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Why Is the Pope So Popular? Four Reasons I Think Jesus Really Existed and Much More! (3838)

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06/18/2013 Comment

Is the Sign of Peace a Problem? Follow the link by Jeffrey A. Tucker of The New Liturgical Movement blog to read and understand.

Why Is the Pope so Popular? by Chris Nye - BigPulpit.com

Four Reasons I Think Jesus Really Existed – Trent Horn, Strange Notions

The Pope, The Clown & The Cross - Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Ecumenism & Canon Law: Cardinal DiNardo & Priestesses – R. Michael Dunnigan, The Catholic World Report

The Power of Tears – Edward Looney, Ignitum Today

9 Musical & Visual Presentations of Dies Irae – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

When God Says “No” – Autumn Jones, Catholic Stand

What Is ‘Lobby’ All About in the Vatican ‘Gay Lobby’ Chatter – Fr. Z’s Blog

Artists Who Believe in Beauty Launches Tour – Ryan Eggenberger, Ignitum Today

G8 Should Push for a Syria...READ MORE

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Pew Reports Media Bias on Marriage Debate (6681)

As the U.S. Supreme Court weighed DOMA and Proposition 8, news stories favored same-sex 'marriage' 5-1.

06/17/2013 Comments (16)

WASHINGTON — The Pew Research Center released a report on June 17 that confirmed overwhelming media bias in favor of same-sex “marriage.”

Researchers evaluated news and opinion coverage of oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court and related stories dealing with two landmark marriage cases and found that all mainstream media outlets favored “marriage equality,” including Fox News.

Pew reported that stories “with more statements supporting same-sex marriage outweighed those with more statements opposing it by a margin of roughly 5-to-1.”

This skewed treatment, researchers concluded, conveyed “a strong sense of momentum towards legalizing same-sex ‘marriage.’”

Now, as the nation...READ MORE

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Common Core Education Standards Generate Catholic Concerns (15832)

The academic quality of the new federal standards is insufficient, according to critics.

06/17/2013 Comments (38)

WASHINGTON — Common Core State Standards — a set of federal education standards adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia — have fervent supporters and just as many fervent opponents.

Supporters tout the advantage of national educational standards that are intended to help students acquire specific skills at each grade level rather than relying on 50 different standards in each state. Opponents of Common Core question the academic quality of a single standard and express concern over the top-down approach.

Meanwhile, Catholic schools and dioceses across the country will have to decide whether to adopt the CCSS. Although the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) isn’t...READ MORE

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The Saint Who Was Accused of Sorcery, Pacem in Terris at 50, Called to Celibacy Unchosen and More! (2936)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

06/17/2013 Comment

The Saint Who Was Accused of Sorcery. Follow the link from The Catholic Herald's Spiritual Life Column to read more.

The Saint Who Was Accused of Sorcery by The Catholic Herald's Spiritual Life Column - BigPulpit.com

Pacem in Terris at 50 – J. J. Ziegler, The Catholic World Report

Lying Worthless Political Hack = Gosnell – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Called to Celibacy Unchosen – Aaron Taylor, First Things/On the Square

New Age and the Need for Soul Food – Anabelle Hazard, Catholic Stand

Catholic League: Francis Should Expel Vatican’s ‘Gay Lobby’ – Fr. Z’s Blog

Book Review: Early Carthusian Writings (Gracewing) – Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel

Why Are We Wasting Our Time in Dialogue with Anglicans? - William Oddie, Catholic Herald

Popes Increasingly Apocalyptic in...READ MORE

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Catholic Groups Criticize Pelosi’s Claim That Abortion Is ‘Sacred Ground’ (12022)

Protection of late-term abortion seems paramount to the ‘practicing and respectful Catholic’ politician.

06/17/2013 Comments (94)

WASHINGTON — Prominent Catholics and members of the pro-life movement denounced statements by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi that, as a Catholic, she views the protection of late-term abortion as “sacred ground.”

Maureen Ferguson, senior policy adviser for the Catholic Association, called it “amazing” that the trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell “did not touch Nancy Pelosi's heart.”

“What we learned from the Gosnell trial and what we understand is going on inside other clinics is not only human-rights abuse' but it also puts women in harm’s way,” she said in a statement.

Gosnell was a Philadelphia late-term abortionist who was recently convicted of several counts...READ MORE

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Human Dignity Central to Education, CDF Chief Tells Glasgow Gathering (3843)

Archbishop Gerhard Müller, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, addressed the inaugural gathering of the St. Andrew’s Foundation for Catholic Education June 16.

06/17/2013 Comments (1)

Archbishop Gerhard Müller


GLASGOW, Scotland — Speaking at the launch of a foundation at the University of Glasgow, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith stressed the importance of upholding human dignity in education.

Archbishop Gerhard Müller delivered the Cardinal Winning Lecture on June 15 at the Scottish university. 

The lecture marks the launch of the St. Andrew’s Foundation for Catholic Education, a new venture to form Catholic educators. It is the fruit of a partnership among the Church, the University of Glasgow and the Scottish government.

Archbishop Müller’s talk focused on the nature and distinctiveness of Catholic education, as well as the challenges it both faces and...READ MORE

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President Obama Picks Former CRS President as Vatican Ambassador (3372)

Ken Hackett served as president of Catholic Relief Services, the U.S. bishops’ international-relief charity, from 1993-2012.

06/17/2013 Comment

Ken Hackett

– nd.edu

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has nominated Ken Hackett, the former head of Catholic Relief Services, as the next U.S. ambassador to the Holy See.

Auxiliary Bishop Denis Madden of Baltimore, a former Catholic Relief Services board member, said the appointment was “great news.” He said Hackett has many skills relevant to the diplomatic position representing U.S. interests at the Vatican.

“He has traveled all over the world and worked with [Vatican representatives], bishops and general consuls in all those places, and he has dealt successfully with plenty of sticky situations,” Bishop Madden told the Baltimore Sun.

Hackett, 66, was born in the West Roxbury neighborhood of...READ MORE

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Pope Tells Pilgrims: Selfish Living Leads to Slavery and Death (3710)

The Holy Father reflects on the gift of life and the God of Life.

06/17/2013 Comment
Credit: Lauren Cater/CNA

Pope Francis celebrates Mass for the Evangelium Vitae weekend on June 16 in St. Peter's Square.

– Credit: Lauren Cater/CNA

VATICAN CITY— As he met with thousands of pro-life advocates from around the globe, Pope Francis stressed that the Gospel is the “way to freedom and life,” but lifestyles that are “dictated by selfishness” lead to slavery and death.

“Dear brothers and sisters,” the Pope urged, “let us look to God as the God of Life; let us look to his law, to the Gospel message, as the way to freedom and life. The living God sets us free.”

He addressed his homily for the June 16 Mass in St. Peter’s Square to pilgrims from Australia, Asia, Europe and North and South America, who filled the famous piazza up to its gates.

They were also joined in the square by around 1,400 people on their...READ MORE

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