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Book on Pope Francis to Illuminate his Context and Background (2266)

Austin Ivereigh, founder of Catholic Voices, explains that the Pope’s vision 'needs to be understood, above all, in the context of the Church in Latin America.'

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Michelle Bauman/CNA

Author Austen Ivereigh speaks during a July 24 talk to WYD pilgrims in Rio de Janiero.

– Michelle Bauman/CNA

WASHINGTON — Austen Ivereigh, author of an upcoming book on Pope Francis, says it will help explain the Pope’s pastoral approach to North Americans and Europeans, who may not understand his Latin-American roots.

Before his election, Pope Francis “had already been thinking very deeply about the Church and the way that the Church interacts with the world for a very long time,” Ivereigh explained to CNA Oct. 16.

What is “dramatic” about his papacy thus far “is that he’s able to implement” the “program” that sprung forth from these thoughts.

Ivereigh is writing the book, which will be published by Henry Holt, likely in 2014. Ivereigh is a British journalist and has served as a press...READ MORE

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500 Years of Protestantism; Married Life: A Path to Heaven; To Kneel or Not to Kneel and Much More! (6836)

The Best in Catholic Blogging

10/18/2013 Comment

500 Years of Protestantism: The Culmination of it All. Follow the link by David L. Gray to read more.

500 Years of Protestantism: The Culmination of it All by David L. Gray - BigPulpit.com

Married Life: A Path to Heaven – Donald Prudlo PhD, Truth and Charity Forum

To Kneel or Not to Kneel? - Julie Rodrigues, Ignitum Today

Kindness Is Not the same as Love - Msgr. Charles Pope

Examining Scouting Choices - JoAnna Wahlund, Catholic Stand

Schola Sancta Caecilia, “Stella Splendens” - Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

My Year Off, Looking Back at My First Year of Marriage - Bob Waruszewski, Ignitum Today

Distinguishing the Wealthy from the Worldly - Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine

The Obama Administration & the Myth of ‘Freedom of Religion’ – The Motley Monk, The American Catholic


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U.S. Bishops Welcome End of Government Shutdown (1506)

But they also renew their call for religious-freedom protections against the HHS mandate.

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WASHINGTON — The end of a two-week shutdown of the federal government was welcomed by both the U.S. bishops and President Barack Obama, both speaking to the harm caused to the American people by the stalemate.

“The shutdown has had a widespread impact on many people, especially the poor, who suffered from lack of basic services during the period,” said Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, Calif., in an Oct. 17 statement distributed by the U.S. bishops’ conference.

“With the government now open, beneficiaries of government services, particularly the elderly and children, can hope to resume a normal life with a safety net securely in place.”

President Obama emphasized that, although the...READ MORE

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Don’t Reduce the Faith to ‘Moralistic’ Ideology, Pope Warns (3680)

The antidote to this moral rigidity, according to the Holy Father, is authentic prayer.

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Vatican Radio/Facebook

– Vatican Radio/Facebook

VATICAN CITY — During his daily Mass homily Oct. 17, Pope Francis reflected on the dangers of following one’s own personal, “moralistic” ideology, stressing the importance of prayer in staying open to God.

If a Christian “becomes a disciple of ideology,” noted Pope Francis, “he has lost the faith.”

Pope Francis offered his words to those who were gathered with him in the chapel at the Vatican’s Santa Marta guesthouse, warning them against acting as if the “key is in [their] pocket and the door closed.”

The Holy Father reiterated Jesus’ words to the scholars in the day’s Gospel, taken from Luke, in which he tells them that they have taken the key of knowledge, reflecting that, in...READ MORE

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Kickstarting a Catholic Culture With ‘Crowdfunding’ (5799)

Catholics are utilizing a new Internet-based style of raising money to fund some new projects to bring Christ to the world.

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Screenshot of the Kickstarter webpage for The Gospel Accordion to Bob Rice project.

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio — Catholics are jumpstarting their own projects to bring Christ to the world by taking advantage of a new kind of personal economics made possible only through the Internet and social media.

The name of the game is “crowdfunding,” where the investors are ordinary people, but success depends on how personally connected people feel with the project.

Crowdfunding in the digital age is largely an Internet-based — and often social-media-fueled — collective effort. An entrepreneur with a great idea invites other individuals to invest in his idea and give him the financial resources to make a dream a reality.

Bob Rice, a professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville...READ MORE

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Cardinal Cipriani: Priestly Chastity Requires Prayer (2223)

Speaking amid sexual scandals involving two local bishops, the Peruvian cardinal affirms that the priesthood is a treasure that must be safeguarded with fidelity.

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Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, the archbishop of Lima, Peru

– Wikipedia

LIMA, PERU — Amid news of sexual misconduct by two local bishops, the archbishop of Lima says chastity is impossible without prayer and that the priesthood is a treasure that should be safeguarded with fidelity.

“The priest who does not pray cannot live chastity, which is a gift from God. He should live obedience and poverty,” Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani said during a local priestly ordination on Oct. 12.

“In these days, one has to be more and more careful, because we are like sheep among the wolves.”

The cardinal made his remarks as the cases of two former bishops who engaged in sexual misconduct have come to light. Gabino Miranda, who was auxiliary bishop of Ayacucho, has been...READ MORE

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Springfield Diocese Offers Free Legal Aid to Those in Need (3910)

10/17/2013 Comments (5)
CNA file photo

Bishop Thomas Paprocki

– CNA file photo

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — An Illinois diocese is launching a volunteer legal services program for the poor in need of legal counsel for civil matters, its bishop announced.

“I have seen firsthand how civil legal aid can be a lifeline that enables families to save their home from foreclosure or eviction, recover back wages from an employer, secure disability benefits or provide protection in domestic-violence situations,” said Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield to the State Journal-Register, a local newspaper.

“This program goes to the heart of preserving human dignity and empowering people to gain control of their lives again.”

The new program, called Caritas Legal Services, will link...READ MORE

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Forgiving the Unforgivable (7836)

One man’s journey of faith compels him to forgive his brother’s killers.

10/17/2013 Comments (9)

– Shutterstock

Thirty-two years ago, while visiting home on a college break, Tim Jeffries received a phone call from the Colorado Springs, Colo., police department that forever changed his life.

His big brother and best friend, Michael, was dead at the age of 22 — stabbed 65 times on a remote hillside in the Colorado Rockies. Four bullies had taken their malice to the ultimate level of evil on Nov. 3, 1981.

Then came the hardest thing Jeffries, 18, ever had to do — tell his parents and younger brother that their beloved son and brother had been murdered. The next hardest thing he ever had to do would take him more than 25 years — forgiving the killers.

Jeffries remained locked in hatred until his...READ MORE

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