Big Pulpit

Fr. Sirico: How to Think Clearly About Social Justice – Sarah Stanley, Acton Institute

What Do Demons Do With Their Time? – Fr. Fortea, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction

Baronius Press Beautiful New Edition of the Knox Bible – Fr. Z’s Blog

V. P. Joe Biden is a Faithful Catholic? Hilarious! – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Three Reasons This Protestant Became Catholic – Ryan Eggenberger, Ignitum Today

Like Alfred Kinsey, Obama HHS “Grooming” Children for Sex – Matt Barber, Life News

It’s About Contraception – Katie van...READ MORE

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Xavier University Maintaining Contraception Coverage (1732)

Catholic university's president reverses his earlier decision to end such coverage.

11/01/2012 Comments (25)

CINCINNATI — Xavier University has made public its decision to continue insurance coverage of contraception and sterilization, following an April decision to end that coverage.

The policy change, affecting the 950 employees of the institution, was made known by Father Michael Graham, the university's president, in an interview with The Cincinnati Enquirer published Sept. 21.

The decision to maintain contraception coverage was made following the Supreme Court's June 28 decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. According to Father Graham, the school reasoned that, after Aug. 1, 2013, coverage would be required by the government and that compliance should be made...READ MORE

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Relics of the Past and the Present (3642)

The skeletal remains of two early Christian martyrs are re-interred in Louisville, after being examined by local archeologists.

11/01/2012 Comments (5)
Courtesy of St. Martin's

SAINT STUDY. Philip DiBlasi, a Catholic staff archeologist at the University of Louisville, volunteered to examine the relics of Sts. Magnus and Bonosa.

– Courtesy of St. Martin's

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The feast of All Saints has a special resonance this year for one Catholic parish in this city.

Just a few weeks ago, parishioners and friends of St. Martin of Tours Church in Louisville, Ky., celebrated the re-interment of the skeletal remains of Sts. Magnus and Bonosa with a solemn high Mass in the extraordinary form.

The two saints were martyred in the third or fourth centuries and had been kept in glass sarcophagi in the church’s two wooden side altars since 1902. The relics were removed in May so repair and refurbishment could be done on their reliquaries as well as the 160-year-old altars in which they were encased.

Father Paul Beach, St. Martin’s pastor, was...READ MORE

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Democracy: Dying From Within? (5158)

OPINION: The core values of personal freedom and equality have been narrowed to the point that they are now vices.

11/01/2012 Comments (37)

– Shutterstock

Our declining democracy seems to be dying a slow, certain death. And this death comes not from outside threats and circumstance. It is degenerating from within, dying from the inside out. And the causes are many. Oddly, two of the primary causes are two of democracy’s core values: personal freedom and equality.

Even though our nation was “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” our democracy declines for these very reasons. It declines because many of our present political and cultural leaders see the principles of individual freedom and equality so narrowly and childishly that these noble virtues have become vices.

Today, personal...READ MORE

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Catholic Charities Works to Assess, Relieve Damage From Hurricane Sandy (951)

Agencies along the East Coast respond to the needs of those left in the storm's wake.

10/31/2012 Comment

Houses in Seaside Heights, N.J., lie in ruin in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

– Mario Tama/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — Catholic Charities agencies along the East Coast are working to assess the damage left by Hurricane Sandy and respond to the needs of those left in its wake.

Kevin Hickey, executive director at Catholic Charities of Camden, N.J., told Catholic News Agency on Oct. 31 that while there is significant flooding and damage throughout the six southern counties that make up the diocese, “the main focus is the coast.”

“The devastation there is enormous,” he said, especially on the barrier islands of Ocean City and Atlantic City, which took a direct hit from the storm. Because access to the two sites is restricted, emergency workers cannot get there and do not know when they will...READ MORE

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Four State Battles Over Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Highlight Dueling Church Strategies (3626)

Dioceses in some states work with campaign organizations that face well-funded opponents; in others, the local bishop keeps politics at arm’s length.

10/31/2012 Comments (20)

– preservemarriagewashington.com

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — As the volunteer regional director for Preserve Marriage Washington in Whatcom County, Wash., Linda Morrell adheres to individual parish policies that welcome — or bar — campaign activities.

While some pastors in Bellingham, a part of the Seattle Archdiocese, allow campaign representatives like Morrell, a Catholic, to distribute materials or raise funds, others don’t. In fact, the archdiocese has provided no funds for the campaign to defeat same-sex “marriage,” while the state’s two other dioceses allowed parishioners to collect money for that purpose.

“It depends on what part of the state you are standing in. When you go to [the Dioceses of] Spokane and Yakima,...READ MORE

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Faith Isn't Just a Private Matter, Pope Benedict Reflects (1195)

At his weekly general audience, the Holy Father highlights Christianity's communal character and prays for Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy.

10/31/2012 Comments (1)
Catholic News Agency

– Catholic News Agency

VATICAN CITY — Although faith is intensely personal, it is necessarily transmitted and lived through relationships with others, Pope Benedict XVI said at his general audience on Wednesday.

“I cannot build my personal faith in a private dialogue with Jesus, because faith is given to me by God through a community of believers,” the Pope said in a rain-soaked St. Peter's Square Oct. 31. 

“The Church and I become part of the multitude of believers in a community that is ... rooted in the eternal love of God.”

Responding to the question of whether or not an individual can live his faith in isolation, the Holy Father said the answer is found in the sacrament of baptism, where the...READ MORE

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Why I Wrote The Catholic Tide Continues To Turn, Abbaye Notre-Dame de l'Annonciation, and More! (1799)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/31/2012 Comment

Why I Wrote The Catholic Tide Continues To Turn. Click on the link by Dave Hartline to read more!

Why I Wrote The Catholic Tide Continues To Turn – Dave Hartline, The American Catholic

Stunning Abbaye Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

The Decline of the Diocese of Albany by Fr. Z – Big Pulpit

Artists Should be Guardians of Beauty, Not Purveyors of the Voyeuristic – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

The Smiling Pope’s Letter to Mark Twain: Humor, Hitler, and Three Different Johns - Brandon Vogt, Ignitum Today

Catholics Can’t Comply with the HHS Mandate – Michael Gorman, First Things/On the Square

Thomas Friedman and the Pro-Life Movement – Anna Williams, First Things/First Thoughts

Of Processions, Flower Girls, Quzzing Altar Boys. . . – Fr....READ MORE

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