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What Is Coptic Christianity Anyway? The Egyptian Government Still Not Protecting the Copts and More! (5908)

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09/10/2013 Comment

What Is Coptic Christianity Anyway? Follow the link to better understand our persecuted Christian brothers in Egypt.

What Is Coptic Christianity Anyway? - BigPulpit.com

Egyptian Government Is Not Stopping Hate Speech Against Christians - The Catholic Herald

Bravo Pope Francis! – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic

Texting and Driving: Is it a Sin? – Dr. Taylor Marshall

Maaloula Has Fallen to the Jihadists – Byz Pulpit

Conscience Freedoms Denied by Secularist Courts - Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine

Analyzing the 7 Deadly Sins: Lust – Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel

Learning from the Poor – Fletcher Doyle, Catholic Lane

Syria and the Plight of Christians – BigPulpit.com

All Gay All the “Times”. . . and “Post” – Austin Ruse, The Catholic Thing

Our Lady of Peace, Please...READ MORE

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Pope Francis’ Solemn Plea for Peace (9370)

An extraordinary Vatican vigil of prayer and fasting draws 100,000 pilgrims to St. Peter’s Square.

09/09/2013 Comments (4)
AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca

– AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca

VATICAN CITY — A trickle of pilgrims soon turned into a flood as the vigil of prayer and fasting for peace in Syria and throughout the world got under way at 7pm on Saturday.

As the vast crowd eventually spilled over into the central boulevard leading to St. Peter’s Square, it was clear the vigil was going to be something extraordinary.

The Vatican estimated the number of those taking part to be around 100,000, appropriately about the number of casualties estimated since Syria’s conflict began two and a half years ago.

Pope Francis had called for the special day of prayer and fasting after a chemical-weapons attack in Syria allegedly killed more than 1,400 people on Aug. 21,...READ MORE

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Pope Calls Expectant Mother, Offers to Baptize Her Child (9416)

The Holy Father personally encourages a young Italian woman facing a crisis pregnancy, applauding her bravery in choosing life for her child.

09/09/2013 Comments (7)
Vatican Radio/Facebook

– Vatican Radio/Facebook

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis made a personal phone call to a young Italian woman facing a difficult pregnancy, applauding her bravery in choosing life for her child and offering to baptize the baby.

Anna Romero, a 35-year-old woman from central Italy, was on vacation when she received a phone call from the Pope. She had written the Pope earlier this summer, describing her anguish at discovering that she had become pregnant by a man who, unknown to her at the time — was already married.

“In June I discovered I was pregnant through him, and when I told him, instead of being happy, he told me he was already married, already had a child and to have an abortion,” Romero said, according to...READ MORE

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College Network: Let’s Talk About Love and Fidelity (8148)

A national organization is fighting the hook-up culture on college campuses.

09/09/2013 Comments (8)
Love and Fidelity Network

Love and Fidelity Network founder Cassandra Hough (left) and director Caitlin Seery (right).

– Love and Fidelity Network

PRINCETON, N.J. — As college students around the country kick off a new school year, one national organization is working to change prevailing campus attitudes that accept casual sexual encounters as the norm.

Cassandra Hough, founder of the Love and Fidelity Network, explained that, “on the majority of college campuses, there’s a one-sided view” on questions of marriage, family and sexuality, “and there’s a lot of pressure for students to conform.”

“The Love and Fidelity Network looks to balance that conversation and challenge the sexual norms on campus by providing an alternative,” she told CNA.

Hough founded the network in 2007 after helping to start the Anscombe Society, a...READ MORE

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Keeping the Faith in a Pennant Race (10962)

Detroit Tigers’ catcher Alex Avila discusses the highs and lows of the long baseball season and the prospects of the post-season.

09/09/2013 Comment
Courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle

Detroit Tigers catcher Alex Avila

– Courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle

Detroit Tigers’ catcher Alex Avila is a rising star in Major League Baseball and a committed man of Catholic faith.

After just one season in the minor leagues, Avila made his major-league debut in 2009 at age 22. Four years later, he’s already one of the American League’s most accomplished catchers, starting in the 2011 MLB All-Star game and helping Detroit in its run to the 2012 World Series.

The 2013 season has been a different story for the now 26-year-old Avila. The son of Tigers’ Vice President, Al Avila, he missed 13 games in June after being hit by a pitch on his left forearmmand another 16 games in August after suffering a concussion on a foul ball off his catcher’s mask....READ MORE

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Pope Francis: Follow Jesus’ Way of the Cross (2682)

In his weekly Angelus address, the Holy Father reminds the faithful that being a Christian entails sacrifices.

09/09/2013 Comment
Vatican Radio/Facebook

A crowd assembled in St. Peter's Square listens to Pope Francis' Angelus remarks on Sept. 1.

– Vatican Radio/Facebook

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis spoke to the throng gathered in St. Peter’s Square for Sunday’s Angelus, encouraging them to follow Christ on the way of the cross.

“Following Jesus does not mean participating in a triumphal procession!” he said Sept. 8. “It means sharing his merciful love, entering into his great work of mercy for each person and for all mankind. And this forgiveness passes through the cross.”

The Pope reflected on the Gospel, in which Jesus “insists on the conditions to be his disciple: to not place anything before love of him, to take up one’s own cross, and to follow him.”

Although there are many who want to follow Jesus, especially when there are miracles, “Jesus...READ MORE

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The Last of the Living Stylites; Suffering? Lessons We Can Learn from Agony in the Garden and More! (3328)

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09/09/2013 Comment

The Last of the Living Stylites. Follow the link to read about this fascinating story.

The Last of the Living Stylites - BigPulpit.com

All Male Altar Service Increases in Numbers of Altar Boys Participation – Fr. Z’s Blog

Suffering? 10 Lessons We Can Learn from Agony in the Garden – Gary Zimak, Catholic Stand

Thank You, But Hold the Applause – Richard J. Clark, Views from the Choir Loft

Overpopulation: Mother of All Myths – BigNewsWonk.com

How Religion Benefits Everyone: Rodney Stark Interview – Brandon Vogt, Strange Notions

Your Misery has Disappeared in the Depths of My Mercy – Rachana Chhin, Ignitum Today

Made a Conscious & Adult Decision to Leave the Church? – Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

Syria and Just War - BigPulpit.com

Conversion Story of...READ MORE

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Embrace Peace, Pope Tells 100,000 Gathered for Vatican Prayer Vigil (4778)

‘Let us work for reconciliation and peace,’ the Holy Father urged, ‘and let us all become, in every place, men and women of reconciliation and peace!’

09/08/2013 Comments (2)
Lauren Cater / CNA

Pope Francis reflects before an image of Mary at the Sept. 7 prayer vigil for peace.

– Lauren Cater / CNA

VATICAN — Addressing a large crowd of people in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis denounced war as a “defeat for humanity” and called on world leaders and individual Christians alike to rebuild a “shattered” harmony.

“Let us pray for reconciliation and peace,” the Pope exhorted the crowds. “Let us work for reconciliation and peace, and let us all become, in every place, men and women of reconciliation and peace!”

Pope Francis and an estimated 100,000 people knelt in prayer together in St. Peter’s Square Saturday evening, seeking peace throughout the globe and especially in Syria. The Vatican prayer vigil included hymns, Scripture readings and silent reflection as incense drifted into...READ MORE

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